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May 06 2013

Tired and Hopeless at 22

Category:  Ask Deepak


I am 22 years old and I have come to a point in my life where I feel tired of the world. I feel as though there is nothing but pain and suffering out there, both for me and for others. I see people wear masks and live by society's norms, materialism and arrogance and selfishness, anger without restraint and being willing to do anything to get ahead and it gives me no hope. It is a world that I would not like to bring children into and it is a world where I do not trust other people. But that makes me very lonely, and very sad. I watch the way people work and I often find myself thinking 'why?', 'what is the point of this?' I have always felt deeply misunderstood and that also brings me a terrible loneliness. I just don't desire what other people desire. I try my hand at progressing myself, my career, and I study and I work hard but nothing holds any interest or real value for me anymore. I crave to know peace and simplicity and happiness and tranquility around me, that is all. Please help me before the world beats me.


Begin by understanding that when we look out and evaluate the world, we are actually describing our feelings about ourselves, not the world. Happy people look out and see a beautiful, hopeful world. Ambitious and idealistic people see plenty of reasons to do things. The world is as we are.

Look at your view of the world as an indication that you need to find a more sustainable and useful way of perceiving yourself and life, not as a true indicator of what life really is. A good place to start is a meditation practice that will get you in touch with your core self that underlies your perceptual filter.


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  • Dear, you are unique in your own way and so is everybody. From what you have expressed, anybody can make out that you are a good sensitive person, a pure soul. Just stick to your core values. Be thankful to God for all the good things in life...count your blessings, believe me they are so many. Change certain patterns in your life that are obstructing your development as a must be knowing it better. Give yourself a good quality time to reflect on all this. Smile more, exercise more, love more, give more, share more. Don`t think what others think about you. You will surely regain the faith in yourself. God Bless You.

    deepa // 2013-05-07 06:19:26 // //
  • I feel the same way as the questioner, the only thing that helps me is to fast and donate my time to help others. Clearly my friend is intelligent and is able to see through societies traps and False expectations.

    Rj // 2013-05-06 22:24:31 // //



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  • There are good people out there who care about the world peace and harmony. Stanford University has a department dedicated on altruism and offers classes to the public. There is annual conference in SF called Wisdom 2.0. People gather to figure out how to make a world better place via technology & through meditation. It was total kindness and altruistic event. I feel the same way as you sometimes. But I try to connect these considerate people.

    motoko // 2013-06-20 16:29:42 // //
  • Yes indeed, the world is what you believe it is. Its nothing but your inside reflection. If you happy you will find beauty all around you, even in the pieces of tinny rocks on the peach. I suggest dear to start to find beauty and things make you happy within, search inside and search very deep. Pray and talk to God by talking to your self. Spend some time to discover yourself and try new things. You are young so lots of new beautiful gardens there waiting for you to visit. And remimber, the moment you feel its over is the closest moment to truth. God bless.

    Mohammed Ajlan // 2013-05-12 12:23:50 // //
  • I am 51 , just not long ago , got a film of reality , don`t feel alive , that`s why I divorced because I put all my youth energy into my family that ended up shitting on me! Because I was to nice! I think , and know

    Pats // 2013-05-10 23:28:33 // //
  • I know where you`re coming from but look at all these good hearted people replying :-) I recommend going on you tube and searching for The Buddhist Society of Western Australia. Try listening to some of the various talks by Ahjan Brahm, he has helped me calm my mind and give my heart some peace at a time when I felt I had lost everything and my whole world fell apart. - I hope it helps you too. :-) Don`t let the world beat you, there are many miracles to live for that are right in front of you and there are many good people, I agree with 62yofm - lay off the media for 5 days a week. I never watch the news before bed. Everyone should meditate...Oh and smile - even if you don`t feel like it....

    ZG // 2013-05-10 04:05:04 // //
  • Deepak,U give new life to people.I have no word to praise u.

    Jagannath Jha // 2013-05-10 02:03:32 // //
  • Dear Lonely and Dejected The lonelyness is felt by all those persons who are too calculative in any relationship and believe in "Tit for Tate" formula. Factually, with this attitude, your actions are decided by other`s behaviour with you. Try to decide your own path of life and you will see that hundreds are with you now. On the basis of my research, all persons who write their signatures with single word. Start writing your signature with two words. Similar to above, the dejection can be corrected by removing dot at the end of your signature and also see that base of any letter in your signature never goes lower than the base of its previous letter. Bot these together will inculcate a new approach and your troubke will be solved

    manaklal3 // 2013-05-10 01:31:50 // //

    Eco Selvaa // 2013-05-09 03:48:48 // //

    Eco Selvaa // 2013-05-09 03:48:45 // //
  • Your words are so deep and touching.

    Dulce M. Pupo // 2013-05-08 22:41:33 // //
  • very well answer Deepak...

    Lita-Maria Rheaume // 2013-05-08 22:30:38 // //
  • Dear Tired and Hopeless, I struggle with many of the same problems as you and have for much of my life. Meditation will help you. But also, what helps me is knowing that not every day is a bad day and the good days and good times with friends are worth the mucking my way through the mud. Raise your head up high and swear off the news media`s chatter for at least 5 days a week. There is more good out there than what you hear about.

    62yofm // 2013-05-08 15:47:14 // //
  • So true, so true,

    Jarnier Patricia // 2013-05-08 15:33:15 // //
  • I`m also 22 and I often feel like you do. The world is very confusing indeed, and I think that you`re right, a lot of us are not living the life we want, cuz we don`t know how to! For me prayers has helped a lot, and doing things I`m scared of which challenges me. And to help others is very fulfilling. But I`m still struggling to get to a place of peace and happiness. Hold on, we will get there.

    Nicole // 2013-05-08 15:08:56 // //
  • Well said.

    Aman Chechi // 2013-05-08 14:32:44 // //
  • One life,different perceptions,all true,how can we say,it is'nt coz we all are all part of that identity,drops of that Ocean.All alone,alone's journey n experiences yet we yearn for unknown...

    Mininderjit Kaur Randhawa // 2013-05-08 13:59:04 // //
  • T

    Mininderjit Kaur Randhawa // 2013-05-08 13:48:30 // //
  • beautiful response Depok!

