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Things I Carry: A Dream Weaver and More

Since I travel around the world, I always carry these devices: Mybasis, Dream Weaver, and my iPhone and iPad in my toolkit.

Dreamweaver - Deepak Chopra

I've recently become an advisor for Basis, a biosensor device and online personal dashboard that I use to track exercise, sleep and heart rate during meditation and when I'm active – bio regulation is an obsession of mine. I wear the device called mybasis on my wrist to continuously collect information about my body including my heart rate, skin temperature, perspiration and movement.


I can monitor and improve my healthy habits in activity and rest with the personal dashboard to maintain a joyful energetic body and restful alert mind. These small changes can make a big difference.


Working with Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Rudy Tanzi, we have created a light and sound mind machine called the Dream Weaver which safely and automatically puts the user into a meditative, relaxed, dream, sleep, creative or altered state of consciousness. The device is controlled by digital programs I have designed and narrated with music. When the program ends you are back to 'normal' except with a smile, a sweet memory and you are more relaxed. Rudy, I and many of our friends (some daily meditators and others who never have meditated) now use the device regularly.


I use my iPad and iPad to write and connect with social media networks, and record my travels with pictures. Both devices keep me connected to my family, office and friends, which is important to me. For instance if I am on a writing deadline, I can easily send my publisher notes and edits. Better yet, my 10 year-old granddaughter wanted to share an essay that she had written while I was recently in the Middle East. My iphone provided me the ability to read it and let her know how much I enjoyed her sharing with me. A few months ago we launched the free app Chopra Connect, which provides unprecedented access on one platform for all of my news; tweets; feeds from my websites, Chopra Center,, and YouTube/ChopraWell videos, the upcoming Sages and Scientists Symposium 2013; and my public lecture schedule. Twenty years ago this was not possible. I love the way technology provides a platform for connectivity.

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Dear Mr Chopra I am 54 and so excited about this new device. I live in south africa and yes would have loved to own The Dream Weaver. I would just like to say thank you for all the free meditation which I have enjoyed and congrats on the Dream Weaver. God Bless . Kind Regards Suraya
Suraya - February 12, 2014 é demais.
Rosaly Malucelli - May 17, 2013