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The most positive action we can take about the past is to change our perception of it.


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October 10 2013

Connection to Source

Category:  Ask Deepak


How do I know that I've connected to my source in my silent meditation? I've been practicing silent meditation for just over a month now and I still feel as though I'm either just sitting there, or falling asleep and waking back up. I'm confused. If nothing is supposed to happen when we meditate, yet we meditate to connect to that stillness, then when does it happen? If anything my mind has become more active during silent meditation. My meditation now feels like an hour a day to let my mind run wild while I sit quietly and just let it.


You can evaluate the effectiveness of your mediation by the benefits in your activity afterward. Your subjective assessment of how “deep” you are is rarely a good measure. Individuals had their heart rate, respiration and blood hormones evaluated during meditation, and were also asked to give a subjective report on how deep their meditations were. What they found was that there was not a close correlation. Physiological measurements often indicated they were in a profound state of rest, even though they reported that mentally their minds were wandering superficially from one thought to the next.

If you feel more rested, creative and balanced in your activity after meditation, then that means you are connecting to your core source- silence, creativity and intelligence.


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  • Meditation is supposed for someone to be(come) still, without thoughts. It is not only about sitting still. If you practice Yoga asanas, meditation on your body afterwards gives that profound feeling of your body relaxing and you, focussed on your body, becoming without thoughts. But there are numerous other ways. When you are able to completely focus on a task you are doing in the now, you are meditating because you simply forget what`s happening around you. This is also how sports in total concentration can lift you up to sometimes abnormal high prestations. Meditation can be found in anything you do with full attention and focus. In the end spirituality is nothing more and nothing less than being able to focus on a task you perform............ Sitting still chanting a mantra is not for everyone, especially not in the west. That`s why yoga and meditation is a much better solution and that`s why it is popular and easily accepted in the western countries. Meditation in itself still is not free from mysticism while it is just being without thoughts and nothing more......

    heartphone // 2013-10-11 14:10:50 // //
  • Hi Deepak When i medidate my dad always appear in my dreams, is this normal or is it my mind playing tricks on me.But my concern is that only when i meditate he appears. And if i dont meditate for a month i will never hear from him.

    Portia // 2013-10-10 03:15:35 // //



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  • great answer.

    How To Deliberately Create The Playing and Performing You Want by Les Wise // 2013-10-15 18:31:29 // //
  • I need that too thanks!

    Kerry Mulherin // 2013-10-14 15:20:43 // //
  • Love him!

    Michele Ball-Berry // 2013-10-13 14:22:32 // //
  • I needed that.

    Newuser Wallace // 2013-10-12 02:49:23 // //
  • I know I have and I thank you for the 21 day meditation ......Thank you and Oprah ..........some days I still have a tough time getting quite but I got to do it every day :)

    Diana Billingslea // 2013-10-11 22:15:28 // //
  • auk no te entiendo por no hablar tu idioma

    Alejandro Meza Meza // 2013-10-11 20:46:20 // //
  • Breathe, Relax, Thank God For Everything. Beauty, Color... Feel the wind. See... The sky. Smell... Fresh Flower's. Stretch. Feel the grass. Take picture, To keep moment. Discover your existence. Draw... Keep life inside you. This is your spirit. Learn Everything. "You will be connected to the universe". Read the bible outside aloud, The animals will listen. Same place, To build a familiarity with nature. Inside; Art, Plant's, Animal, Fountain, Book. "Be blessed and be a blessing".

    Donna Ozturk // 2013-10-11 19:55:47 // //

    Francis Rodriguez // 2013-10-11 18:34:41 // //

    Francis Rodriguez // 2013-10-11 18:34:03 // //
  • if you think you connected - then you connected.

    Cassondra Perry // 2013-10-11 18:30:38 // //
  • Good to know :)

    Angie Mendenhall // 2013-10-11 15:37:48 // //
  • If you feel more rested, creative and balanced in your activity after meditation, then that means you are connecting to your core source- silence, creativity and intelligence.

    Connies poetry // 2013-10-11 15:34:08 // //
  • Love this

    Connies poetry // 2013-10-11 15:33:58 // //
  • There is a space I've experienced, where there is no judgement, where time loses it boundaries, and an infinite number of choices are present, and I've often found solutions to my problems there. It happens spontaneously and effortlessly, and is pretty much beyond expression, but I've come to know it is real. I often think of it as a total response of my entire state of being, when I'm not divided by intellectual compartmentalizing. Like a seventh sense, which encompasses all others. Lao Tze was right when he stated, 'more words matter less'.

