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Creating Abundance

Join me on November 5 for a three-week, daily guided meditation journey to an authentic abundance consciousness. If you wish to attract more goodness into your life in the form of comfort and ease, peace, joy, love—anything you desire—I encourage you to register now for the all-new Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, Creating Abundance.


It’s free to participate and I’ll be your guide each day as we discover and leverage the secrets to attract abundance of all kinds in to our lives through the power of meditation.


Please give yourself this gift with infinite benefits and sign up today:


I look forward to a miraculous three weeks together!





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My intention is to join you for meditation
guyanell - August 3, 2014
I ordered Creating Abundance for my daughter Kristin Boline for Christmas and she still has not been able to access the gift. Her e-mail is, or Please advise both of us. Carolyn Boline
carolyn boline - February 6, 2014
where can I find promo code to purchase Desire and Destiny cd`s?
gerija - November 20, 2013
The Relationship challenge was a wonderful experience. It had a profound effect on me that lasted for some time after the 21 or 22 day period. I am very much looking forward to the Abundance meditations. I`d really like to purchase all three meditations and perhaps at the end of the Abundance challenge I can. Many thanks for your work and for enlightening me about an entire array of new ways to see.
dinosferrari - September 14, 2013
Hi I recently purchased the meditation challenge CDs x3.I would like to stop the purchase and have my money returned to my account.\n\nKind regards \nLorraine
Lorraine - August 22, 2013
I purchased the Creating Abundance meditation series and I am unable to access it now. Has it been removed? How can I download it as I did not do it at the time?
jocasta - August 20, 2013
I am trying to find the login for the abundance meditation we purchased a while back.... It is very difficult to find. Many read others have the same issue....please help
Sylvie - July 25, 2013
This is the third time I`m trying to open Creating Abundance, using promo codes you sent to me today. I am totally frustrated and disturbed, since I paid for lifetime access (to Perfect Health) and I can`t even log in. I`ve tried both my ipad and my EliteBook ... nothing works. I`ve now read of others having the same trouble. I am discouraged and upset.\n\nThis is the worst web site I`ve ever used. I`ve tried to mail this note 8 times so far - with the different \"codes\".
Karen - July 15, 2013