May 29, 2012
Deepak in the News

How Are You Going To Meet Life’s Challenges?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

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Recently, I noticed that my kids are entering adulthood just as I’m leaving it. My friend Lisa asked me where I am going, and to tell her the truth, I’m not exactly sure. But what I do believe is something Deepak Chopra also believes: Change and transformation are your birth right. It was in this spirit of always “evolving and recycling,” that I entered the world of Deepak Chopra’s newest book (I think it is his 65th!) entitled Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges.


Chopra is all about showing you how to expand your awareness, which he says is the key to resolving the confusion and conflict we all face. “The secret is that the level of the problem is never the level of the solution,” he writes. “By rising to the level of the solution in your own awareness, you can transform obstacles into opportunities.”


Chopra wants to assist his readers to get out of their stuckness. And so many of us are stuck. Filled with numbness. Or even depressed. And his answer may be a challenging one for some people. He is asking us to wake up and take responsibility for our lives and be open to new perceptions. As he says so wisely: “You can only change what you are first able to see. What you are willing to be aware of?”


Now, this is a tough one for most of us. We don’t always want to see what is true. And as Deepak pointed out, we all see “true” through our own tinted glasses. No enemy is more dangerous than the one we are blind to.


Look, life can be viewed as a series of unpredictable weather patterns that we can either choose to struggle with or carry the right gear! Stuff happens. This book is a wonderful reminder that the most powerful way to change your life is to become self aware and to own your stuff. After reading Spiritual Solutions, I felt recommitted to living this second half of my life awake and viewing life’s challenges as creative opportunities. And of course, it can be difficult at times. Change and transformation are hardly ever completely comfortable.

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  1. Vidya Shinde

    what amazes me is that despite of living out of India he has not lost touch with he could reach where he wanted to in a purely scientific place.time,surroundings still could know much more.Gracias for the beautiful insights!

  2. real Lifespan

    I believe living in the moment, will free your consciousness to experience who and what we really are. I believe the confusion that people live it is because they are fragmented between the present moment and the future. At this point science looks at time in three tenses past, present, and future the problem is the past is in your memory, and the present and the future are one there is no separation between the present moment and your future. Once you realize your future is directly connected to your present moment you can begin to co-create your reality with your Creator and move forward into the future while remaining in the present moment. Be here now

  3. Christi L Spivey

    It is so easy to objectively see other people`s Stuff but not my own.

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