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Spiritual Solutions
Spiritual Solutions
November 11, 2012 00:00 EST
NW1 2BJ, , London
173-177 Euston Road
Deepak Chopra has made clear his conviction that it is within the potential of every human being to live an enriching, self-aware, magnificent life. But to reach that state of empowerment is a difficult task, calling for courage, will power and - often - guidance. In this 1-day workshop Deepak Chopra offers that guidance and encouragement, and solutions enabling you to takeyour life into your own capable hands. There is a spiritual solution for every problem you face whether that be job loss, financial difficulties, relationship issues, health problems or spiritual dilemmas.

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Hi everyone,\n\nIf someone is cancelling his participation to the workshop, please contact me :, so i can buy your ticket. \nThanks.
Omar - November 10, 2012
Goodman morning,\nI would like to attend your workshop in London this Sunday. What time is workshop starts and where I shell register. \nMy question is: attended 3 seminars with Tony Robbins this year I had privilege to have intervention in Fiji it change my perception of life and how I see ppl I start to listening your books and many others in regards to improve and influence others. Over all odds I failed 3x my final exam I study for last 7 months I am struggling to find my self new job last 7 months. Spend all my savings and don`t see new opportunity a coming my way. I feel like stuck. What is the reason for all this struggle and pain?
Jan - November 8, 2012
Namaste,\n\n Thanks for help me so much in this life, with all my love,\n Liovet.
LIOVET GONZALEZ - July 7, 2012