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What Are You Hungry For?

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I hunger for peace and fellowship between me and children and grandchildren. Husband to have a peaceful spirit,; fulfilling life with wellness and prosperty with my husband. Husband to have better physical condition. Repairs in my home.
PKVL MD - December 15, 2013
I have hungry for a life.\nA life with serenety
Gabriela Moukaddem - June 26, 2013
Ana - June 25, 2013
I am hungry for total enlightenment and great health.
pmeola - June 20, 2013
Carolina Keen - June 19, 2013
self forgiveness
JB - June 16, 2013
I am hungry for TRUST.\nI WANT TO TRUST.\nI cannot find it.
nannosee - June 16, 2013
Dear Sir, I am a poet/writer and the published author of Imagination Unchained, a book on modern day poetry depicting beauty, nature, love and which questions life and its being. I am inspired by the voice of the Lord to put pen to paper. I would love to have you read some of my poetry. My website address is Please feel free to visit it anytime because I have knocked on many doors to have my voice heard through my poetry and I believe someday someone will answer it and to answer your question, I am waiting for chance - shobana
Shobana Gomes - June 15, 2013