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October 24 2013

Work Stress

Category:  Ask Deepak


Dear Deepak I have been in a career for the last 13 years whereby every few years I experience work related stress. However if I'm really honest in my heart this work has always been a struggle for me to find joy and purpose. The majority of time I am in a state of unease, anger and anxiety. What is keeping me attached to this career is the regular high salary and security of a pay check each month, even though the majority of the time I feel miserable when doing this work. Unfortunately this permeates my personal life as I struggle to switch off from work. What is the solution to setting an intent where I can finally manifest livelihood that is my Dharma? Thank you.


First begin by identifying the talents and skills you do have which do provide you with a sense of joy and purpose. See if there are some areas of your current job that overlap into this list. Then figure out what it is about your job in particular that is causing the stress. It could be something that you could fix, it could also be something you could improve with meditation and stress management techniques. You might also discover that your unhappiness and difficulties do not stem from work as such, but are extensions of the general underlying issues you are going through in life at that time and would likely manifest in any work you might have. When you are struggling with life problems in self-worth, relationships, finances, or health concerns, even a dream job will make you question what you are doing. If you suspect that this might apply to you, then I would take a close look on what those underlying issues are and make that healing and resolution your center of life purpose and meaning. In that scenario, keep your job and focus on the parts of work you enjoy more. The security can be a source of strength and stability in your life as you attend to the other areas of your life.

If, on the other hand, the source of your work anger and anxiety is perfectly tied to a job situation you can’t change or accommodate to, then find your best alternate job that doesn’t have this work problem and take it. If it includes many of the unique skills and talents you listed, so much the better.


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  • I asked a question back on Oct 12 and got no reply.....inbox. :/

    Connie Ritchie // 2013-10-24 22:35:07 // //
  • Maria Moussa Sowan, this one's for you! :)

    Laurianne LO // 2013-10-24 22:37:36 // //



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  • Are you continually thinking "What would happen if I quit?" Is this question what is causing the anxiety rather than any specific task that you are performing? If you get comfortable with the "what ifs", your present situation will not be a`ll just respond to it. And one way folks deal with "what if`s" is by accepting that catastrophe can happen.

    jim w // 2013-10-28 09:51:14 // //
  • Excellent answer Deepak, i guess i am on a same stage. I have started realizing that its important to find a calm center even in tough situations. If we can achieve that than our spiritual work will be also enhanced. Meditation is something which is going to help. I think what Deepak is hinting is to use your own intelligence to figure out.

    Sumit Gupta // 2013-10-28 02:35:23 // //
  • Sweet, short, complete .

    Naz Banoo // 2013-10-26 10:30:10 // //
  • What makes fish bit a specific bait, what causes us to seek truth or peace and had better realize what causes us to keep on B r e a t h i n g !

    Beverly J. Roumph // 2013-10-26 07:56:42 // //
  • nice

    Aizaz Khalid Qureshi // 2013-10-26 02:27:44 // //
  • Thank you Dr. Chopra. Namaste.

    Piti Diana Beatriz // 2013-10-26 00:55:24 // //
  • Interesting.

    Jose Angel Rivera // 2013-10-25 19:44:50 // //
  • I've been having the same problem- thanks for the incite- mine was a case of changing jobs and locations

    Laura Cooke // 2013-10-25 19:04:28 // //
  • Thank you very much for posting this question. And your excellent answer

    Claudius Lüneborg // 2013-10-25 17:31:50 // //
  • uvajaemaya Valentina a mojno li zastavit seba polubit somnevayus.....

    Zahra Dadashova // 2013-10-25 17:06:30 // //
  • My biggest problems are coming from my blog. I cannot get a good text to write. Each time I began to write, someone will be asking me some questions. It has been going on for months now. I have a lot of problems that has nothing to do with me or my personal growth but, instead it is coming from people that really want to suppress me. Not that they hate me, but it is a marketing ploy. It is something I cannot explain. It is very distracting when you know that someone is doing everything to frustrate you. I know who they are. They are into marketing. I have told them time and time that I am not going to join them. But they have persistently done something to make me to complain.

    Nkechi Waboso // 2013-10-25 15:28:09 // //
  • Если нет того,что любишь,нужно полюбить,то,что есть. Правильно ли это?

    Valentyna Valevska // 2013-10-25 15:07:44 // //
  • A balanced and very worthwhile response; I also face this issue and your insight brought peace to that nagging self-chatter. Blessings and Gratitude.

    Cynthia Anderson // 2013-10-25 13:09:54 // //
  • I am going thru the same situation @work as a Correctional Officer..... but I also acknowledge dat am going thru some personal issues with my mom Alzheimer Decease. Thank you for sharing your story, most thankfully to Dr. Chopra.

