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Recife, Brazil

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Dear Mr.Chopra,\nI have been watching your talks and reading some of your books . I`m very much interested in spirituality. I`m a family physician. Currently I`m working as a hospital it`s in Melbourne Fl.I enjoy my work especially if I help a patient in some form. Lately I have been trying to meditate. The minute I try to meditate I visualize the universe and the stillness and quietness in it. When I try to focus on myself and try to understand the soul or consciousness as you call it, tears flow and it`s hard to stop. I visualize other people in their purest form and it`s the same,tears just flow. I later stabilize myself and can focus by quieting this emotion but is it natural to feel this way? In some way I feel connected to everyone. It`s something I cannot describe. I would appreciate if you pl reply to this message.
Madhavi - February 10, 2015
Ooops, not Recife Palace but Atlante Plaza in front of Boa Viagem beach. I`ll be there in december, please go and visit again Mr. Chopra :)
Aru Albuquerque - November 16, 2011
You are right in front of the Recife Palace Hotel! That`s amazing to see you there in my hometown! I`m not there anymore, now I live in Japan. \nI`m a big fan of yours and have CD`s and books. Thanks for all the inspiration.\nAny chance I will bump into you here in Japan?
Aru Albuquerque - November 12, 2011
Deepak, blessings on your travels and your speaking. Hope to meet you in person one day.
Dr. Steve McSwain - November 11, 2011
Love this pic and scarf..I want one of those :)
Neeraj Sabharwal - November 11, 2011
Are you enjoying it so far?
Adriana Elizabeth Lomba - November 11, 2011
wish I could be there!! I`m in São Paulo! Enjoy it :0
Adriana Jorge - November 11, 2011
Are you comming to São Paulo?
Bianca Franzini Welcome Deepak! - November 11, 2011