    Vincent Mantia // 2013-10-11 15:11:16 // //
  • to meditate is to listen to the silence so we can hear Gods word

    David Messer // 2013-10-11 15:06:10 // //
  • Meditation is supposed for someone to be(come) still, without thoughts. It is not only about sitting still. If you practice Yoga asanas, meditation on your body afterwards gives that profound feeling of your body relaxing and you, focussed on your body, becoming without thoughts. But there are numerous other ways. When you are able to completely focus on a task you are doing in the now, you are meditating because you simply forget what`s happening around you. This is also how sports in total concentration can lift you up to sometimes abnormal high prestations. Meditation can be found in anything you do with full attention and focus. In the end spirituality is nothing more and nothing less than being able to focus on a task you perform............ Sitting still chanting a mantra is not for everyone, especially not in the west. That`s why yoga and meditation is a much better solution and that`s why it is popular and easily accepted in the western countries. Meditation in itself still is not free from mysticism while it is just being without thoughts and nothing more......

    heartphone // 2013-10-11 14:10:50 // //
  • thanx deepak !!

    Exodia Tuskade // 2013-10-11 13:42:23 // //
  • soo true..

    Binita Tiwari // 2013-10-11 12:51:04 // //
  • A cada dia você está mais lindo e charmoso...

    Margaret Theiss // 2013-10-11 12:09:57 // //
  • Its hard to be easy.

    Bil Krueger // 2013-10-11 11:27:43 // //
  • 'What does it better as look as it calms and bring all things together!" Time will always expose itself what you design or desire if its still at reach will help you to understand or make sense. To do more would be complicated and I just think simple is better and more duplicate-able. Plus its all subjective thanksforallyoudo!

    Carter Irvin // 2013-10-11 11:10:32 // //
  • Sir,how could i know that i am going well in meditation ? I am confused...plz help me

    Antaryamee Mishra // 2013-10-11 11:10:06 // //
  • I always work more focused and calmer after morning meditation.

    JJoyia Federigo // 2013-10-11 11:06:36 // //
  • Excellent question and response! Thank YOU

    Spiritual Messages of Comfort // 2013-10-11 10:59:20 // //
  • I had this same question!

    Madelyne Arteaga Figueredo // 2013-10-11 10:48:26 // //
  • these are the tricks the mind plays, the mind projects what it wants to see. meditation, when enjoyed cannot be expressed .

    Samir Samdarshi // 2013-10-11 10:29:38 // //
  • it is only when yu are quite that yu can hear the still silent voice of the heavens

    Karen Rose // 2013-10-11 10:12:45 // //
  • Absolutely... :). I always feel lighter after meditation! And sometimes my mind won't stop... Thank u for that insight...

    Tina Zaidan // 2013-10-11 09:55:09 // //
  • "Individuals had their heart rate, respiration and blood hormones evaluated during meditation, and were also asked to give a subjective report on how deep their meditations were." - Hi Deepak, do you consider measuring Meditation as subjective or objective? For me that will be an objective effort to measure what is intrinsecally subjective. Humanity for the last 2000 years or so has been running after objectivity, so they need to measure Meditation with that objectivity. It is easier for the Human psyque to fathom an Object, as it is matter, but something Subjective is extremely difficult to grasp within the Space-Time framework enculcated and engraved in our DNA. Meditation is the journey within, whereas our Objective Existence is without i.e. OUT THERE. The effect of meditation is the consciousness that evolves WITHIN that OUT THERE is an ilusion of the mind. When this happens and how each individual will experience it is unique. There is no herd syndrome in meditation, hence nothing can be categorized or generalized. A final word - Objective Questioning is the profession of the MIND, and Meditation occurs with the silence of this STRUGGLE. Let go and put an end to this struggle within. Instead of theorizing by the MIND, start experiencing by the SELF. The MIND will be purified by the KNOWLEDGE within. Om Shanti.

    Saptarsi Mondal // 2013-10-11 08:14:39 // //
  • Om

    Christian Baena // 2013-10-11 07:36:40 // //
  • <3

    Angelica Angie // 2013-10-11 06:49:24 // //
  • interesting...I'm sure you'll get there in time...

