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How to Stay in Control of Your Brain

Neuroscientist Dr. Rudy Tanzi and Deepak Chopra discuss how to control your brain and strengthen it as you age.

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Are we born with ego`s? And if not where does it come from.?
lorrain - March 26, 2013
Love ur shirt! I\'m from Peru!
Miluska Villar Guerreiro - December 20, 2012
Love the T-shirt
Shelly Rivera - December 20, 2012
Kindly thank the sublimal messages coming in and release the thoughts by replacing them with your most recent blissful moments of joy... Sending u showers of blessings and waves of positive energy my friend. Happy meditation time, Cheers!
Nicole Paquet - December 19, 2012
You look so good. Rested, relaxed. Kisses and blessings.
Lilia Gricel - December 17, 2012
Que lindo se le ve Dr. Chopra con el polo de Peru♥
Sara Chinchay Barragán - December 16, 2012
love your Peruvian t-shirt Deepak ! ;)
Ceci Icaza - December 13, 2012
Art House - December 13, 2012