March 6-12, 2022

Chopra Health Retreat.

How do you feel? Before you answer, consider what it means to feel “well.” Health is something that goes beyond the physical. True health is a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Inspired by Deepak’s bestselling book, Perfect Health, the Chopra Health Retreat takes place at CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa, a “playground of well-being” in the Sonoran Desert, and teaches the centuries-old healing method of Ayurveda.

After completing your Mind-Body Health Questionnaire and meeting with a physician trained in Ayurveda, we’ll provide customized lifestyle and health recommendations based on your specific needs. Through daily spa experiences including personalized massages, meditation and yoga, educational sessions and workshops, and a multi-step detoxification process to aid in the release of toxins, you’ll learn how to take a life-changing, well-rounded approach to your well-being that will last long after the retreat is over.

Ready to get serious about your health? Press play.

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