    Lori Gordon // 2013-10-11 06:43:09 // //
  • nice to read you and thrue Jenny Berghaeger

    Marie Angelet // 2013-10-11 05:51:29 // //
  • Thank you for your comforting response Deeppak ji.

    Vidushi Chaudhary // 2013-10-11 05:29:31 // //
  • It was the same for me and frustrating but I did find that lying on my bed with head phones and tape of my choice which was determined by the words, the voice and the music. Only then did I begin to find the peace I needed back then. I now meditate as I water the garden, when cooking, when pulling the weeds on the grass. Watering at night is most rewarding as you have the sound of water and the drops of water against the moon light. I find these moments the best ones to talk to God and/or float about in total relaxation. We all have different ways to find inner peace. Hope it was nic to read me...

    Jenny Berghaeger // 2013-10-11 04:08:54 // //
  • What's wrong with that? Maybe God wants you to have the imagination of a child again. xx

    Ghita // 2013-10-11 03:52:17 // //
  • <3 Just Beautiful Poetry flows naturally thru you & to & thru others Thank You Deepak :)

    Debra Precious // 2013-10-11 03:32:27 // //
  • one more classical doubt cleared, thats the reason we have to get connected to the masters

    K.b.umesh Kumar // 2013-10-11 01:31:18 // //
  • it took me a long time to get to a point during meditation where i actually found my bliss ! I cannot even describe that feeling ~ meditation takes does not come easy. U must be patient and silence ur mind.

    Shyann Madrid // 2013-10-11 00:51:38 // //
  • Great question, one ive been wondering about!

    Nichole Marie Benecasa // 2013-10-11 00:30:56 // //
  • I love

    Monica Rueda // 2013-10-10 23:29:47 // //
  • ^^^yep works for me.

    Steve Pundzak // 2013-10-10 23:12:25 // //
  • my recommendation for my old friend Deepak,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plug sg into marshall amp,,,,,,and turn it up very loud,,,,,,until the neighbors wimper in fear. trust me old friend this message was approved by pete Townshend himself. :)

    George Daniel Smith // 2013-10-10 22:58:27 // //
  • Do you use "ommmmm..." breathe..... and again. The vibrations in the throat, ears...seem to move to the head/skull, and can override the busy thoughts that flood us at times... "ommmmm..." breathe. In through the nose, out through the

    Maura Jurgrau // 2013-10-10 22:55:20 // //

    Ana Moira Parada // 2013-10-10 22:39:24 // //
  • Undoing years of discomposed mind will need a whole lot of meditative honing to gain the path of equanimity. It is all worth it !!

    Venkata Nambori // 2013-10-10 22:37:57 // //
  • thanks for the information Mr Deepak Chopra

    Nisha Stanley // 2013-10-10 22:14:07 // //
  • Gracias por la sencillez

    Aura Celina Murillo // 2013-10-10 21:57:20 // //
  • sitting in quiet contemplation, is just sitting...sit sit and sit. when your mind wonders or you are thinking ..let go of that thought and think of something else...then let go ..until you will in one way your mind...quietens.... just sit sit sit, best just mediate the sound OM..........or when you cannot.. just think or say ONE in yr mind and let it if u understand what i mean

    Barbara Yee // 2013-10-10 21:51:41 // //
  • Thank you for sharing so much wisdom!!!!

    Susi Faith // 2013-10-10 21:28:01 // //
  • FYI, Rania Masri

    Wael Masri // 2013-10-10 21:12:37 // //
  • <3

    DIABLO WHEELS USA // 2013-10-10 20:30:50 // //
  • it is going to take more than a month I tell but if your intention is true one of ththis day the source will come looking for you and shake you it will either scare the crap out of you or from that moment on life will never ever be the same dig deeper namaste aum...i

    Sarasvati Rose Devi // 2013-10-10 20:23:10 // //
  • I know understand it in your own words,thanking you.

    Mohamed Jathu // 2013-10-10 20:08:12 // //
  • Interesting.

    Jose Angel Rivera // 2013-10-10 19:53:08 // //
  • Everyday....

    AtelieArs Ars // 2013-10-10 19:43:16 // //
  • thanks, I was wondering this too, and was going to give up

    Kay Luther // 2013-10-10 19:32:35 // //
  • My third eye let me know. When I see the pretty lights, I'm there dude.