    Carole Petralli // 2013-05-08 11:38:51 // //
  • Another great thing you can do is find your passion, what really excites you and brings you joy. Focus on your creativity and how you can bring peace into the world. If you focus on the negatives, you just get lost amongst it all. For every negative there is a positive.

    Discovering Spirituality // 2013-05-08 10:24:21 // //
  • I felt this way during the 60s & 70s era

    Lucretia Gayle // 2013-05-08 10:11:11 // //
  • I went through this actually myself when I was in my twenties. You get over it and you find what is important and realize there people out there in this world that have it worse than you and your feelings of being unworthily seems to be silly. I live in a third world type of community, but I seen worse and heard of worse. As long as you have people in your life who love you and people who count on you, you will find hope and faith. Thank you for sharing and hope all goes well for you and your life. Peace be with you and find faith.

    Cheerrios Morgan // 2013-05-08 09:54:59 // //
  • It’s by being and behaving in all sincerity with ourselves that we appeal to what’s just in the hearts and minds of humanity. It’s through our altruistic behaviour and generous deeds that we shed light on the false and unjust. This is how we participate in the purification of this world.

    Alex Mero - Author // 2013-05-08 08:35:36 // //
  • Very true ... U need a master n I think ur at the right place go on ..b the n blessings..

    Nilima Rawal // 2013-05-08 07:29:32 // //
  • simply be the change you wish to are that Iam...peace...

    Jen Isis // 2013-05-08 04:14:44 // //
  • like me in the past but the past is the past. now now now is the univerese the power of the now. Thank you Deepak .

    Jc Carlos // 2013-05-07 23:48:31 // //
  • I. Agee Meditation can truly change the way you see yourself and the world. I am an example of it. I see the world from eyes of love because I now love myself. :-) Namaste!

    Melissa Shirley MartellRojas // 2013-05-07 22:42:56 // //
  • Such words of wisdom.

    Jackie Aarbo // 2013-05-07 22:40:42 // //
  • Thank You Deepak Ji.

    Sunvir Virdi // 2013-05-07 22:22:21 // //
  • Dear Deepak, I'm sorry to say, with all the respect I have for you, I think that your awnser is not for this lady! You should know that, you are a doctor and you know that maybe this person have other problems, maybe this person want's to kill herself, I don't know but I don't find that your answer will help her, I think you just put more anxious in her mind than she have already! To be able to realise you'r comment you know their is a road, and the road can't be radical for a lot of people. So why you say that to her, I really don't understand that you dont respect her vision. I dont think her vision is so bad, or so rong, and I dont think that it is her inside. The world is mad and bad, we all know that...So I think she see correctly the world, but what she have to experiment is that she deserve to be happy even if the world turn wrong, because for me, even if I am a joyefull person I know that the world goes wrong. War, violence, mad people, society, economy cant say that the world is ok...God is ok but not the world because the world is blind and dont beleive in God! More than we can say about it...

    Aline Valade // 2013-05-07 22:18:23 // //
  • Thanks.

    Jose Angel Rivera // 2013-05-07 21:19:12 // //
  • Lots of good advice here and kuddos to you for acknowledging how you're feeling and sharing it with this caring group. I would like to add as hard as it may seem, changing your point a view to a more positive one will attract other postive people into your life that will help you see life in a more positive light. Focus on the good things that you have in your life and be grateful for those things. We can not afford to take even the smallest things for grated. best wishes.

    Carmen Gonzalez Gascon // 2013-05-07 20:29:55 // //
  • Please instruct me on meditation that will bring me to my core self.

    Core Self // 2013-05-07 19:39:48 // //
  • Meditation could work, but I would suggest you see a doctor for depression first.

    Christine Eagle // 2013-05-07 18:45:38 // //
  • you work is important and helpe people

    Lilly Dominga Teresita Figueroa // 2013-05-07 18:39:01 // //
  • Did you get his answer? lol Get it?

    Kathy Principe Costa // 2013-05-07 18:18:18 // //
  • Dr. Chopra what is you opinion of brain wave manipulation?

    Angela Roy // 2013-05-07 18:11:56 // //
  • The good is out there. Look for it. Create it, and know you're never alone. God bless.

    Cathleen Harrison Ludlow // 2013-05-07 17:43:13 // //
  • Life is good and easy if you make it that way. If you create drama your life is all drama

    JoAnne Ritner Hanrahan // 2013-05-07 17:16:17 // //
  • Thank you deepak

    Yvonne Raman // 2013-05-07 17:01:26 // //
  • every single answer is deep inside of our hearts...meditation helps to get rooted,but did not answer the question....

    Sondra Dzyra // 2013-05-07 16:57:49 // //
  • good answer deepak

    Raime Goldberg // 2013-05-07 16:19:03 // //
  • I agree at all

    Juan José Chiosso // 2013-05-07 15:57:12 // //
  • I agree with Deepac, the first step is to spend time in meditation daily. When I started my meditation practice I realized that most of my beliefs, mind chatter and perceptions were based on OTHERS beliefs. When I returned to my source, it lead me on a journey of self-discovery – an awakening to a new truth. It cleared the fog of uncertainty and negativity. It was then I could realize the beauty in my life, and the beauty in other people. It's like taking off a pair of glasses that belonged to someone else. I now walk through my day with clarity. When things happen in life that pull me down, I check my inner dialog and return to source for clarity. This way I know I’m looking through the right lens! BTW, I became a much happier person when I stopped watch the news and most of the garbage on TV! You can’t change all the negativity in the world, but you can change the way you perceive and respond. Prayers to you.

    Tami Lynard // 2013-05-07 15:04:41 // //
  • Love his answer!!!!

    Alma Romero // 2013-05-07 14:59:30 // //
  • To the person who wrote that question .........I heard you you're not alone there is thousands of us feeling the same way......including myself......sure we are many

    Patricia Paurinotto // 2013-05-07 14:54:53 // //
  • Thank you, I will forever see the world differently.

