September 23, 2012
Deepak in the News

Chopra’s Evolving Concept Of God.


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Deepak Chopra asks big questions: Why is there a universe? Why are we aware of it? Do we have a soul? Does God exist?

"I've spent my life asking these questions and doing various practices," Chopra says. "I basically write about my own evolution and my own insights on these."

Chopra has written a lot – more than 60 books – and he has a few more coming out this year. His most recent is "God: A Story of Revelation" in which he focuses on 10 prominent spiritual leaders from multiple religious traditions, both Eastern and Western. Chopra hones in on their particular conceptions of the divine, by whatever name they called it – God, Nirvana, the Beloved, Light, Truth, Universal Mind and so on. In doing so, Chopra demonstrates the evolving and ongoing revelation of the concept of God across time, culture and consciousness.

"I'm coming to the conclusion that there is a difference between perception reality and fundamental reality," Chopra says in an interview. "The latter is invisible and is a divine intelligence. Our understanding of it is based on our level of consciousness. Historically, people have had glimpses of this larger invisible, intelligent consciousness, the mystery that we call God, but they couched it in the language of their time and culture."

Chopra comes to Houston on Sept/26/2012 to present insights from his new book at Unity of Houston church.

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  1. Pachomius

    Your distinction between perception reality and ultimate reality seems to still requires a contact with reality that is not by way perception reality but is due to meditation, that is owing to your culture of meditation being a means to know things which cannot otherwise be known by perception only. Perhaps there is really no need to differentiate between perception and meditation, suppose we all just call meditation the ultimate perception of reality; so that there is only perception but the highest deepest and most final perception of reality is by meditation. Pachomius

  2. Allan Lallier

    I like how the title states the EVOLVING concept of God. I have not read your books yet Deepok Chopra but I know in my life my concept of God keeps growing to a deeper and more connected truth. Firstly believing Jesus was the only way to God stating I am the way the truth and the life. Then to hear Jesus say John 7:16 Jesus answered,( "My teaching is not my own. It comes from him who sent me. John 10 34Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods.) Him who sent me is the way the truth and the life, and if you take the man out of the picture and just listen to the words you see these words are universal and are not bound by one man. But are freely given to all man who wish to connect with God. I`m starting to see God everywhere now, in all beliefs, spiritual scriptures, and in the hearts of all man.

  3. Orion Blastar

    In this day and age many are losing their faith in God and placing their faith in science and technology. The modern atheists and agnostics just don`t see any evidence of God. I believe that they are not spiritually connected to God like so many are, and lost the connection because they are connected to other things. In the past we didn`t have all the science and technology we have today, and people were more dependent on God for help. These days they can just look things up on the web and ask other people for advice. They can buy technology to help them out. The problem is that we are too dependent on technology and science, and if we go without it we will not survive as we want to survive. If the economy collapsed and science and technology goes with it, how would human beings survive? When I was young my father told me not to rely on a calculator but to learn to do math in my head. But many others never learned math and just used a calculator. Something happens when you depend on technology to do the work for you. Sure it is easier, but you are not enlightened and not connected to the universe or God anymore. It is good to see Deepack Chopra investigate and show us the facts about God and the Universe. I respect him for that. The laws of thermodynamics say that matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. But they came from somewhere, something had to exist before our universe did.

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