Mile Hi Church – GOD: A Story of Revelation.

Our experience of Spirit evolves through crisis, both inner and outer. Throughout history, every conception of God expanded human awareness, and helped to answer the burning questions at the heart of our daily struggle. GOD: A Story of Revelation is about our very human journey to know and understand the Divine.

Chopra will share how to expand our awareness, which is crucial to combating the confusion and conflict we all face. With wisdom and compassion, he will offer us guidance and encouragement to transform obstacles into opportunities and live a satisfying, enlightened life.

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  1. kainai

    Mary Jane.....keep meditating, meditate, meditate.....really, with so much chaos in your life you need silence to find the way. You should make it a priority to attend one of Deepak`s courses: I did Journey into Healing and it has helped me a lot.... you`ll learn to meditate there and plus a ton of other tips to bring balance back into your life.

  2. eyes2theskies

    I am lost...62 still single cause of trust issues, feel like a loser and failure this lifetime, reside with my 89 yr old mother, and nuerotic chihuahua. looked on line at your classes....want to take them but live down by ventura and its quite a distance, plus quite alot of money....will you be doing anything down los angeles way soon? i do not meditate for i fall aslleep no matter how rested i am...started the first day of your 21 day meditation tonight altho i`m behind, subscribed to your newsletter...what else can i do? want to come to a class! help! thanks mary jane

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