    Karlene Ernandez // 2013-05-07 14:52:13 // //
  • That's exactly what I was going to say Deepak! This week I had an experience where I found myself very angry with someone for treating me disrespectfully. Turns out I was really just angry at my self for treating my self disrespectfully. Does that make sense? I'm starting to see more and more that I usually project the thoughts in my head on others. I believe that's how they feel about me. When I followed the thread of the thoughts, it turns out they came from my mind. Not theirs! So even though I can understand where this young person is coming from (been there), its true, true, true!! The world is exactly as we wish to see it. I choose to see beauty, perfection, amazing! The best of all...I have choices all around me! Good thing I am creative;)

    Alisa Latman // 2013-05-07 14:46:40 // //
  • Very true,the power of our thoughts changes everything

    Kathy Kendrick // 2013-05-07 14:06:21 // //
  • be a Monk

    Robin Margaret Tretter // 2013-05-07 13:42:23 // //
  • I belive this Deepak. The world is nothing but our own self reflection. It teaches us meaninful lessons towards self realization.

    Vinod Jagan // 2013-05-07 13:22:50 // //
  • This simple advice has been a tremendous help. I feel for this young person who feels so bad about the world at such a young age and hope they can find their way!

    Ron Thornton // 2013-05-07 12:43:00 // //
  • algun gentil que lo traduzca a castellano gracias!!!!

    Monica McCann // 2013-05-07 11:52:12 // //
  • If we all love each other and care about each other the world will be in peace but sadly money makes human been to stand against each other and hate one another its very sad to see the world in this shape ... I'm asking WHY ??? Is there any thing we can do ??? Just thinking of this brings tears to my eyes .... Please GOD help us and forgive us

    Simon Sh // 2013-05-07 11:51:13 // //
  • Our thoughts create emotions within ourselves. Positive thoughts will create positive emotions. Negative thoughts will create negative emotions. Emotional awareness is the heightened awareness of what emotions we are feeling at any given moment. We are not aware of many of our emotions because they are so much a part of the norm for us. By accessing our thoughts we can uncover patterns of thought and the emotions those thoughts produce within us. We shape our own reality with our thoughts, because our thoughts produce emotions within us that directly influence our perception of the world at around us. Our perception of the world around us is the greatest indicator of our internal climate.

    Mark Skaggs // 2013-05-07 11:45:38 // //

    Graciela Tróchez // 2013-05-07 11:30:07 // //

    Graciela Tróchez // 2013-05-07 11:29:21 // //
  • Me encantaría que lo publicaron en español para los que no sabemos inglés. gracias...

    Mónica Abeledo // 2013-05-07 11:25:47 // //
  • I think if this guy starts to help other people,he will understand how much love there is in the world because sympathize stop yourself and start loving.

    Graciela Tróchez // 2013-05-07 11:16:28 // //
  • I agree Deepak. The director of the documentary "I AM" said it well too in his film. As part of the film, he set out to find out what is wrong in the world. Why are so many bad things happening everywhere. Throughout the filming, he discovered "all that was right in the world" instead. Very powerful.

    Robert Santos 10News // 2013-05-07 11:15:17 // //
  • It's called self awareness... the very core of authentic existence.

    Kay Offor // 2013-05-07 10:55:27 // //
  • Yes, meditation helpful

    Virginia Van // 2013-05-07 10:53:31 // //
  • u get n u are ,what you think ! Perception clear !?!?

    Buttram Belinda // 2013-05-07 10:52:33 // //
  • Mr. Chopra this person needs help. I agree that meditation is very helpful, but will need more than that. Please at 22 years old you are only beginning.

    Ginette Gleason Parent // 2013-05-07 10:46:46 // //
  • Four noble truths. Then eightfold path. We are born with all we need. The mind sometimes gets in the way. Cool thing is we can overcome the suffering!

    Richard Fischer // 2013-05-07 10:29:06 // //
  • The four noble truths. Then the eightfold path.

    Richard Fischer // 2013-05-07 10:25:30 // //
  • “A great nation has a great religion” Adrian Ferent Judaism is a religion of slaves, of animal sacrifices. Islam is almost the same thing! In USA the Christian colonists build a simple religion, between Good and Evil. The enemies of USA are in the Axis of Evil “Christianity, Islam, Judaism…are Static religions; without Evolution, reincarnation” Adrian Ferent

    Adrian Ferent // 2013-05-07 10:18:45 // //
  • I like the saying, “Life is happening in me not to me.” I think this is what Deepak is saying in his thoughtful answer. The questioner’s feelings of hopelessness and suffering is a wake up call. I hear a perspective that sees the world “selling” false values that do not last. How fortunate you are, and at such a young age, to be receptive to the aching of your unwavering heart and the critical reasoning of your mind. It takes courage to face an imposing, conventional world of habitual behaviors, cravings and attitudes. What you need for this spiritual journey lies within you, and for that matter in every human being. By going through the process of clearing away the age old illusions one step at a time, the feeling of being imprisoned and enslaved will be replaced by an unhampered, critical intellect that serves a fearless living faith.

    Ron Greenstein // 2013-05-07 10:16:19 // //
  • Excellent, out of my experience that is 100% correct. As within so without!

    Duncan Sutherland // 2013-05-07 09:59:21 // //
  • Nice answer Deepack!

    Michele Scacco-Cacciatore // 2013-05-07 09:52:23 // //
  • You provide the best anti-depressants!

    Jean Wells // 2013-05-07 09:52:01 // //
  • What helps me is remembering that even with all that's going on around us (violence, injustice, inhumanity, horrible people ...), we all need to find a place of peace within ourselves. Nothing is ever perfect, but there can be beauty and valuable lessons in all kinds of storms if we are willing to look hard enough.

    Kelli Ling // 2013-05-07 09:47:45 // //
  • I felt the same way at his age. You cant live with that perception though, it will bring you more of what you are seing and thinking. You HAVE to strive for love. With that key component comes your true understanding and purpose in life.