    Everett Kaspian // 2013-10-10 19:27:06 // //
  • thank you

    Jesse Swansburg Meade // 2013-10-10 19:22:00 // //
  • pergunta: Como eu sei que eu tenho ligado a minha fonte na minha meditação silenciosa ? Eu tenho praticado meditação silenciosa por pouco mais de um mês e eu ainda me sinto como se eu sou ou apenas sentado ali , ou adormecer e acordar de volta. Estou confuso. Se nada é suposto acontecer quando meditamos , ainda que meditar para se conectar a essa quietude , então quando isso acontece? Se alguma coisa minha mente se tornou mais ativo durante a meditação silenciosa . Minha meditação agora se sente como uma hora por dia para deixar minha mente correr solta enquanto eu me sento em silêncio e apenas deixá-lo . resposta : Você pode avaliar a eficácia de sua mediação pelos benefícios em sua atividade depois. Sua avaliação subjetiva como "profunda " você raramente é uma boa medida. Os indivíduos tiveram sua freqüência cardíaca, respiração e hormônios no sangue avaliadas durante a meditação , e também foram convidados para dar um relato subjetivo de quão profundas suas meditações eram. O que eles descobriram foi que não havia uma correlação estreita . Medidas fisiológicas , muitas vezes indicaram que estavam em um estado profundo de descanso, mesmo que eles relataram que mentalmente suas mentes estavam vagando superficialmente a partir de um pensamento para o próximo. Se você se sentir mais descansado , criativo e equilibrado em sua atividade após a meditação , então isso significa que você está se conectando ao seu núcleo de origem , o silêncio , a criatividade ea inteligência. O amor, Deepak - com Antriksh Jain .

    Giorgia Fico // 2013-10-10 19:16:17 // //
  • then thats good for you!

    Petra Jansen // 2013-10-10 18:54:50 // //
  • I don't need meditation, I just need Chris Botti , he relaxes me , like not other !

    Tania Martinez // 2013-10-10 18:47:12 // //
  • This is true but as your meditation deepens and the mind quiets, you'll have thoughts less frequently and they'll be very surfacy and transient before you return to your point of focus or point of relaxed awareness, like breathing, your nose, a candle, etc..

    Steve Govinda // 2013-10-10 18:42:47 // //
  • Thank you for clarifying.

    ACTIVEVOICE.ORG // 2013-10-10 18:35:15 // //
  • Meditative Intelligence. How is that for a new way to look at the brain/mind when it is in a meditative state. Calmness usually is an indicator a person is in a meditative state of mind. Calmness with deep breathing. Deep breathing usually connects us to the Source. It works for me when I slow down my breathing rate, way down.

    Katherine Riebe // 2013-10-10 18:27:42 // //
  • traduccion

    Claudia Carpy // 2013-10-10 18:21:26 // //
  • Thank you, Deepak-

    Jane Davis // 2013-10-10 18:20:49 // //

    Kelly G. McDade // 2013-10-10 18:04:27 // //
  • Almost 2 years of meditating about 15 minutes per day. I ground myself, try to empty my feelings and still my ego, is difficult to do. But I do feel better in my life so I will continue to meditate.

    Carol Stedman // 2013-10-10 17:31:04 // //
  • daily for me

    Eileen Wilson // 2013-10-10 17:18:02 // //
  • Sirve para armonizarse se aprende meditando a distinguir del ruido del exterior lo que armoniza lo otro se deshecha, sin meditación no hay salud, he mejorado en mi salud, aún me falta allí voy, allí la llevo gracias a ella.

    María Guadalupe Guerrero Olivares // 2013-10-10 17:15:19 // //
  • Persist ! Honor your soul , Its calling you :-) Make it a fun ritual , and allow yourself the time without judgment .. you will learn to understand the more you practice ..

    Wise WealthyWomen // 2013-10-10 17:06:13 // //
  • it can also be a very effective relaxation technique, i do this to de-stress when im wound up, its wonderful , plus i would swear my illness would be far worse if i did'nt x

    Chris Tina Myles // 2013-10-10 16:53:17 // //
  • Mediation is a spiritual act that can not be measured by the Egos standards. Our flesh man is in a constant state of measuring the good or bad of this a that. So, we must go into it as a life choose and we just need to give it a chance and trust the process. You are doing it right. It is a switch to follow our spirit. Spirit requires faith. And the Ego wants hard facts ASAP.

