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Help Desk with Deepak Chopra

HELP DESK: a new show to air on the OWN network

Deepak is looking for people seeking advice to help them with a specific life issue or circumstance.

Help Desk is a new television show on OWN that features renowned self-help experts making themselves available in public spaces providing advice to anyone who needs it. Help Desk is a deeply substantive series that grounds some of the great wisdom provided by today’s top experts and helps people live better and more fulfilling lives.

Location: Madison Square Park right near the "Shake Shack"
E 23rd St Madison Ave New York, NY 10010


12:00p to 1:00p Help Desk session open to the public.

3:00p to 4:00p Help Desk session open to the public.

4:00p to 4:15p PUBLIC MEDITATION SESSION lead by Deepak!

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Let me have my temporary password for The Quest. Thanks!
Mariem Bistani - April 1, 2015
I am too late to register for The Quest in 3 payments?
Also what time will the course be available in the UK and would interactive sessions be expensive since not in USA?
I am away a for much of May and wonder if I will be able to catch up and benefit from anything missed.
Please advise by mail if possible
Sylvia Lowe - April 1, 2015
I have been having a problem getting the voice portion of the 21 Day meditation for the past three sessions. I get the music but no voice. I really miss hearing Oprah and Deepak's voices at the beginning of the meditation. Please let me know if there is anything I can do from my end to fix this. PLEASE! I look so forward every day to the meditations and it has been extremely frustrating. Thank you so much,
Betty Hopkins - March 23, 2015
I did not realized that it is so much trouble to get a temp password because the password that was given to me when I purchased the online learning Ayurvida . I need help or if too much trouble with changing password that will work I just need a refund
From CA - November 4, 2014
I love your 21 day meditations this current one is my 4 th , but have technical problems with the 20 minute session stopping about every 5 minutes. I have to open my eyes put in my password and restart the program 4-5 times in each session. Happens every time. I have an I phone and an iPad that I use. It is disruptive and frustrating and impedes the benefits of my meditation practice with Deepak and Oprah . Would welcome suggestions of how to rectify this frustrating problem. Thanking you in advance. \nSincerely,\nKatherine Salas
Katherine Salas - November 4, 2014
You answered my email to reset my password . So do you give me a temporary password which I have not received then I will change that temp password right ? Please explain
From CA - November 3, 2014
I bought an online \"Learning Ayurvida which I paid with a credit card on 10/27/14 . A password was sent to me via email but it does not work . I called technical support several times but nobody seems to answer I tried forget password and sent my email address hope that somebody will answer, so I will wait if someone will respond and give me the right password so I can start learning Ayurvida help!!!N
From CA - November 3, 2014
Friday, October 31, 2014\nI have registered before under the above eMail address but I will not be able to access it during part of November - which means I won`t be able to do your meditation starting on Mondsy November 3rd.\nI tried to register under\nand your system will not let me...... HELP!
bridget button - October 31, 2014