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Memories of 2012

2012 was an exciting year from India with Oprah to SXSW to writing and publishing Superbrain. Here are some of my favorite photo memories

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در عشق زنده باید کز مرده هیچ ناید دانی که کیست زنده آن کو به عشق زاید\nبا احترام
mansur - January 14, 2013
از صدای سخن عشق ندیدم خوشتر یادگاری که در این گنبد دوار بماند\n\nبرای استاد ارجمند دیپاک چوپرا
mansur - January 10, 2013
Erika Pj - January 7, 2013
Thank you for always sharing photos of you, Mr. Chopra. Namaste.
Dawn Zeigler - January 5, 2013
Oh yes, 2012 was a great year, I´m grateful for Spiritual Solutions Conference in Mexico, thank you for all Dr. Deepak, I love you .\n\nHappy New Year !
Miranda - January 5, 2013
Sometime reflection is better dictated with silence.
Michele Barnes Kraenkel - January 5, 2013
I\'ve never heard you speak out loud against the rape culture in India. You could do so many good things for the women there. I wish one day you will have there such a big influence as you have in the USA and everywhere else. Namaste
Sharita Gopal - January 5, 2013
Даже Ваше имя действует на меня исцеляюще! Будьте вегда. и нам будет лучше!!!
Rama Yan - January 5, 2013