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My Day with Deepak and Sanjiv Chopra

Published by and written by By Dr. Nancy Berk

When I was asked to help host Parade’s Twitter chat with the authors of Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream, it seemed wise to spend a day with the Chopra brothers. Actually, I spent a day reading their book– it just felt like a wonderful visit.

This double memoir by Deepak and Sanjiv Chopra, shares the insights of two devoted brothers, both wise, gifted and dedicated physicians who crossed cultural boundaries to take different paths toward success and fulfillment in America. Deepak Chopra, the older brother, would become a bestselling author and global authority on Eastern medicine. His younger brother, Sanjiv would become a world renowned medical expert and Harvard Medical School professor.

How could I not be fascinated by the book and the brothers? As a clinical psychologist, I had trained in health psychology, behavioral medicine and the mind-body connection. My early career was spent in medical centers providing psychological services to patients with chronic and end stage diseases. And while I am no longer rounding in the hospital halls, as the wife of a physician, it often feels as though family life and medicine are merged. The brothers’ journeys highlight the sacrifices and satisfaction in studying and practicing medicine, as well as the history and mysteries of the medical arts, including the tension between scholars (and sometimes siblings) from different schools of thought. Their respectful dialogue of alternating chapters highlights the importance of knowledge and intellectual flexibility.

When it comes to understanding the delicate dance between nature and nurture, Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream just might be the book of the day. Steeped in tradition, it also illustrates the power of perseverance, perspective, technology, and choices. Many of the lessons from Deepak and Sanjiv’s cross-cultural story are universal.

  • What we convey to our children can be powerful.
  • Compassion is critical to our well-being.
  • The most fulfilling career is the one you love and love to study.
  • Listening is a powerful tool.
  • Families help us build success, but we can also build our own families.

The Chopra brothers may have taken different paths, but their part-artist part-detective approach to science, medicine and spirituality is a gift to the people, patients and countries they have touched. Brotherhood will make you glad you joined their family for this read.

Finf out more about the book BROTHERHOOD

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Children are being raped. They are starving of nutrition in India. Why is he in the U.S. He needs to be in his home country helping his people.\nMother Theresa went to help people. What is he doing here besides racking in loads of money.\n\nChopra if you really care about people show it. \nYou offer classes that the average person could not afford it. \nWhy are you so greedy? To have a roof over your head should be enough.\nWho are you to steal people blindly? You have no moral values.\nStop helping the wealthy. They can pay for whatever they need.\nhelp those who are really in need. Like MOTHER Theresa. \nYour heart is not Love but pure stone greed. You are a FAKE. \nShow your heart. LET GO OF THE MONEY.\n\nGo where you are needed. Go back to India. Live there and help them. You have deserted them. If all the Indian doctors would go back to help, you could end a lot of misery. \n\nYour men need help in India. Stop raping the babies! They could use your healing. Go home Man. Leave America. You are just one more greedy person. Another Mr. Slick. \n\nStop selling your wares. Stop giving false hope. You charge a high price for your greed.\n\nI am so tired of people like you. WOLVES IN SHEEP`S CLOTHING.
Greedy Man from India - October 16, 2013
He is greedy. He should not live so richly. He is not a saint. He is a robber
another scam - October 16, 2013
PS. Deepak`s foreward on Dean radin`s new book\n\"Supernormal\" is astoundingly insightful as all of Deepak`s work is. be sure to read that foreward on the link on this Chopra newsletter. Be certain to read that as well and ejoy...\n\n
elan sun star - June 20, 2013
Deepak and Sanjiv are complimentary aspects of a highly creative yet practical field. Their example of creativity honored in the opportunities of America remind us that we must also rededicate ourselves to our values and then do the appropriate practical protocol and work . I am inspired in this book most by the stories. Powerful stories. They have a unique manner of conveying rich dynamics of the culture and the period and also those details we have waited years to find out about..such as the Maharishi elements and the intense work it took and the uncertainty in those pre professional pre popular work marathons. Deepak again reminds us that synchronicity will bring insights to the committed who not only do the outer work but also the inner and spiritual connections. I am always honored to read a new book by Deepak and now Sanjiv. I feel like I have participated in a great amount of learning as I digest the insights .\nBravo. and Thank you both.
elan - June 20, 2013
The Chopras have been plain lucky from the moment they were born. Always were fed well, got the opportunity from their parents to study. And then became plain fortune seekers as they left India because of the doctor shortage in the U.S. during those days. If I look at their home country right now my heart bleeds for the many many that weren`t not that lucky. Luckily there NOW is a GROWING younger educated generation in India that is picking up their root wisdom again and are willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with their own people, no matter what caste..............\n
YourSoul - June 13, 2013
yes I agree with deepak give peace and power in his books we can learn a lot with deepak
Jc Carlos - June 9, 2013
This man is spreading peace around the world. You dont have to like him, but he sure deserves respect for what his doing.
Francisco Soler - June 9, 2013
Do you mean India is greedy too? Is Amerika not greedy and materialistic in your opinion mr. Faisal adnan? Humanbeeings are worldcitizins and boarders are made by them too.\nThis comment without any comment on mybehalf About chopra beeing or not beeing greedy and materialistisc.
Ghadisja Himi - June 9, 2013