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Good Morning From Bogota

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Bienvenido a COLOMBIA!!!
Maria Isabel Araque Sanchez - June 2, 2012
From Barranquillla - Colombia leaving in Windermere Florida: Love all Chopra teachings i use them since 2000 , when i read the Seven Spiritual Law and Synchro Destiny it really change the mindset of myself,,happy he was in Colombia hopefully people there appreciate him and apply his teachings in everyday life. Love you Deepack. Thank you so much.
Sandra Hoc - May 27, 2012
Buenos dias Amigo, --frm BUE AR-
Benito Sanchez - May 26, 2012
Dr. Chopra, my intention is to get the Vedict Master but it is too expensive for me, and I am working only 16 hours a week. Do you offer scholarships? I love your work. NAMASTE
Amparo Gomez Jaramillo - May 25, 2012
I went to Seduction of Spirit on April 22-28, 2012 at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad and I loved it. I am originally from Cali, Colombia, and I live in Riverside, California since 1984. Dr. Chopra my dream is to serve and help others. Your certifications are the best, but too expensive for me. What advise do you have for all of us who want to get the Vedic Master and can not affort it? Have fun in Colombia!
Amparo Gomez Jaramillo - May 25, 2012
He`s like, \"I`m taking YOUR money. HA!\"
Juliano Bodega - May 25, 2012
Good Morning from Thunder Bay, Peace!
Charles Major - May 24, 2012
Roxana Aguirre - May 24, 2012