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Deepak Helps Conference Participants Use Their Minds to Find Wellness

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LA QUINTA — I sat in a cushioned, high-back chair in a ballroom at the La Quinta Resort and Club on Tuesday and tried to follow Dr. Deepak Chopra’s instruction to “let my mind settle into my breathing.”

Fat chance, I thought. I was on a social media-fueled adrenaline rush after tweeting photos and shooting iPhone videos at fitness-trainer Jillian Michaels’ early morning workout during the first event of the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Conference.


Then there were former President Bill Clinton’s remarks; a panel discussion led by Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC News’ chief medical editor; and a flurry of tweets, photos, and Facebook postings.


But this was my assignment. I was to participate in Chopra’s mid-morning guided meditation session — without my iPhone. I grudgingly set it down on the chair next to me.


Surprisingly, the further we got into the 15-minute session, the more I was able to let my brain relax. By the time we got to the self-awareness segment — the “mind in your breathing” part — I found myself settling in and letting go of my thoughts. At least as much as I could.


Some of the meditations, thankfully, required visualization. The one that really triggered the outpouring of colorful images from my consciousness was “What vision do you have for your own well-being for the rest of your life?”


I saw a fit, trim woman running, sweating under the hot desert sun — a feeling of freedom, exuberance, and of being in the best shape of my life.


In the spirit of the Heath Matters conference, I pledge to make that an everyday reality.



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