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Deepak Chopra on Social Media: Tune in or Drop Out

Written by Dan Jamieson for

Business leaders need to listen carefully to the global conversation taking place within social media, said author Deepak Chopra, co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, who bills himself as a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine.

Listening and being aware is one of the key attributes for leaders, Mr. Chopra told attendees today at the Pershing LLC annual meeting in Hollywood, Fla.

“Look and listen to the collective conversation, whether it's the Occupy Wall Street movement, your neighborhood or your own children,” said Mr. Chopra, one of the better-known supporters of the Occupy movement.

But social media can be destructive, by taking us out of the moment, he said.

“If we ignore social networks, we do so at our own peril. However, they can distract us from our experience of being in the present moment,” he said.

“Every now and then check in” with yourself,” he said. “Ask, 'am I present? Am I aware?' That brings you to the moment. Being in the present -- that's a great skill leaders have.”

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Balance in all
Shari Soultree - July 7, 2012
It\'s like having a pen friend, only it\'s instant and with photos...keeps people connected when used positively.
May King - July 6, 2012
We are one with the social networks and there is no peril. Distractions are choices we make.
The Soul's Answer to Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working - July 3, 2012
Yes, in deed ! This has nothing to do with religion, thanks for your comment -Chico Xavier of Light Healing For All
Aster Gheresghier - July 3, 2012
“When each one of us become an active and living book of lessons for those who see our examples, the boundaries of religious interpretation will give way to the new era of brotherhood and peace we\'re waiting for.” \n― Chico Xavier
Light Healing For All - July 3, 2012
Not really feeling the Deepak updates
Erub Salvatore - July 3, 2012
Nor really feeling the Deepak updates
Erub Salvatore - July 3, 2012
Well, it makes better sense in context from the link. This, taken out of context was just plain weird for me. Scared me Dr. Chopra! :)
Melissa S. Matthews - July 3, 2012