    Derek Butler // 2013-05-07 09:43:09 // //
  • Well you are not alone. I guess, most of us are going through the same, atleast I am. Infact.,in my case, these feelings manifested in a terminal disease. I found no meaning in living the kind of life I was living. Studying,working etc. Incidently, people know what they want in their life, I mean in terms of finance,relationships etc but I have no interest in them or even if I have some , it is very temporary, just for a while. WELL I AM LOOKING-OUT FOR `THAT ONE THING THAT TICKS ME AND PUSHES ME TO GET OUT OF MY BED EVERYDAY`. I feel may be this is what will bring the zing back in your life too. Hope, I find it and wish the same for you.

    Divya // 2013-05-07 09:41:03 // //
  • I think the reply is true, but I feel that this young person needs a helping hand to set him on the right track. So many times we know what is good for us, but cannot seem to make the right choices for ourselves when we are blocked

    Rowena Whiteford // 2013-05-07 09:39:42 // //
  • handsome AND so insightful

    Nanci Larsen // 2013-05-07 09:32:27 // //
  • While your response is rooted in truth-- it feels as though it deserves a deeper acknowledgment of the personal and painful feelings this young person shared. My prayer is that the writer of this note not only begin a meditation practice but turn off the news/tv where his/her views are magnified. Also, to find opportunities to be the opposite of what he/she sees. Do random acts of kindness

    Rena M. Reese // 2013-05-07 09:24:35 // //
  • Nice 1 Deepak

    Akin-Davies Joseph // 2013-05-07 09:19:10 // //
  • That is great advice.

    Cheryl Vivona Boncorddo // 2013-05-07 09:10:33 // //
  • As insightful and inspirational as always. Thank you.

    Rolando Cortez // 2013-05-07 09:00:46 // //
  • very wise!

    Katie Tam Devine // 2013-05-07 09:00:41 // //
  • May the caring responses here lift you up and attest to the world's greatness overwhelming the negativity. That being said, I can affirm your angst. You are very young - and the heaviness you share seems to be inherited with age and seeing how the world is changing, and indeed, it is... you've been given wonderful advice... take heed and you WILL find inner peace... and own it... it will be impenetrable... your gift to yourself which you deserve! Allow yourself the peace.... you've taken the first steps towards that goal.

    Melanie Vanni // 2013-05-07 09:00:19 // //
  • Wonderful!

    Lana Goodwin // 2013-05-07 08:55:54 // //
  • Selling the drama.

    Arp Trivedi // 2013-05-07 08:54:16 // //
  • I respectfully disagree on this one. The people in this world have become more and more selfish, angry, bitter and all around negative in the 40 years I've been around.

    Kendra Kolze-Spiegel // 2013-05-07 08:52:05 // //
  • be the change you want to see in the world. spend quiet alone time in nature . ask God to help you change your mind about what you see . there is an endless source of love kindness generosity compassion in the world........let it begin with you. Namaste..

    Diane Walker // 2013-05-07 08:51:42 // //
  • La respuesta es muy simple mira las cosas de otra manera para que cambie lo que estas viendo

    Patricia Peralta // 2013-05-07 08:46:41 // //
  • Brilliant answer!

    Kari Lyn S. Wampler // 2013-05-07 08:46:38 // //
  • Wow

    Beverly Milliard Ketel // 2013-05-07 08:40:38 // //
  • That is why we attract who we are not what we want

    Refilwe Garven Kekana // 2013-05-07 08:33:14 // //
  • Imagine that by how you raise your children is how you change the world.

    Nikki Anderson // 2013-05-07 08:29:53 // //
  • Excelente respuesta del Dr Chopra. Si el exterior nos afecta tanto, será porque aun debemos cultivar nuestro interior. Al amigo que realiza la pregunta, podría decirle que no está mal encaminado, sencillamente esta descubriendo mas su esencia, y seguramente muy pronto encontrará un alimento para su interior que le haga ser mas feliz. Saludos, Mauricio.

    Mauricio Rincón // 2013-05-07 08:29:36 // //
  • tan real !!!!

    Lotty Lizarzaburu // 2013-05-07 08:28:46 // //
  • love this, love Deepak!

    Jennifer Romzek-Busch // 2013-05-07 08:17:26 // //
  • Beautifully said Deepak. Just recently I have started hot yoga. My outlook on life has been more positive ever since. Meditation is definately a good start towards positivity.

    Susan Gabi // 2013-05-07 08:17:04 // //
  • Please consider reading Marianne Williamson's book A Return to Love. I felt a lot like you until reading this book. May the universe bless you and surround you with love x

    Louise Brown // 2013-05-07 08:09:58 // //
  • I find this answer deceiving and in denial of reality. Kid u must fight capitalism, because its the root of all evil in our society. Try a Hugo Chavez discourse and you will feel better. Meditation exellent but dont forget to IDLE NO MORE!!!

    Lobsang Jigme Claudita Bonita // 2013-05-07 08:08:19 // //
  • so true

    Dana Sara Kasner // 2013-05-07 08:04:42 // //
  • We look at world as a place that need more people like you that have these views and share them and are trying to do something to help change it .

    Al Parham // 2013-05-07 08:01:53 // //
  • Perspective, non-judgement, servitude, and self-love my friend.

    Tania Bird // 2013-05-07 08:00:59 // //
  • 22 is not an easy age. Not .much experience and tons of emotional attachment. I agree with Dr. Chopra about changing the perception. I've been that worried kid, looked for answers in different places. Changing my perception, and looking inward for answers is a practice that has worked best for me. We would never be appreciative of positive, if we didn't experience negative. Good luck on your journey.

    Olga Levieva // 2013-05-07 07:58:15 // //
  • You are not alone. Others feel as you, and, while that does not fix things, it can help give some perspective! Keep on! <3

    Karen Anderson Dubrinsky // 2013-05-07 07:53:46 // //
  • I've struggled with very similar feelings. I realize now that I've let the negativity in the world weigh me down, as though it's all my fault and I have to fix it. The truth is that you can do your part without taking it all onto yourself. And it's important to drown out all the noise and maintain focus on what you have to do, because you can control your actions, yours and yours alone, and the rest is out of your hands. All of the bad things that happen, all of the negative stuff on the news, is poison in large doses. There's a song related to this very thing...

    Brandon Stanway // 2013-05-07 07:51:41 // //
  • <3

    Alba L. Garcia Leon // 2013-05-07 07:50:41 // //
  • A very good place to stream positive energy.

