April 19, 2012
Deepak in the News

Deepak Chopra`s Best Career Advice.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

By Joseph Walker for http://it-jobs.fins.com/


Anyone who has ever been passed over for a promotion or failed to negotiate the pay raise they thought they deserved knows what it feels like to be down in the dumps. For the long-term unemployed – about 5.3 million Americans – feelings of anxiety are even more acute.


Deepak Chopra, the physician, spiritualist and author, thinks he has some advice that can help assuage the negative feelings that come with trying to get ahead. His new book, "Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life's Greatest Challenges," posits that many of us see only crisis in failure, and not the opportunity to do better.


Most of us have only "contracted awareness," which is like being in a dark room with just a candle to illuminate what's around us. "Expanded awareness" gives us a flashlight to see the opportunities that exist within the darkness, and "pure awareness" is when the curtains are pulled back and sunlight illuminates everything.


Chopra spoke with FINS about using "divine discontent" to inspire your career, the importance of asking reflective questions, and why there are more opportunities contained within crises than we realize.


Joseph Walker: People sometimes feel they haven't achieved enough in their careers. Do you have any advice for them?


Deepak Chopra: The best advice for people is to take a little time for reflection and ask themselves deeper questions even though they seem to have no immediate answers. The questions would be: Who am I? What do I want? What's my purpose? What makes me really happy or joyful? What are my unique skills and talents and who could use them? Who are my heroes in mythology history or religion? Could they be my role models? What are the relationships I'd like to cultivate? If you ask the questions, life will lead you into the answers. But you need to live those questions.


JW: What is contracted awareness and does it impact our ability to achieve success?


DC: Contracted awareness means to live in fear or feel that you're separate from the web of relationships around you and to be caught up in anxiety. Contracted awareness influences your moods of course, you feel anxious and depressed but it also influences your perceptions. You see every situation as a crisis.


It also influences your assumptions and influences your beliefs and expectations. And your mood leads to failures. On the other hand, if you expand your awareness, all those things change: beliefs, perceptions and feelings. The things that seemed like crises become opportunities for success. 


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  1. liliana falconi

    soy peruana y he leido tus libros me han ayudado tanto sobre todo un libro que me lo porte cuando sali de mi pais y me sirve mucho ahora que estoy lejos de mi patria el pobre ya esta que se rompe por tanto leerlo

  2. KC

    I have the same question that LJ has. How does one live the questions?

  3. heartphone

    How do you live the questions? Through Yoga exercises I learnt to visualize them and even put them down in creative multimedia. Nowadays a computer can be used in such creative ways to project any question. You could learn a simple programming language that may figure out what if, then, else....... This is the way game adventures are made and life can be considered as an adventure in itself. It is a way of looking at it that brought me many anwers to questions.

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