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Review of Brotherhood in Publishers Weekly

The Chopra brothers, two sons of a British trained cardiologist in India, grew up to embrace both Eastern and Western medicine in America. They charmingly recount their experiences in alternate, temperamentally uneven takes in this memoir.

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Deepak is enormously well known as the disseminator of the Indian holistic practice of Ayurveda in the West, through his score of books (Perfect Health et al.) and medical practice his younger brother, Sanjiv, is less known but no less revered as a practicing liver specialist, teacher at Harvard Medical School, and also an author (Leadership by Example).


The two affectionately vie in telling their family stories, from growing up in the 1950s and 60s in an educated Hindu family in India, moving (according to the dictates of their father’s career as an army doctor) from Pune, to Jabalpur, to Shillong to Delhi, attending the Irish Christian Brothers schools, forming their own cricket teams (Sanjiv was the better athlete, Deepak the scholar), and ultimately both resolving to study medicine—to the delight of their parents.

Yet while each immigrated to New Jersey and then moved to Boston to study and pursue his specialty - with Sanjiv focusing on gastroenterology, Deepak on endocrinology - Deepak’s immersion in Transcendental Meditation led by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi steered him back to traditional Indian practices, ironically. The bifurcated memoir depicts some fascinating aspects of Indian assimilation in America, and the often hilarious, touching cultural clash.

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Please, answer my question. I\'d like to know if Deepak interviewed people that experienced an awakening when he wrote The Third Jesus. I\'m just blown away, I got the same message during my awakening. I\'ve not spoke about a lot of insight, because it\'s very personal and I really didn\'t think others could understand. It was a profound time in my life. Namaste
Stephanie Parker - April 19, 2013
Namaste Deepak
David Jones - April 19, 2013
Can\'t wait to read it!
Eileen Madigan - April 19, 2013
You both made your families proud. It sounds like a good book!
Cherney Anita - April 19, 2013
sounds like a must read for me. TY again Deepak for sharing with all of us some of your personal experiences.
Tara Prior - April 19, 2013
and Congratulations on your new book. The story of you and your dear brother sounds compelling.
Karen Whynott - April 19, 2013
Deepak it was so nice to see you last evening in Halifax. I am grateful for you for sharing your wisdom and helping people connect to their true selves. Gratitude<3 Namaste.
Karen Whynott - April 19, 2013
Still reading Super Brain...great book!!
Diane Belair - April 19, 2013