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Goodbye Trinidad

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love it !! the peace !!!!
Rosa Bahena - November 2, 2013
Hello, Dr. Chopra. We need you! \nI`m a patient with a Thyroid disfunction, and I came to visit you here to let you know what`s going on with many of your colleagues, that we the patients aren`t getting the best attention and the best treatments from our doctors-endocrinologists. \nIf you want to know more about what`s going on, I invite you to visit this web page and I hope you can support us. We`re patients from many countries, who want a change. \nI hope you can visit the web page and sign the Thyroid Petition. \n\nPeople like Gena Lee Nolin (Bay Watch in Facebook like \"thyroid sexy\"), the singer-rapper Missy Elliot is also supporting the thyroid petition and more notable individuals, who also suffer from a thyroid condition plus, we the patients. \n\n \n\n\n\nTwitter: @thyroidchange\n\nThank you! \n\nNatalie, my twitter @natali_mx
Natalie - August 21, 2013
Hello Mr. Chopra I could not attend your seminar when you visited Trinidad in June. I would appreciate it very much if you can tell me where I can purchase a recording of your seminar. \nThank you very much.\n\nNeela
neela chase - August 2, 2013
Dear Lukka, I was poking around Deepak`s site as I`m making upgrades to my own, and of course I resonate with Deepak`s teachings deeply - they are teachings of the root power, of what we can all attune ourselves to if we take the time to stop, listen and be exactly in this moment. I have gone through the lonely moments on my spiritual journey as well, as you move into higher states of vibration you will notice your current relations and activities are no longer fulfilling, in fact they may anger or annoy you. Simply put, that lifestyle no longer fits. Seek people of even higher vibration of you...reaching out to Deepak is a great idea. Also, find people within your community on this path, perhaps further along on their journey and the loneliness will transform into inspiration. Wishing you Peace, Blessings and Abundance. ~Laura
Laura Cooney. Wellness Insitute Director. - July 26, 2013
Dear Deepak. Why is my spiritual journey so lonely? Is it good or bad? I dont know anyone that has waken up and is so spiritually seeking as I am. I dont have anyone to talk to. I get water my thirst with reading and mostly by watching/reading on the internet.
Lukka - July 8, 2013
Love you, Deepak. Thanks for your wisdom. :)
Jennifer Hulford - June 30, 2013
This experience was amazing and I am glad to have met you. Thanks for coming to Trinidad!
Jaime Lee Loy - June 29, 2013
please do come again..sir..
Ramanan Narendra Hardeo - June 29, 2013