    Trudy Bendetti // 2013-05-07 07:46:41 // //
  • You are no longer in my page because of your decision to support the dismantling of the Holy matrimony, God intended for woman and man. Not that you care, I would just prefer to be clear... After many years of valuing your views, I am once again lead to the only sound doctrine with no shortcomings, The Truth, The Life and The Way. Jesus is Lord, you have made a very poor decision, because all have fallen short and sinned. Thank you for clearing up any questions I had regarding the season you served! Glory to God in Heaven!

    Ryan Kenneth Hanna // 2013-05-07 07:46:27 // //
  • I find watching news can increase this feeling. If you want news, read it. You'll be far more selective about what you read in depth. And the written word is sometimes less emotional than tv.

    Mary Fleming // 2013-05-07 07:46:09 // //
  • Thank you.

    Nancy Najarian DArezzo // 2013-05-07 07:44:50 // //
  • I did not feel Deepak gave a thorough enough answer to this dear young person who is seeing life so sadly at this time. I find it is true, we see what we look for. I can observe that negative stuff you mention, but I try to ignore it. Mostly I see good, loving people who really care about others. I focus on those. I think in addition to Deepak's suggestions you need to begin a gratitude and acceptance regimen. Count your blessings frequently and accept that you are you, and it doesn't matter so much about what others do as it matters what you do. Think of yourself as a little bit of God in a world filled with God. Just do your Godly part, and live in the present moment always. Have you read The Power of Now?

    Brenda Bender // 2013-05-07 07:34:57 // //
  • Wise words Dr. Chopra <3

    Deborah Davis-Koval // 2013-05-07 07:25:21 // //
  • The complete "professional" day jobbing guru, you gotta love Deepak :-)

    Beheading Buddha // 2013-05-07 07:13:45 // //
  • Magnífica respuesta. El mundo es como yo lo veo si estoy triste, si estoy enojado o si estoy feliz eso lo reflejo yo. En primera Dios, busca a Dios, mira a tu alrededor aprecia la naturaleza y como dice chopra medita....

    Teresa Cuevas // 2013-05-07 07:09:24 // //
  • Dear unknown friend ,I would like to give a more practical advise , find a cause that you feel like fighting for, the charity that makes your heart beat faster when you think of it , and join those people , get there and start helping other , that will make you feel better and better each day , Giving is really the gift that keeps giving !!!! Feel the love , it is out there !!!!! <3.

    Magali Aubert // 2013-05-07 07:07:57 // //
  • There's an old saying "perception is reality." In my younger years, I saw it that how people perceived me was their reality, not mine. Over the years, I've modified it... My perspective and how I perceive things make all the difference for my own reality. I can only be responsible for my own perception and for creating what is real for me. To the person who posed this question to Deepak, I wish you much self-love and peace. Abraham Lincoln once said something to the effect of, "if you look for the bad in a person, you will surely find it." If you start looking for something good, you will find it...and then you'll find another and another and another. The trick is to start the chain - do something good and watch what happens! It can be so incredible!

    Kristina Kress // 2013-05-07 07:02:05 // //
  • Cuando escribas en español, quizás te lea.

    Grace Cico // 2013-05-07 06:55:37 // //
  • somehow I thought this might touch you, Dipendra Banjara :)

    Larissa Gleich // 2013-05-07 06:55:10 // //
  • Loose all the people that pulling you dawn, you will come back to them later, after you heal yourself. Help yourself first. Get away.Change your old ways of thinking and doing things. Stop expecting , go and get your life back! Cheers and good luck!

    Inna Tesler // 2013-05-07 06:50:34 // //
  • Dear, you are unique in your own way and so is everybody. From what you have expressed, anybody can make out that you are a good sensitive person, a pure soul. Just stick to your core values. Be thankful to God for all the good things in life...count your blessings, believe me they are so many. Change certain patterns in your life that are obstructing your development as a must be knowing it better. Give yourself a good quality time to reflect on all this. Smile more, exercise more, love more, give more, share more. Don`t think what others think about you. You will surely regain the faith in yourself. God Bless You.

    deepa // 2013-05-07 06:19:26 // //
  • I had anticipated this reply when I was reading the upset the questionnaire had

    Amin Lalani // 2013-05-07 05:49:56 // //
  • <3

    Tashi de Roovere // 2013-05-07 05:24:14 // //
  • Dear Deepak, you can not deny that most of people in this world wear masks and live by society's norms. you can not deny that most of people in this world are just willing to do anything to get ahead and less people are willing to make this life and this world happy, free and beautiful

    Nazanin Arasteh // 2013-05-07 04:37:24 // //
  • ... Every one of us has the power within also the book ... The power of your subconscious mind ... by the Irish author Dr. Joseph Murphy ... that I've posted yesterday ... ISBN 90 230 0956 8 or NUGI 711 ...... I am just sharing my book experience with you, I have no commercial interest whatsoever, mind you!!!

    Belita Antonia Sand-Winterdal // 2013-05-07 04:33:19 // //
  • After reading all the comments from the begining to this very point, I am glad that I am not alone in my miseries...these feelings of hopelesness, deep emptiness and pain is shared by many people in the world. It was still Deepak that led me to the inner dynamics of healing through his books. I have personally come to the realisation that ONLY meditation heals all pains, opens up the doorway to our souls, spontaneously and effortlessly attract the people and situations we need in our lives and ultimately lead us to "heaven". I hope the 22 year old reads this, meditate your way to freedom.

    Abdulkareem Enemona Haruna // 2013-05-07 04:26:29 // //
  • Well said Chopra, of course...

    Loxy Baltazar // 2013-05-07 03:59:57 // //
  • This is a good one to see the relativity of it all:

    YourSoul // 2013-05-07 03:50:31 // //
  • I'm in the same boat .. Thx Deepak

    Wazhma Aziz // 2013-05-07 03:48:40 // //
  • I used to be like that, although not at 22 yrs of age, but much later in life. One day I decided to look at the whole doughnut instead of focusing in its hole. Once I asked my 5yr old if the 'glass was half empty or half full'. Without a doubt in her mind she said half full within a second. I think we are naturally positive, but we lose that along the way as we grow. Perhaps with our surroundings and who surrounds us. You have to look at things in a positive way and see what works for you... It worked for me and still does. When I find 'obstacles' in my life, I see them as a sign to change my strategy, nothing else.

