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With Soledad O'Brien on Starting Point at CNN

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amour et paix
Gilles Abelard - December 20, 2012
Soledad,see her every mmorning..
Mirna Malave - December 15, 2012
Aisha Asha - December 13, 2012
Soledad O\'Brien
Vivian Santiago Lejbman - December 12, 2012 this link to get vaastu and feng shui tips...Artizen is into feng shui and vaastu paintings
Kavneet Aggarwal - December 12, 2012
Photo op!
Sexy Spirituality - December 12, 2012
I love to love
Eleni Solange - December 12, 2012
Great Job Deepak!!!! I was watching this Morning I missed the end of the show for work but I think you made their minds pause for a moment whenever you spoke!!!
ssgodchild - December 12, 2012