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Try Silence and See Where It Leads

Deepak Chopra, a physician, is the author, most recently, of "Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny and the American Dream"

Prayer and meditation both come with user's manuals written by sages, seers and saints. The manuals point to a higher reality. In a skeptical age, it has taken brain scans and stress research to confirm that prayer and meditation are real. There is no doubt that both are useful, with observable physiological effects. On that basis alone, they can bring the benefit of inner calm and homeostasis, and most probably aid in the healing response, without needing belief.

Silence is an ambiguous issue in this area. For a believer, no audible answer to prayer is required; God is still listening, even though the conversation has silence at the other end. Meditation turns silence into something valuable on its own. Our brains change with every thought, because thoughts form a feedback loop that every cell eavesdrops on. In the tradition of meditation, silence also forms a feedback loop. A wordless voice says, “Here is peace.” Cells can eavesdrop on that message, too, and when they do, pathways in the brain are changed just as surely as when we respond to thoughts, sensations and emotions.

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This is more like it. :)
Heulwen Renshaw - June 29, 2013
Uff! Qué interesante!
Beatriz Vzla - June 29, 2013
As a Vipassanā student i know it\'s great value...
Shaiy Tyifeld - June 29, 2013
~ I love the way this beautiful man dresses <3
Pauline Crespin - June 29, 2013
por favor enviar en español..Muchas gracias!
Carlos Alberto Arreaga - June 29, 2013
this is exactly what am living now, Silence in its deepest way of living
Fatima Hocini - June 29, 2013
Thank you Deepak. Firstly you are Indian, and guru: he who dispels darkness. Then you are physician, rebel, ayurvedic, and author, meditative, reflective, and impressive.\nI like the part about cells having consciousness, listening to our thoughts, and being influenced and directed by them. It`s about making consciousness our `god source`. We know scientifically that energy follows thought, and that intent affects the formation of cells and crystalline structure in water, which is transport mode for biological processes, leaving energy life force as being consciousness and communicator between cells, directing them in harmony when well, and not communicating so well when dis-eased and incongruent. Therefore why not make consciousness our God source; it is the only part of us which is eternal, omnipresent, omniscient, all-loving. We have to leave concepts and labels behind when we perceive `silence` as `god source` also. Silence lives in `emptiness` of the soul and eternal infinity, the word, the sound, the music of the universe is that from which arises creation and destruction/restoration to essence causal being.
pranic Roger - June 29, 2013
This is th first time I\'ve heard you reference intelligence or creativity absent of God. Please expound on this notion.
Keith Myers - June 28, 2013