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With Ariana Huffington and Dylan Ratigan
Deepak hosted Ariana Huffington and Dylan Ratigan at Deepak Home Base. 

You can watch the conversation here.

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love this pic of Deepak
Helen Morris-Pettiford - January 17, 2012
nice pic
Masooda Qazi - January 15, 2012
Love Ariana...I will check this out
Mindy Gainer - January 12, 2012
Khelat Berwari - January 12, 2012
Links please ... is there a link to this online event? \nI will search and hopefully find it ... if I had I would hopefully provide a link.\nCommunicate ... Double It ..\n\n
SoCooLBob - January 12, 2012
Interesting discussion, however, I believe the National Debt of $140 Trillion (Treasury bills, bonds, notes, securities) needs to be discussed. I know Dylan Ratigan had an emphatic speech on MSNBC about this. Of the 300 M population in the US, assuming 60% can work, this is over $800K in debt per worker, assuming the debt does not increase. If the average income is $40K/yr, this is 10 years of free work to pay off just the debt ! Now this assumes no interest...If it`s compound interest to double in 10 yrs, this means 20 yrs of free work just to pay it off...Now with food/housing/etc. costs, add another 20 years...If the worker expects government benefits, then add another 20 years... Bold decisions are needed to resolve this, as it`s not looking good !
Akshay Sharma - January 12, 2012
Talk about something much more interesting things ( like politics jajajajaj ) with mood ; i´m fascinated :)
Valentine - January 12, 2012
espiritualidad-s21 com ar Una novela completa y gratis sobre almas gemelas, Los sabios, almas de mascotas, LA FUENTE, ........................... Sè tu propia LUZ .......................OM Mani Padme Hum
Roberto Dopaso - January 12, 2012