    Belinda Arnold // 2013-10-10 16:33:59 // //
  • My god just exactly how I feel

    Nancy Nasr // 2013-10-10 16:18:36 // //
  • Thank you for your question, I was asking myself something similar this morning, you helped me realize that , for me it would probably be more beneficial to meditate first thing rather than work out before, Deepak I have been listening to you quite a bit lately it has been very helpful. Thank you.

    William Morris // 2013-10-10 15:46:14 // //
  • When I meditate and return from the silence.. I am able to focus upon the problems that present themselves with clarity and a renewed sense of purpose...

    Rick Rosio // 2013-10-10 15:19:54 // //
  • I have made a rueful discovery. When younger, I was told constantly that perseverance was the key to gaining ever greater benefits from meditation. I am not a patient person. However, with the help of a colleague I started to meditate and do voice healing/toning regularly. Before I knew it, 2, then 4 and now 6 years have past, and I am deeply grateful for having persevered, as contacting the core where I am one with all is the most rewarding state of being imaginable. I am an old gal. It is never too late to start. :-)

    Sigrun Hardardottir // 2013-10-10 15:13:30 // //
  • Thank You :) <3 :)

    Debbie Olson // 2013-10-10 15:04:11 // //
  • Miles de gracias! El tiempo dedicado a meditar es el mejor precio para tener mas capacidad innovadora y creativa de como conducir nuestra existencia.

    Blanca Tamalia Marquez // 2013-10-10 15:00:53 // //
  • :)

    Magic // 2013-10-10 14:47:39 // //
  • :-)

    Nilgün Cengiz // 2013-10-10 14:45:30 // //
  • Do we always have to practise silent meditation to be connected to our core source? Sometimes when I 'm in nature or awake at night my mind is very quiet and bright and I have the feeling to be connected with to my core source....

    Petra Veldhuis // 2013-10-10 14:41:18 // //
  • Sanket Pathak..

    Harshida Pathak // 2013-10-10 14:40:48 // //
  • Clearer impossible

    Ester Bustos // 2013-10-10 14:39:52 // //
  • Clique com o botão direito do mouse, encima do texto e, novamente, clique em traduzir.

    Neuza Santos // 2013-10-10 14:37:47 // //
  • great

    Aizaz Khalid Qureshi // 2013-10-10 14:37:37 // //
  • Poderia trazer tradução...

    Antonio Jose Leao // 2013-10-10 14:22:22 // //
  • Precisely. Its the cumulative effect and how you feel afterwards. I've noticed it myself. I feel better about many things. But, I have to do it daily which is a good thing. Even 15 minutes of focusing on my breath.

    Frankie Constantinople // 2013-10-10 14:18:44 // //
  • Thanks for the question asked helps me better understand my meditation ;)

    Amanda Alissia Alejandro // 2013-10-10 14:18:35 // //
  • "צליל הוא "הטכנולוגיה" של בריאת העולם ומוזיקה היא הריפוי . השם שלנו מורכב מצלילים היוצרים רטט "המתנגן " באופן קבוע בגוף ולכן השפעתו עלינו עצומה . מדען בשם מסרו אמוטו מיפן ידוע בזכות תגליתו המופלאה בחקר השפעת הצליל על המים . אמוטו תיעד מה קורה למים וכיצד הם משתנים כאשר הם נחשפים למוסיקה או צליל. כאשר הוא אמר מילים טובות לכלי בו יש מים - תבנית המים השתנתה מולקולרית לצורה הרמונית וכאשר דיבר אל המים באופן פוגעני , מולקולות המים התעוותו. תארו לכם מה קורה לגוף שלנו כש 70-80% ממנו הוא מים ומושפע מצלילים ..." יולי - מקודדת : מומחית בשיטת קוד-יה, תלמידה של לאור נהלל מהי המוזיקה של הגוף ? איך השם שלנו אחראי על הרטטים והתדרים המייצרים את תפיסת המציאות החומרית שלנו? ממה מורכבת ההילה שלנו? ועוד הרבה מעבר לזה, בקורס מקודדים הנותן מידע מעמיק על המערכת האנרגטית שלנו והשלכותיה על כל תחומי חיינו:

    אורלי זוהרי // 2013-10-10 14:18:08 // //
  • agree

    Celia Maree Aroha Paul // 2013-10-10 14:05:07 // //
  • thank you for this--very reassuring and I no longer feel as I judged my meditation time as a "fail". I will keep returning to meditation.