    Sean Jr Santana // 2013-10-25 12:50:41 // //
  • I have also found that sometimes changing the company one works for may help too. In my case I am a nanny. I know that this is my calling. However, I have worked for a few families where I wake up one day and dread going to work for one reason or another. When this happens, I know that it is time to find another family to work for. This may help in your situation considering you mentioned security in a nice paycheck every month. Keeping your position with a new company may just bring changes and relieve some stress in areas you never even knew we`re the problem.

    Ashley Rose // 2013-10-25 12:45:22 // //
  • Very helpful.

    Kellen Faria // 2013-10-25 12:19:06 // //
  • Set an intention to become as mindful as possible during your workday, and in those moments that are most displeasing to you see if you can be aware of them without clinging to them, or pushing them away. As you gain perspective you will know what part of your experience that displeases you is stemming from feelings that are not about the present, things you need to work through, and what aspects of the job are really just not a good fit for you and your happiness. Welcome the feelings as they arise, welcome them in, allow yourself to be present with them just as much as you can, they can't hurt you except when you are trying to resist them, but allowing them in will make them feel more intense in the moment. Not pushing those feelings away will allow you to process them, and their load upon you will lessen. As you do this every day, you will find yourself becoming clearer, and clearer, and keeping in mind the excellent advice that Deepak already gave you, you will find yourself more and more able to see clearly the best way forward for you. Kind Regards.

    David Johnson // 2013-10-25 11:59:30 // //
  • Tremendo Maestro!

    Juana Del Pilar // 2013-10-25 11:22:04 // //
  • Useful hints. Thank you to everyone, especially Chopra.

    Tamás Balázs // 2013-10-25 11:10:43 // //
  • marvellous solution

    Fatima Hemani // 2013-10-25 10:54:31 // //
  • Excellent response.

    Marie Flint // 2013-10-25 10:26:22 // //
  • You need some spirit... Robert Rieslings Monchoff. Get a few friends together and have a Art Party. "It's Halloween". stop being such a whose. give out some invitations. Your killing me... boo...

    Donna Ozturk // 2013-10-25 10:10:23 // //
  • That was my problem few years back :) I got the magic. book suddenly written by Deepak ji :) Everything changed for me . Not earning highest but content with myself :) The name of Book - Book Of Secrets :)

    Mohit Dhamija // 2013-10-25 10:07:12 // //
  • I just have to sat ,thank you for all you wisdom.

    Kim Long // 2013-10-25 09:12:18 // //
  • Thank you, Deepak. I love your view and suggestions. I would like to add "Everywhere I go, there I am". My attitude will influence any situation I may be in and as my Mom use to say, "change your attitude before I change your longitude!"

    Patricia Masi // 2013-10-25 07:52:08 // //
  • What one resists, will persist! Take Deepak's wisdom!

    Nancy Hoffman Rowe // 2013-10-25 07:30:11 // //
  • excellent sir

    Samir Samdarshi // 2013-10-25 07:05:30 // //
  • Dear Depak, i so admire your honesty and your tap into TRUTH, Thank you for sharing this with the world! Love Satya

    Dina Mori Satya Gardner // 2013-10-25 06:49:27 // //
  • Sound advice , words to live by

    Glenn Gambino // 2013-10-25 05:55:18 // //
  • If you want to support a good cause please like our page too <3

    Unite Us Project // 2013-10-25 05:49:18 // //
  • good enough advice

    Kay Luther // 2013-10-25 04:22:25 // //
  • Dear Friend, I will like to tell you to accept... To accept the stress that you are enduring while working.. When you decide to accept instead of the stress burning you it will mould you ..turning you into someone better. Rest assured if you accept the stress you can keep your job and move forward in life...

    Boodhun Krishna // 2013-10-25 04:10:08 // //
  • Excellent advise

    Barbara Geng // 2013-10-25 03:49:19 // //
  • Thank you Deepak for your response ! This question was mine too when I was working. I think that it is not only a particularly work related state. The underlying issues have to be discovered and dealt with. Problem is how ! Step by step guidance and help is needed. Please advise/ guide/ help !

    Vidushi Chaudhary // 2013-10-25 03:28:11 // //
  • Hello Deepak you look so cold !!!

    Veronique Menand // 2013-10-25 03:21:33 // //
  • I know (and read in some of your books that you have examine many "religiius systems" in Baharat.but have you examine the Brahma Mount Abu? I am certain that you will find them rather interesting!

