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Signing Super Brain at Logan airport Boston

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el dolor de la muerte de un ser querido como se puede curarse?
Eleni Solange - December 9, 2012
This makes me laugh with glee. I love the randomness of this. :)
Janelle Soby Munns - December 8, 2012
I wnt to buy that book but i don´t know where to buy it in Venezuel I´m for Barquisimeto!!
Luz de Angelis - December 8, 2012
Will there be a book signing in Chicago? Please announce it ahead of time so I can plan to be there... I would LOVE a signed copy!!!
Shirley Voss - December 8, 2012
Lia Leal - December 8, 2012
Awesome .!!!
Fabiola Cárdenas - December 8, 2012
I put this on my list for Santa. Hint, hint! :)
Trudy Chavez Adams - December 7, 2012
You are a man on the move.
Linda Kay Johnson JD - December 7, 2012