    Kristen Britsch Beal // 2013-10-10 13:56:03 // //
  • I love you Deepak!

    Ashley Shott // 2013-10-10 13:50:56 // //
  • it happens with me also.

    Seema Singh // 2013-10-10 13:48:59 // //
  • Oscar Maldonado

    Marissa Maldonado // 2013-10-10 13:42:35 // //
  • Feeling that one must be in a certain state generates performance anxiety, which tends to block openness to the very forces we so deeply long to connect with. All we can do is show up, let go of our expectations, and trust the grace of The One to provide what is in our best interest at the time.

    Christine Richardson // 2013-10-10 13:41:37 // //
  • Christina Alvidrez // 2013-10-10 13:39:29 // //
  • Of course this post is about the sharing, the content of that, though... Not sure why, or rather how to say it, but somehow to me this photo stands out so much. Especially appealing, fascinating, or maybe expressive is rather the right word.

    Arwen van der Molen // 2013-10-10 13:33:44 // //
  • The idea of silent meditation is detachment. Detachment from your everyday human activity. It is important to find at least some time where the mind has no focus only detachment. Once you have the ability to do this simply try to expand the amount of time you can sit detached. It is a mental exercise when something arises you need to make the effort to let that thought go and come back to emptiness. It is not easy this is the most difficult and profound meditation but it is possible.

    Rodney Smith // 2013-10-10 13:12:40 // //
  • Meditation is an act that must be experienced with no expectations, meditating to achieve something is equivalent of neglecting the journey, and not enjoying the ride because we are so concerned about the place we want to be in the future, a dimension of time that doesn't exist . The moment we avoid expecting , we become free and aware of the value of the present moment. Namaste.

    Martin Suarez // 2013-10-10 13:11:13 // //
  • My mind always is going while meditating. I just notice when I stray and come back to mindful breathing, then my thoughts stray again, then i come back to mindful breathing. I don't expect a result, I don't have any attachment about how my meditation should be. I just accept what is.

    Cass McKee // 2013-10-10 13:04:51 // //
  • That helped me. Thank you! Namaste

    Annmarie Sands // 2013-10-10 13:04:51 // //
  • Love it. Validation accepted and relative,

    Louisa Caldwell Simmons // 2013-10-10 12:54:23 // //
  • Andres Rodriguez vea lea, Sabina Rodriguez Zumbado

    Paula Leon // 2013-10-10 12:53:12 // //
  • Hello m.Chopra!!!! I'm reading your books now...all....Thank you very much.....its help me very much in my situation ...With the meditation I have problem....I can't relax, my mind running wild...I can't stop it....

    Clara Necrutu // 2013-10-10 12:51:23 // //
  • Awesome observations. Goddesses are not experts of meditation, but we practice meditation to quite our mind and to forget all the noises of life, for a little while. Neuroscientists, like Sam Harris, are embracing meditation as a way to connect to the present moment. The present moment is real, but the past or the future are both not a reality. It is in the past and the future, that our thoughts are, most of the times, missing life of the present moment :-) We find it very useful to focus on our breath during daily activities, while washing dishes, or watching a sunset, or doing the laundry, finding joy even in those "boring " activities. TY Deepak Chopra. Love, Joy, and Beauty, always <3 <3

    Goddesses // 2013-10-10 12:47:56 // //
  • Thank you. I often wonder the same thing!

    Ann DiMauro Barrante // 2013-10-10 12:47:48 // //
  • Wonderful response

    Nicholas de Leon // 2013-10-10 12:41:27 // //
  • Good to know!!! ;)

    Lisa Hancock // 2013-10-10 12:37:13 // //
  • For instance this is the poem I wrote yesterday after my meditation - I started writing after meditating for 3 months now I write daily I'm up to around 3500 X~^~<3 Pure wonderlust <3~^~x In light I am Reborn again No fear, no hurt, no pain It pours Through me The cleansing power Flows like a sunbeam rain Droplets of Pure wonderlust They fill me from above Entwining then Within my heart Returning me to love!!! X ~*~ <3 ~*~ <3<3<3 ~*~ <3 ~*~ x Meditating daily reminds me to be grateful Each day is like a rebirth. The possibilities are endless x ~*~ <3 ~*~ <3<3<3 ~*~ <3 ~*~ x My mantra I choose Wonderlust I choose Light I choose Love x ~*~ <3 ~*~ <3<3<3 ~*~ <3 ~*~ x <3~*~ Sat nam ~*~ <3 <3 ~*~ Namasté ~*~ <3 <3~*~ Sat Chit Ananda ~*~<3 <3 ~*~ Salam alaikum ~*~ <3 May the universe bless you, as you bless the universe with your smile x ~*~ <3 ~*~ <3<3<3 ~*~ <3 ~*~ x x ~*~<3<3<3 Chris Price <3<3<3~*~ x Poem copyright 09/10/2013

    Chris Price // 2013-10-10 12:33:07 // //
  • There is no competition in meditation as Deepak states it is how you are after meditation that is the most accurate guide.

