November 23, 2014
Deepak in the News

Deepak Chopra Calls Atheism “Adolescence of Spiritual Seeking“.


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by Alison Lesley


In a live broadcast  carried by HuffPost Live, Deepak Chopra, a self-described spiritual leader, called atheism “the adolescence of spiritual seeking” in comments aimed at scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins.

He also maintained that Dawkins behaved as an “adolescent” in debates regarding spiritual matters. Chopra’s new book, The Future of God, was one of the topics of discussion during Tuesday’s interview with HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

After opening the interview by reading a short excerpt from The Future of God wherein Chopra wrote of how Dawkins “has alienated those who share his atheism,” with his arrogance and supposition that “no logic works but his,” the host began by asking Chopra why Dawkins’ views and “militant atheism” were threatening to him. The self-proclaimed spiritual leader responded that Dawkins’ attitude and arrogance were antagonizing to others, referring especially to Dawkins describing himself as a militant atheist and calling others “stupid” for not having the same belief system.

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  1. olivia brown

    Atheism is an assertion of disbelief, which even if extrapolated to a belief of sorts still only amounts to a singular belief; a single belief does not constitute `a set of religious beliefs` and can in no way be compared to a religion. Read article . Deepak Chopra is full of spiritual crap, but Dawkins is smug. It`s a big problem in the atheist community, and I agree that his attitude doesn`t help the cause.

  2. Machinehead

    Hi, I`ve never heard Chopra say, "I don`t know." I`m not a scientist, (I design books) but I have been reading and following science for most of my life, and despite the fact that the scientific method, over the last few hundred years, has shaped our world (admittedly, sometimes negatively) and answered many questions, and generally shone the light of reason and understanding into areas where there was previously superstition and fear, there are still many things that it has yet to answer. For example: What caused the Big Bang? Was there a cause? Was there anything before? What is consciousness? What is gravity, really? What is time? What is quantum mechanics?! If you ask any GOOD scientist what the answers to these questions are, they would answer "I don`t know." They may have various models, hypotheses and suggestions, based on the maths and evidence available, but they will not offer a definite answer. If one scientist comes up with a theory and puts it forward, she will not insist the entire scientific community accept it. She will challenge them to prove her wrong, which they will then set out to do. This is good. This is humility. This is being open-minded. Just look at how this method has changed the world, for all of us. If you ask Chopra what the answers to these questions are, he will claim that he knows, e.g. protons have consciousness. Quantum effects explain consciousness, etc. Even experts in quantum mechanics and neuroscience will not make those claims as there is not even the hint of any evidence to support those claims. When they try to point this out to Chopra, he gets flustered and upset, behaving like a surly teenager, he accuses them of censoring him, and of practising bad science! Really? The scientific method has helped us extend our life-spans over many generations. Chopra claims that some ridiculous "ayurvedic" liquid will extend your life. Oh and by the way, you can get it on his website. That explains the diamond-studded glasses. Some people may derive comfort from Chopra`s fairy tales, generally we are hungry for comfort and freedom from the fear of death or failure and we will pay through the nose to get it. We are ego-maniacs, and Chopra feeds that. We love being told that we can be the special few who achieve our goals and dreams and wishes (it`s all about me-me-me!) but I`d rather pursue truth, and am not frightened that I may die without ever knowing it. Don`t depend on Chopra, stand on your own feet. Stop giving him money for his snake-oil. Be brave and try to understand science – there`s so much out there available for free, not the distorted, expensive, ineffective nonsense that Chopra is peddling. Thanks

  3. Qamrul Khanson

    Unfortunately, realization of spirituality by atheist is well enough for the beautification of material worldly life but continual ignorance about the giver of life is keeping an atheist aloof, The-Creator Lord is ignored in their perception. A bulb does not lit without the electric current and such a current is generated by someone, atheism is lost and does not see the existence of that someone in their quest of life.

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