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Peace Begins with Me: A Review of Deepak Chopra's New Book, Ask Deepak About Love and Relationships

Written by Suna Senman for Huffington Post.


I have a personal interest in understanding relationships and guiding them into expressions of love, so I was intrigued by the newly-released e-book, Ask Deepak about Love and Relationships -- a collection of questions posed to and answered by Deepak Chopra, M.D.. Chopra includes hundreds of his correspondences as the text of the book, and each chapter covers one topic, such as managing relationships, navigating parenting and identifying pure love.


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Chopra answers each troubled correspondent with empathetic wisdom and respect -- effectively guiding readers in discerning healthy friendships, improving self-respect and appropriately supporting others. To new lovers, for example, Chopra has this to say: "The more we can see others as love and not as their behavior, the easier it is to not get defensive and take things too personally."

The statement resonates with me in the following way: By redirecting our focus from one of criticism to one of self-reflection, and by taking responsibility for our side of the street in a relationship, we empower ourselves to be more loving human beings. Instead of criticizing each other, we look for opportunities to see things from a different perspective, work together in partnership and love at a higher level. The key, of course, is learning to accurately discern what our responsibility is and where our partner's accountability is. It is as unhealthy to take on someone else's baggage as it is to demand that someone else hold our own luggage for us.

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Really ???
Toño Longoria - March 1, 2013
Neyla Nejah - February 8, 2013
It\'s Baker Beach in San Francisco. Deepak was hanging out with me blowing off some steam. We grabbed some taco\'s from the Taco Truck. He\'s a cool dude.
Jose Zevallos - February 7, 2013
It seems like in India on mounten of Himalayas
Deepak Ganeriwala - February 7, 2013
debe ser un exito como los demas libros sr.chopra
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Kristin Porter - February 7, 2013
I\'ve just bought it! Looking foward to start reading this weekend.
Ludmilla Montenegro - February 7, 2013