    Chris Price // 2013-10-10 12:30:35 // //
  • Thank you

    Jane Balode // 2013-10-10 12:28:38 // //
  • Gracias!!!

    Genoveva Flores // 2013-10-10 12:26:23 // //
  • Love reading this response! I have spent most of my adult life trying to do everything "perfectly" comparing to another's (more perfect person's) experience or a model that was offered. My meditations have been much more successful than I ever realized! :-)

    Susan Hager // 2013-10-10 12:26:12 // //
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    Yo Quiero Un Circo Sin Animales // 2013-10-10 12:21:21 // //
  • thank you

    Leslie Grace Swiednicki // 2013-10-10 12:19:51 // //
  • thank you

    Mariann Boda Toth // 2013-10-10 12:19:49 // //
  • Good afternoon . If during the meditation experience contact with our true nature. If successful contact with the Self, everything we experience in life is tinged with features and benefits, ie passes All take part in our daily activities?

    Claudio Gustavo Scalabrini // 2013-10-10 12:10:33 // //
  • Love it!

    Paige Rudolph // 2013-10-10 12:08:51 // //
  • Lv this send more post

    Poonam Rattan Bakshi // 2013-10-10 12:07:31 // //
  • Our body mind nd soul r differ things.....we hv to zero our mind nd bdy then only left a soul which never tks rest either we sleep or awake or tk a dream its totally differ so dont confuse ...its it which realizes us all feelins

    Poonam Rattan Bakshi // 2013-10-10 12:05:28 // //
  • = Meditation Walk into a forest Let your mind become a tree When you One Meditation is achieved. Oneness is the single truth. =

    Michael J Ahles // 2013-10-10 12:01:47 // //
  • I tend to use meditation in 2 different ways. In the morning, to focus on the task ahead for that day, and also to go back in my mind and recognize and replay the situations from the day before in which I didn't get the results I wanted. To learn from my mistakes. My afternoon meditation starts with a prayer, and then is usually centered around healing or connecting with others. This I usually lay down for. When I get up, I've noticed that the people who I pray for, acknowledge me somehow, and appear either in the form of a message from them or something, or having a situation presented to me. What do you think this suggests? That spiritually, I'm able to reach other beings from my thought process? I've also come to the conclusion, that I have to monitor my thoughts very closely and watch my words and the things I think about. It usually unfolds right before my eyes, if not hours later. Your opinion or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated Mr. Deepak Chopra

    Ali Horaibi Jr. // 2013-10-10 12:01:37 // //
  • I think the whole life is less for self meditation . Only holy guru cn teach u nd allow u to reach over there where one shud be . Self realization is nt so easy as we r reading its an experience which is gud to tk only from ur guru

    Poonam Rattan Bakshi // 2013-10-10 12:01:31 // //
  • Wonderful Deepak!! I have made the observation that the benefit is post meditation..,love you and thank you

    Antonella Agostini // 2013-10-10 12:00:42 // //
  • Am I the only person who wants to grab Deepak's cheeks? <3

    Ohana de Oliveira // 2013-10-10 11:58:44 // //
  • I'm your fan!!!!

