January 11, 2013
Deepak in the News

Conan Tries Deepak Chopra`s Trippy Glasses.


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Deepak was the guest on Conan O'Brien's show and had a funny discussion about his latest book Super Brain. Deepak also introduced Conan to his new meditation glasses. Find our more about Dreamweaver

Conan – You have a device here. You believe that meditation is vital. You have often said that you were in a perpetual state of meditation. Is that correct?

Deepak – Yeah I am that state right now. It just means that your body is dynamic, energetic your mind is still restful and alert and your spirit is still in a place of deep peace and equanimity, what in spiritual traditions is called to be in the world and not of it.

Conan – To be in the world and not of it.

Deepak – Yes. So I am not actually here.

Conan – You are not here right now?

Deepak – No. This is a hologram

Conan – (laughing) Okay. Alright. You invented something called the Dreamweaver that we have right here. Tell us how it works.

Deepak – Just put it on. 

Conan – I want to show people. There are powerful lights inside this device

Deepak – You have to keep your eyes closed when you use it and anyone who has seizures should not be using it. Okay.

Conan – What is with me tonight so I was in a bath with Ricky Gervais and now I'm putting on your seizure glasses.

Deepak – Meditation

Conan – So what happens now?

Deepak – Put the headphones on – put the ear phones on.

Conan – I should do that first.

Deepak – Now what it will do is it will feed pulses of light at a certain frequency. About 20 Hertz and it will start to decrease

Conan –  Pulses of light. Oh God!

Deepak – And your brain waves will lock into that and then slowly we will decrease the frequency. As we decrease the frequency your brain waves will go into harmony with those frequencies and you’ll go to a dream state. Actually it is better than LSD. I promise you.

Conan – This is better than LSD

Deepak – I tried LSD in medical school.

Conan – You tried LSD?

Deepak – In medical school.

Conan – OK It was along time ago you tried it.

Deepak – This is much simpler. And as your brain waves go into a slower frequency you will go into the dream state and ultimately fall asleep.

Conan – Andy, you got to try this on. This is amazing. You really go to another place. A place where kittens love puppies. A place where ice cream falls from the sky.

Deepak – A different dimension.

Conan – Just put that on, Andy I just wanted to see.

Conan – This is my 20th year on television. I have been doing this a long time. That is my journey. And this is a freak show tonight. It’s absolutely fantastic. What do you think, Andy?

Andy – This is great. I like this.

Conan – You like that?

Andy – Yeah.

Deepak – It’s better than taking a pill.

Andy – It depends on the pill

Conan – You know what would be great taking the pill and those glasses. You double up man. Pill and those glasses.


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  1. Michael Washington

    How can I get a pair of these glasses?

  2. maria magdalena

    muy interesante !!

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