    Jorge A Melo // 2013-05-07 03:35:39 // //
  • it sure is not like it was when i was growing up, it seems thsat children today do not have the values that we had.

    Susan Shaw // 2013-05-07 03:29:55 // //
  • I've been there! I've built three lives following the laws, I do things for myself but in doing so I give so much away. If I'm building you up and your friends and there families, I get everything I want plus they get every thing they want. I say my perception is 9/10th's of the law I create everything around me and around you and your family and there friends. If I spend time healing everybody around me I never fell bad. Things don't look bad anymore. The homeless man with no shoes has shoes when I walk away. I don't have shoes but I don't need them My life and the lives of the people around me have changed so much. Why because of my perception, I change everything around me all the time bye my perception. Than you Deepak I Love you Troy

    Troy Brazil // 2013-05-07 03:22:39 // //
  • Well the world does seem like a shithole , I too have been conflicted on what's it all for anyway,,, So I Figured all i I can do is be the peace I wish to see, be the bestest me! SEPERATE from negative people places etc.. Choose to be happy work at being the most peaceful loving kind joyful person be the inspiration you are craving and you will attract more positive experiences & people. We are all one , we just don't all know it at the same time . Peace love & harmony xoox

    Allison Sarmiento // 2013-05-07 03:16:28 // //
  • Papadi: "are you experiencing the world suffering or are you suffering the experience?

    Dan Enkanah Bøndergaard // 2013-05-07 03:11:58 // //
  • I have been practising Transcendental Meditation for many years and have really come to understand that the world is only as we see it, as we are. I do not look for happiness or meaningfulness outside of myself..I like to share whatever happiness I have with others and enjoy theirs...I do not loook for fulfillment outside of myself as as mr. Chopra says the world is as we are...we are the filter through which the world is perceived. .through our nervous system and senses .

    Ronan Skelly // 2013-05-07 03:07:13 // //
  • <3

    Harshita Bhati // 2013-05-07 02:57:02 // //
  • It seems like You need vacations, You need to spend some time on yourself up there on the mountain near a river, or have a time on a beach with yourself that will help you a lot!!!

    David Moreno // 2013-05-07 02:49:54 // //
  • Only you can define your own happiness in life. Don't let any forces or external factors affect your decisions. If your surrounding is toxic, change it to be more positive. If you're around by negative people, make new friends who are more uplifting. Whatever the circumstances that make you feel this way, you need to find out and make that change. It's your own limited belief on how you view this world. Having a strong positive mindset, you'll see a more happier place to live, despite of all that negativities surrounding us. You don't notice they even exist.

    Krystal Dinh // 2013-05-07 02:45:09 // //
  • Go out in a nature more often, listen to the birds, get in touch with your self and things will change for you, you must see the beauty in people and life, life is wonderful .

    Adina Paul // 2013-05-07 02:38:49 // //
  • Whomever you are, I feel for you. I have been there. But know that there is hope if you look within. Meditation and journalling saved my life, and life keeps getting better and better. Focus on the beauty of life, and things will turn around for you. If you focus on the negative, the universe will support you, and give you more and more. I know there is lots out there, but if you can find one beautiful thing about life, I promise you that more and more love will show itself to you. Listen to Deepak's meditations, they are so helpful. I have been listening to one 3 minute meditation on the Dr. Oz show youtube, and it is wonderful. His voice is so healing. Thanks Deepak.

    Susie Smith // 2013-05-07 02:34:16 // //
  • <3

    Elena Alina // 2013-05-07 02:33:21 // //
  • You sound like me lol (the questioner). I'd hit the bottom back in '10 and had given up. My dad suggested zen and got me "zen and the path to happiness" or something close to that title. Asking "I wonder what good will come of this" is a good way to start looking at things differently. Every time something unpleasant happens, ask it. It's not instant, but it does have decent, positive results. "everything happens for a reason" is my foundation. It helps attract positive energy, because it's an affirmation that something positive will present itself to justify the situations at hand.

    Mel Pii // 2013-05-07 02:30:26 // //
  • I Love You,Deepak!

    Tomie Trilsch // 2013-05-07 02:29:44 // //
  • in other words, YOU are the problem, not the world :)

    DarkBlue Shades // 2013-05-07 02:28:36 // //
  • yes but all this starts very early at infant age,the why requires a long discussion.The how , this can be changed ,and if it is possible ,only one who has first hand experience in changing ones perception from negative to positive may be able to convince as to the fact that this change is possible.Leave the fact that one must be first inspired to WANT to change.Hopefully it can be done before Enlightenment.Not at all sure here

    Liza Amiralis // 2013-05-07 02:11:18 // //
  • Wait till you're 50.....

    June Lennon // 2013-05-07 02:03:39 // //
  • Dear questioner: my sentiments exactly. We are a hopeless bunch but in that we find solace in the fact we are so vulnerable. Things are constantly changing though and we can come to terms with this existential angst.

    Tony Escobar // 2013-05-07 01:57:54 // //
  • Happy people look out and see a beautiful, hopeful true!

    Nandini Peaseblossom // 2013-05-07 01:52:20 // //
  • To the person who wrote that question .... I heard you you're not alone there is thousands of us feeling the same way ... including myself ....

    Thelma Assad // 2013-05-07 01:50:07 // //
  • I see the world as Mr Chopra does largely. I look at the world and see very little objective truth. I have had a hard life but I learned early on to tint the glasses so to speak. My S1 manages to find the good in people, and to focus on that rather than to ruminate on all that is wrong with the world. My pragmatic dad taught me to focus on the impact I can have, to seek to change the things that are in my power. Mr Chopra is right in saying that the world is as we are. It is a collective concept. By living my truth (unintentional Carol reference, I mean my real truth) I have a power to shape the behavior of others by acting as an example. That is powerful. My T4 grandfather is a man of few carefully chosen words. His values are evident through his character. My parents could try to discipline me and get nowhere through usual means but my grandfather had the ability to make me cry. He is the sort of man that has returned the extra coins that popped out of the vending machine because it would be wrong or stealing to keep the quarter. When he is upset, he may not say anything at all but give me a look that he is disappointed in me or that I let him down. That always has been enough.

