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50 Cent's surprise appearance at Deepak Home Base

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I have heard so much about Deepak. Which, in turn, led me to this site.\nWhat has inflated my perception of Dr. Chopra, he is a doctor...right?\n It Is the View he consistently expresses on consciousness - How we relate\nwithin `The Perception` we apply - to exploit it`s existence, to maximize\n`The Return`- on initiating our role within the levels (of it) we desire to \nmaintain - brought through `Realization` of it`s creation we set about to\naccentuate enlightenment upon our current understanding of `self` \n- as it rekates to the `Enveloping Environment` we extend beyond the `self`.\n- like...materialism and celebrity ...if those perceptions `Are` the creation\nwe choose to envelope of our bubble and the maintaining of `the gain` one `feels`\nby/for/of that very consciousness ...once `created`!
Apro Blogs - November 28, 2013
Not many so-called celebrities in the hip-hop industry are evolving to such levels because so many are on a paper-chase (trying to get money) yet several are waking up to in their consciousness because of the being inside of them that urn for a better life.
Joe C. - October 30, 2012
Its good to know that we still have people with good heart in the world. People who want to do good and see other live a great life regardless of the situation. Well done first and it`s nice to see 50cent getting involved.
Festus Taylor - December 23, 2011
wow he (50c) surely has a cheerful and beautiful aura on that picture. i did not expect that, really beautiful to see!
Johanna Groezinger - December 9, 2011
Love This Connection Between TheM!
Sam Gracia ‎ - December 9, 2011
Love this deepak! 50 cent is a clever lyricist and if hes putting his fame to something possitive it shows that havn a rough life growing up doesnt meen he cant turn negative into possitive!(;. Good for him!
Alicia `playgrl` Taylor - December 9, 2011
Wonderful! I`ve noticed he seems more conscious recently I hope this is new trend for celebrities!
James Portocarrero - December 9, 2011