    Yigal Enoshi // 2013-10-25 02:37:51 // //
  • Quit your job! Have courage and faith that the perfect situation will reveal itself to you once you have let go and have moved on. You will find your inner voice and will know.

    Tracey von Ott // 2013-10-25 02:35:11 // //
  • The question describes me precisely, even the 13 years in same job! Synchrodestiny at work perhaps. I was hoping the answer was 'just leave the bloody job and find your real calling in life'......

    Keith Fitzgerald // 2013-10-25 02:14:15 // //
  • You are Amazing Mr. Chopra!!! Wow you are such a profound knowledge of life! God Bless you! Thank you!!!!

    Margaret Trask // 2013-10-25 01:58:38 // //
  • With respect to mr. Deepak. Simplify your lfe style. No job is worth to die for...stress alone is like a poisonous snake that every day kill you little by little...set priorities in your to your family to help you to get out of that pit! Most of the time we don't need that extra money. ..Take care of your health now. Tomorrow can be too late.

    Rina Miah // 2013-10-25 01:52:26 // //
  • Gou,gou,gou and bilive in your dreams and in yourself.Love &Light...

    Mihael Stojanovic // 2013-10-25 01:52:14 // //
  • Your quote says it all ~ "However if I'm really honest in my heart this work has always been a struggle for me to find joy and purpose. The majority of time I am in a state of unease, anger and anxiety." ~ This stress and anger you are feeling is calling to you to be true to yourself, to solve something, to express, to take care and compassion for yourself.

    Caterina Alberti // 2013-10-25 01:02:33 // //
  • Thirteen Years is a long long time to be unhappy ~ You really do need to take action now!!! Yes!!! We all know deep down what makes us happy. Tap into your inner wisdom... <3

    Brenda Batty // 2013-10-25 01:00:36 // //
  • Bs. As., Argentina..... Kisssmmmmmm!!!!

    Dora Gauna // 2013-10-25 00:54:31 // //
  • yes, larry! that's what i am doing and it's working!

    Kate Keller // 2013-10-25 00:52:10 // //
  • why you still the discomfort of anger l like my like strength wins my strengtn

    Ardan Rodrigue // 2013-10-25 00:45:15 // //
  • I love you Deepak!

    Rasheeda Gaines // 2013-10-25 00:34:46 // //
  • Understanding What Is Real Happiness Real happiness is not an external stimulation by watching an action movie or eating out or buying a new dress; it is not the result of acquiring something - whether it be a new car or a position, or of receiving some good news. True happiness is not relief from suffering - whether from an illness or a difficult situation, nor is it the achievement of a goal - whether personal or professional. All these are externally dependent, where happiness is confused with stimulation, excitement, achievement, acquisition or relief. Happiness is not all of these. You also know that happiness is not a future promise. It can only be experienced now. So what is spiritual happiness - perhaps a better way to describe spiritual happiness is contentment. This comes from a complete awareness and acceptance of the self as we are now at an internal level, and an acceptance of 'what is' at an external level. Sounds difficult? The highest happiness is bliss which can be experienced only when the soul/self is totally free of all attachment and dependency. Sounds even more difficult? But this is a spiritual understanding and definition of happiness, which is not difficult to accept and make a part of our life, once there is a deep understanding and absorption of spiritual knowledge, but spiritual knowledge which is accurate and complete in all aspects. Spiritual happiness is a direct result of spiritual knowledge. Without complete knowledge of the self, one cannot remain ever and truly happy (happy as per the definition above).

    Shelly Gupta // 2013-10-25 00:30:59 // //
  • Larry! So true!! Every word!

    Anna Elizabeth // 2013-10-25 00:23:36 // //
  • I'll give you the advice the Deepak cannot. Quit you crappy job. Don't worry about money unless you have dependents. Do what you love and commit to helping others through you endeavors. Listen to Henry David Thoreau. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Deepak said it. We are at the same time all in this together as one, while simultaneously Gods with the power to create whatever we want. Believe it. It's very true.

    Larry Zuckerman // 2013-10-25 00:20:21 // //
  • Fantastic realistic thoughtful answer one of the better responses I've heard from Deepak.

    Jeff Borg // 2013-10-25 00:14:51 // //
  • What a lovely new perspective !!!

    Jae Marie // 2013-10-25 00:08:55 // //
  • mándenme algo de él, pero porfis en español.