    Dalva Procopio Caiado // 2013-10-10 11:58:26 // //
  • The Car-Driver Comparison To Aid Self Realization One of the comparisons which help in self realization i.e. in strengthening the awareness that I, the soul, a non-physical energy am different from this physical body is that of the driver and the car, where the driver represents the spiritual energy and the car represents the body which is controlled by the spiritual energy. The biggest reason why I do not have the desired control over my physical body, my vehicle, my sense organs today is that I lost the consciousness of being a driver which could control and rule the vehicle. Instead I developed the consciousness that I am this vehicle, this physical body. This consciousness disconnected me from the ability and the power I possessed inside me to control the vehicle. If I want to achieve the desired control, I need to be in a driver consciousness i.e. in the awareness that I am a soul and my body is a vehicle, through which I experience life. Being in this awareness, in this consciousness awakens me and empowers me to regain the much required control over my body. The car controls are the gears, brakes, accelerator and steering wheel which can be compared to the sense organs of the soul which are the mind, intellect and sanskars and those of the body which are the eyes, ears, nose, hands and tongue. A good driver is one who remains extremely alert and is able to use the gears, brakes, accelerator and steering wheel effectively and efficiently, in order to be fully in control of the vehicle and avoid any accidents. In the same way, as I move on the road of life, I need to keep my mental and physical sense organs (mentioned above) in complete control. If I do that, they will keep my journey enjoyable and take me to my desired destination of mental peace and happiness safely and successfully. If I don't do that and let them overpower me, accidents will definitely occur, making me peaceless and sorrowful.

    Shelly Gupta // 2013-10-10 11:57:41 // //
  • Great answer! Thx DC

    Kimberly Durdin // 2013-10-10 11:57:07 // //
  • Thank you!!! Much Love❤

    Kelly Schoenherr Jeffrey // 2013-10-10 11:55:55 // //
  • Namaste!!!

    Paty Ar // 2013-10-10 11:55:39 // //
  • Meditation connects the subconscious with consciousness through mindfulness and gratitude as the gateway.

    Jesse Noell // 2013-10-10 11:54:15 // //
  • Isn't that the truth!

    Sarah Martinez // 2013-10-10 11:53:51 // //
  • why meditation?

    KS Kaura // 2013-10-10 11:51:46 // //
  • that is the purpose of meditation, to let mind do its stuff while you are observing it. if you are beginner and trying to calm down your mind during meditation, you will hardly succeed :)

    Matija Trgovcic // 2013-10-10 11:51:39 // //
  • The silence, creativity and inspiration could be another layer taking place while the mind is going on auto pliot from worry to worry.

    Andrea Schaerf // 2013-10-10 11:51:38 // //
  • Sometimes , for me it is necessary to first sort thru several "random' THOUGHTS THAT ARE IN MY MIND IN ORDER TO GET PAST THEM TO A DEEPER STILLNESS. tHIS IS ALSO GOOD FOR ME ,IN THAT ONCE i HAVE VIEWED THE THOUGHTS & DECIDED HOW TO PROCEED WITH THE ISSUE(S) OOps sorry for cap lok) ~ or not deal with them, I can then be more at peace in my own head.<3

    Robin Satori // 2013-10-10 11:51:29 // //
  • like This. Doctor.

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  • This is a very good picture, I like it...

    Patti Waterman // 2013-10-10 11:48:39 // //
  • Great answer to a great question. Thank you for sharing Deepak

    Steven Thomas Van Keuren // 2013-10-10 11:48:31 // //
  • Thank you Deepak, I now know I'm connecting to my inner source because I'm getting more clarity and creative thoughts.

    Sorcha McAloon // 2013-10-10 11:47:55 // //
  • ill never post here but if i got ur mail id then ill/

    Pavel Pro // 2013-10-10 11:47:20 // //
  • I hope it is okay to add a suggestion, also. If you wish to use meditation as a tool, you can practice "positive listening". While relaxed, have the intention of always staying in the positive, and then listen. One of the things that can happen, is a positive form of problem solving. Another thing is a positive form of "dreaming" that you just let unfold. This dreaming can later be analyzed to see if it holds clues to solving problems or holds other answers or insights for you. With my best wishes.

    Susanne J Pippi // 2013-10-10 11:47:15 // //
  • Great qus no doubt about it. but i have a qus to sir

    Pavel Pro // 2013-10-10 11:46:36 // //
  • “Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there - buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day” -Deepak Chopra

    When you know better, you do better. // 2013-10-10 11:45:14 // //
  • Great question and reassuring answer. Thank you!

    Stacey Riley // 2013-10-10 11:44:10 // //
  • When I meditate then solid things, like walls around, become wave like.

    Gypsy spirit // 2013-10-10 06:46:11 // //
  • Hi Deepak When i medidate my dad always appear in my dreams, is this normal or is it my mind playing tricks on me.But my concern is that only when i meditate he appears. And if i dont meditate for a month i will never hear from him.

    Portia // 2013-10-10 03:15:35 // //