April 3, 2016
Deepak in the News

Dr. Deepak Chopra on 2016 Race: Trump Brings Out Our ‘Dark Side’.


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The rhetoric of the 2016 presidential race is inciting a divisive tone in the country. In recent weeks, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has been at the center of the battle as violence has escalated at his rallies and an increase in anti-Trump movements.

With a nation at a political crossroads, spiritual leader and renowned author, Dr. Deepak Chopra talked with FOXBusiness.com to weigh in on the direction of the country.

“Politics is not a very pleasant game. There is a lot of power mongering, influence peddling and cronyism and corruption that goes with the word politics. We need a different leader right now,” Chopra, founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being, said.

Chopra who has advised political leaders around the world said the collective consciousness of voters will determine who will be the next president of the United States. He said there is a stark difference in the tone between Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Trump.

“He [Trump] represents a state of collective consciousness of fear that has dormant prejudice and hatred. He is inspiring that in those people that it already exists but is lying dormant and he is the catalyst for bringing it out. So this is a moment of sobriety for all of us to see that this is part of our dark side,” Chopra said, adding the billionaire businessman is tapping into the country’s “dark side.”

“He represents our shadow. He represents our collective shadow that includes you and me because there is no one who doesn’t have a shadow,” Chopra said.

He said the “shadow” comes from each individual’s conditioning, derived from being “brought up in a certain environment.” 

In his book, “The Soul of Leadership” Chopra explains the collective aspirations for a better life. He went on to explain the soul of Trump’s leadership versus Clintons.

“I think Donald Trump is appealing to the earlier stages of this development of our survival safety and he knows how to bring that instinct out through fear mongering. I think Hillary Clinton represents self –esteem, statesmanship and creativity,”Chopra said.

He said the GOP should consider Trump’s rise in power a red flag. 

“Mr. Trump has very efficiently ambushed and hijacked the Republican party. Even the Republican party now should be forewarned that if he turns out to be the frontrunner, that’s the end of the Republican party,” Chopra said.

As Election Day draws near, Chopra said the nation must look within to select the future leader of the free world.

”We can never blame our leaders for anything we can only take responsibility for electing those leaders especially in a democracy. Be very careful who you choose you are going to get ultimately what you deserve,” Chopra said.

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  3. Daniel White

    I want to preface this by saying that I am not an expert in these areas and this is my opinion guided by conscious examination of my own beliefs, experiences, and intention for fostering the greater good of all; of which I am a small part. I believe that we are entering a stage of spiritual evolution and birth. We live in a perceived dichotomy that allows us to fall into the trap of defining right and wrong from the standpoint of the ego. None of our politicians are truly our leaders. A true leader is invisible. We are the leaders of humanity. By entering into a state of love, forgiveness, and service equally to ourselves and others, we will manifest harmony and change for the better. Just as there is great pain of labor before the miraculous birth of new life, so too is there birth pains of our evolution of being reborn as recognizing that we are all one and the same. May I suggest reading Kahlil Gibran on "Sorrow". It is truly a blessing. Donald Trump is a blessing to this country. Not necessarily because of his beliefs, politics, or "leadership" style. You only need to do a summary of news headlines for the past 65 years to realize that there are powers at work here that we do not see. Donald Trump has awakened something in humanity, for people of all political persuasions. He is exposing the ruling political class for what it is, even though he is a part of it. Now is the time to realize that true change comes from within. Our spiritual evolution into higher consciousness and enlightenment comes from within. Not from without. Whatsoever is done on earth, so shall it be done in heaven. We are the "earth". Let us use our collective conscious and the power of our words to affect change on the planet. It is our nature and destiny to realize our oneness. It is the seed that was planted in us before the beginning of time (realization of duality, fall of adam and eve, big bang, creation; whatever you want to call it. We will grow into the essence contained within that seed. You don't have a choice. It is your very nature. There is a flood coming. It will emanate from deep within you/us. The flood is the spirit of our true nature. The river gently beckons now. The flood will come when enough of us get quiet enough to hear it as the whole of humanity. With much Love and Gratitude. We are one.

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