    Mery Camero // 2013-10-25 00:07:41 // //
  • I believe the mere thought of looking at things in a bad way can change your whole entire concept of what it is and how it affects you, speaking from experience the best thing that's helped me is to not passively think in a sad, bad or angry way. You see, it's the type of energy not only your brain but the feeling that your body gets after the slight thought and focus on it. Look at it like a quest in a game but instead match it to your reality, by that I mean don't think of good or bad, think of the problem as a mutal existence in a creative way because when it comes down to things like creativity and intelligence, here's no room for judgement or a polarised perception they go hand in hand and good and bad only exist when the observer summons the focus on it. It's quite a bit confusing but doing this completely changed the way I think and see things. I don't think good and bad anymore because they set your emotions haywire and affect humanity deeply. For when the universe is in control, your feelings and emotions will control your thoughts, when your in control, your thoughts will effect your emotions and feelings and that's the switch that should be made, keep yourself happy, be proud and confident in yourself and if it's hard, do something day by day that you can be proud of, focus on building the new instead of thinking about the old for the past has passed do not let it worry you for fear is only your imagination creating something that will upset you or make you uncomfortable. I apologize for the randomosity amongst my suggestion but there is a lot to it then others think. For now, trust the universe for it knows what it's doing and be brave for a sudden change, humans are one of the most adaptable species on earth, believe in yourself and what you already know, and don't be hard on yourself everyone makes mistakes day to day it becomes different when you start becoming conscious of your mistakes, so never fear your on the right path no matter what you choose to do.

    Matthew Groth // 2013-10-25 00:02:52 // //
  • Perfect advice, bravo !!

    Dan McBee // 2013-10-24 23:58:01 // //
  • My company provides job-related personality assessments and I am apply to provide you access at no charge. Contact me via message or email

    Paula Soileau // 2013-10-24 23:55:00 // //
  • blessings to you :)

    Lessia Gutierrez Torres // 2013-10-24 23:50:16 // //
  • nothing but prayer!wish u the best

    Leon Jel Smjela // 2013-10-24 23:36:10 // //
  • Anything on "stress management techniques"?

    Dcptv Cnstrcts // 2013-10-24 23:34:16 // //
  • Thought this was a very good read on work. Dominique Yam Jessie Pookies Rebecca Lyons

    Bronwyn Marshall // 2013-10-24 23:29:20 // //
  • Excellent response...

    Christine Wood // 2013-10-24 23:25:24 // //
  • Needed to hear this today. Thank you!

    Mejula Wilfred // 2013-10-24 23:18:00 // //
  • On target Deepak!!

    Cynthia Anne Neil // 2013-10-24 23:17:37 // //
  • One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter. So instead of spending your whole Life with a Heart Ache....start uttering those words.....coz the least it will do for you is will release some pain-Sachin Sharma. (chk my page for more quotes).

    Distance Counseling. // 2013-10-24 23:14:40 // //
  • how i feel eXactaly

    Bel Bello // 2013-10-24 23:02:12 // //
  • I love my job , wished I figured out this along time ago before , I did, if only my patience Know what they do for me , I'm so blessed to go to work everyday with a smile on my face

    Cheryl McLeod // 2013-10-24 22:57:36 // //
  • LOVELY:)

    Grace Fatima // 2013-10-24 22:51:15 // //
  • I would say if you respect yourself enough I would remove myself from a stressful situation only you can control your situation. It is very common in the corporate world today to have one person typically doing the job of two.

    Joe Carrera // 2013-10-24 22:50:56 // //
  • You are an excellent advisor Deepak!

    Catherine McEachern Teer // 2013-10-24 22:49:28 // //
  • Good question

    Madelyne Arteaga Figueredo // 2013-10-24 22:47:44 // //
  • I'm sure he waits until enough whine about something before he answers.. I'm sure its for you too.. don't frown it decreases your face

    Rebecca Mae Evans // 2013-10-24 22:44:16 // //
  • Not your usual answer- love it!!!

    Shill Narzey // 2013-10-24 22:42:55 // //
  • Yes, this makes sense.

    Horacio Kane // 2013-10-24 22:40:42 // //
  • Great advice! Focusing on the positives can always help .. 13 years is a long tjme , so there had to be a lot of qualities she was good at that got her through each day :) thank you for the question

    Jennifer Piro // 2013-10-24 22:40:40 // //
  • I can relate to this my teacher. I can. You have helped many, and many may have helped others. We are a human family. Enjoy time with your family, enjoy the earnings of your labors. The unease is a part of the knowing.

    Dave M Gonzalez // 2013-10-24 22:39:49 // //
  • thank you....

    Teresa Almeida // 2013-10-24 22:38:36 // //
  • Maria Moussa Sowan, this one's for you! :)

    Laurianne LO // 2013-10-24 22:37:36 // //
  • I asked a question back on Oct 12 and got no reply.....inbox. :/

    Connie Ritchie // 2013-10-24 22:35:07 // //