    Holly Lynn Miller // 2013-05-07 01:47:11 // //
  • thank you

    Ramesh Mishra // 2013-05-07 01:46:41 // //
  • meditation itself is an anti depressant ...........................

    Ramesh Mishra // 2013-05-07 01:46:07 // //
  • YES!!

    Diane M. McCarthy // 2013-05-07 01:39:42 // //
  • And probably an antidepressant would help

    Marti Somers // 2013-05-07 01:39:35 // //
  • I guess act in the world the way you want the world to be... It does seem overwhelming at times, a good support group, and try to look for the good in people not the bad, INCLUDING yourself. And isn't it Dr. Chopra? I've read several books he's co-authored

    Rebecca Ann Hollar // 2013-05-07 01:23:07 // //
  • This IS a messed up world with an unsustainable system. The person who wrote this question senses all of this many of us do. Yes we can and must do good for others, recognize and express gratitude for our blessings, experience joy in our heart despite circumstance...but that does not change reality. Nothing wrong with realizing that you operate under a different sense if values than "sheeple" who follow along with most of the others stuck in this senseless system. Find your peace and contentment from within...realizing and respecting your worth. We can still focus on the good around us and be the Light for others ... BUT that does not change the fact that the darkness can be overwhelming and grieving. Be the change you wish to see....that alone can be our constant work.

    Gail Haulman // 2013-05-07 01:16:43 // //
  • Existentialism is the downfall of my generation, though, I see where he's coming from. What Mr. Chopra says is true, but really its just changing the tint of your glasses though; you're still looking at the same thing though. I suppose some are okay with passivity, or even passive aggressive approaches, but I prefer a more direct approach. He just needs to do what I need to do, which is find others like oneself. It certainly isn't the easiest task if you aren't submissive or overly molded by outside influences. Definitely meditate, but don't passively accept the situation; such an act is no more different than fashioning your own noose. "Do you care to be the layer of the bricks that seal your fate, or would you rather be the architect?"

    Anthony Jackson // 2013-05-07 01:16:21 // //
  • It saddens me that at 22 years old you feel such depth of sadness and despair at the world we live in. But your words are very profound and insightful in my opinion. When I lost my son to cancer my world looked much the same as it does to you. You are standing in your own Truth, as I stand in mine. I agree with Deepak Chopra in many ways but find it hard to come to terms, or even comprehend, the forced positivity that so many spiritual teachers bombard us with. Your eyes are open, you see the world and all it's horror - but there is a flip side. The balance of the Universe is both good and bad, happy and sad, light and dark. Go within and find your balance. Namaste.

    Kath Woollen // 2013-05-07 01:10:10 // //
  • It doesn't need to be in the morning, just a time dedicated to it. Volunteering somewhere can help, seek out like minded people who want to help the world. They are there if you look.

    Gayl Sebire // 2013-05-07 01:09:37 // //
  • Our lack of productivity is mainly due to our lack of energy, time & focus, but often the physical enviroment we're in has a part to play. So look for righteous friends, stay hydrAted, start a meditation prog eat well and pray wit conviction.

    Babi Vahed // 2013-05-07 01:08:08 // //
  • I can't start meditation... Too lazy to wake up early ... Any suggestions. ?

    Źephyr Amrït // 2013-05-07 01:06:18 // //
  • Just beleive that things are as they should be. That life is not supposed to be perfect, its a bunch of little cycled, many of which are progressions. Find compassion for others who seem to do wrong. That way you can communicate to them from your place to theirs. Will yourself to see and do good. Rediscover the moment, without expecting anything or evaluating. Joy can be found in the moment, if you don't long for it to be more than it is. Then life finds its own meanings, inspirations and goals.

    Heidi Rose Reda // 2013-05-07 01:04:28 // //
  • Agree with Mr. Chopra. People like the 22 year old try to show me that negative side of the world, but I choose not to view it that way. We have the choice on how we want to live our reality and how we want to view it.

    Maria De Jesus Castellon // 2013-05-07 01:01:09 // //
  • You stated, "It is a world that I would not like to bring children into and it is a world where I do not trust other people." Get up and change it! Change what you do not like in this world, take part in something bigger, something "GOOD" Be the change that you want to see in this world. Peace.

    Michele Ellis // 2013-05-07 00:59:09 // //
  • If you need a friend, I am here. You are not alone and I understand what you are going through. And you are going to be all right. Follow what Mr. Chopra is saying, I've learned from him for over 20 years, so I can tell you he's absolutely right. If you need me call me. :)

    Claudia Torres // 2013-05-07 00:57:40 // //
  • Dear 22yr old, You are also a beautiful person inside. You need to find that part of you and live according to your beautiful side.

    Elfrieda Botha // 2013-05-07 00:57:17 // //
  • Deepak is the man. He changed my life. The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire.

    Rolland Burford // 2013-05-07 00:54:33 // //
  • Deepak's so right (as usual ;-) ). I used to feel the same really but all these things and feelings you're describing are nothing else but your own thoughts. Changes your thoughts and you'll change your life. Meditation really does help but to me, it's essential to find a good meditation teacher to get started. Plus, this person will give answers to your questions whenever in doubt. It will help A LOT. Change your thoughts, don't let them control you. The power is IN YOU.

    Šëhb Tworowski // 2013-05-07 00:52:40 // //
  • A very powerful statement from a 22 year old!

    Maryper Alfonso // 2013-05-07 00:46:40 // //
  • You are a beautiful person inside out!Thank you! Thank God I was privileged to meet you! Much love!

    Shanti Pillai // 2013-05-07 00:42:31 // //
  • I agree. Its not a question of the world changing. That may or may not happen. Your strength and happiness resides in your perspective. Treat the world as a friend and it will be friendly to you. Non friendly situations very quickly become abnormal to you. As opposed to perceiving a world where unfriendly is the norm. And you anticipate that feeling and therefor find it where it may not reside. Perspective. Find the good and peace in ppl. Lead by example. ;)

    Jim Cain // 2013-05-07 00:42:19 // //
  • Wowww...

