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With Dr. Rudy Tanzi and Chris Clarke in Manhattan

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You are simply amazing!!!! May you live long!!!!!
Cha - April 30, 2013
Deepak Chopra! Just seing you creates a wave av joy! Thank you!\nHope you feel good and healthy!\n\n with admiration - mindfulness-Elli
mindfulness Elli - February 4, 2013
nice picture,sir i like ur books a lot.
Nice picture - August 5, 2012
Three Beautiful, intelligent and spiritual men !!!! It must be almost Christmas !!! Hee hee!
Kristy Jade - November 16, 2011
♥!!Looking great!
Adriana Antillón - November 16, 2011
Good afternoon ,,,, I love u ♥ :)
Bushra Abdul Hadi - November 16, 2011
i appreciated the streaming video yesterday via abc..the meditation was as wonderful for me as the Book Of Secrets Series Of DvD`s..i listen to many of your tapes quite often..and ..i certainly have read and own a large number of your a poet and as a spiritual seeker..i respect your thoughts ..your significantly...
Leora Cicco - November 16, 2011