    Wendy Oregel Olivas // 2013-05-07 00:32:25 // //
  • Being a spiritual guru and keeping that position intact is a very difficult and daunting task,Deepak has done it.Hat's off to you and also your son Deepak Chopra!

    Asha Sol // 2013-05-07 00:32:20 // //
  • Love the response. Love & Light!

    Virginia K. D'Agostino // 2013-05-07 00:31:21 // //
  • sounds like this guy has lost his joy. start with humility and you will begin the journey.

    Linda Candelaria // 2013-05-07 00:29:29 // //
  • fabulously divine at the same time " down to earth " very practical discourse here , of fantastic significance to our daily lives ! kudos to genius Deepak for the brave answer ! Kudos to the 22 year old sweetheart Angel for opening up her heart in such an articulate manner kudos to all who provided fabulously compassionate profound pristine comments ! Gratitude is overflowing from my heart for <3 u <3 all !

    Mahendra B Jain // 2013-05-07 00:29:13 // //
  • I do think helping people is a good way to feel alive..... Nothing big just make an effort , simple genuine hello, concern or interest in people around you. You will be shocked how much people need that, making them feel better will make you feel better. You are a lot more powerful then you realize ❤

    Anjela Azaryan // 2013-05-07 00:29:09 // //
  • this post just changed my life. just like that. in about 2 minutes, I just had a major paradigm shift. completely glad I read this. THANK YOU, Dr. Chopra!

    Terronald Logan // 2013-05-07 00:28:34 // //
  • The world is as we that.

    Gustavo Lopez // 2013-05-07 00:28:33 // //
  • perfect timing

    Monica Foyer // 2013-05-07 00:24:42 // //
  • thanks for sharing n ur vivid view n concept

    Roma Kanwar // 2013-05-07 00:21:36 // //
  • you should do something for other people, when you help to others you will forget your own needs,you need to focus your life on making others happy beings, work or volunteer for a humanitarian cause, that will make you out of yourself and see if you give of yourself to others the reward will be that you will be happy too,

    Daniela Marin // 2013-05-07 00:21:01 // //
  • Great answer Deepak! Learn to feel less fortunate people, be nice to others and meditate. Your world will change :)

    Sima Mansoor // 2013-05-07 00:13:05 // //
  • Whoever wrote this, I just want to say, I KNOW exactly what you're feeling and going through.... I hope meditation helps.

    Trina Mukherjee // 2013-05-07 00:11:46 // //
  • <3 nice to listen

    Basant Giri // 2013-05-07 00:10:25 // //
  • U are not alone in your the shift in consciousness is upon us..we see all the bad the materialism..we can with willpower faith,belief in ourselves embrace the promised era of spiritualism &live with peacefulness &love..Remember GOD is however form..ask for strength&guidance..

    Sureiya Gangat // 2013-05-07 00:06:13 // //
  • great advice Deepak. Many people think like this girl. I meditated today thanks to you:) thanks a million :)

    Mary Haas // 2013-05-07 00:04:39 // //
  • Great answer!

    Jackie King // 2013-05-07 00:04:34 // //
  • Favorite author!

    Sharon Ramrattan // 2013-05-07 00:03:33 // //
  • I am not so sure I understand the response here. Sorry to question but telling 22 yr. old that the ugliness of the world is how she sees or is a reflection of how she feels about herself.? Look with-in 22 yr. old. You have everything you need to find your inner peace surrounded by chaos. Great people are ones that are not like main stream. They are people who question & seek. Don't give up. It is hard walking a path against the grain, but look around we are out there too.

    L.a. Basile // 2013-05-07 00:03:31 // //
  • Great!

    Julian Glavich // 2013-05-06 23:58:42 // //
  • Really? You are NOT the center of the universe. Quit whining, grow up, stop spending all of your time focused on yourself, stopping living your life by your feelings because they pass, do something, anything for somebody else, learn to be grateful.

    Lee Kovacsevics // 2013-05-06 23:57:19 // //
  • Shanti.

    Pamela Green-Schader // 2013-05-06 23:57:12 // //
  • sounds very selfish... feed the hungry help the poor welcome the stranger and you'll find happiness

    Santiago David Tavara // 2013-05-06 23:57:07 // //
  • I have a son with profound developmental disabilities, and I have had to do a tremendous amount of work for almost 24 years now, for this son of mine who will never grow up. There were times when he was a child when I felt so totally depressed and hopeless. Finally I realized that I was letting it ruin my life. I made the decision that I absolutely HAD to have some joy in each day, and I set about looking for what that might be. Some days it was the way the sun sparkled through the leaves on the maple tree outside my kitchen. Other days it was a bird singing in the yard. I learned that if I looked for it, I found it. And from then on, life started to get better. I also realized that there were a lot of others around me who were suffering and that I could actually make a difference by being friendly, being kind, listening to them, even just smiling when that was all I had to give. I totally agree with Deepak that the world we perceive has a lot to do with how we are looking at our world. Thank you, 22 year old person, for having the courage to share your heart. And thank you Deepak, for a wise answer.

    Mar Goodman // 2013-05-06 23:55:06 // //
  • Beautifully said Louie Bookout Sr.

    Amy Schmidt Woltin // 2013-05-06 23:53:00 // //
  • I was suicidal at 23. That was a long time ago. When I originally felt suicidal I felt much the same as you. Yet I felt killing myself wasn't right even though it would be easier. I prayed out of desperation. And I screamed at God. What I found was an answer that led me to wisdom--step by step. I learned to follow my heart. I learned how to change habits that caused harm. I learned to find love within myself. It's a very personal journey and it isn't easy. But it is always interesting and often miraculous even in the mundane ordinariness of daily life. We are here for a reason. Only you can figure out what that is.... Big blessings! :)

    Pamela Stansberry // 2013-05-06 23:52:14 // //
  • Thank you!!! Peace

    Paulette Bisi // 2013-05-06 23:50:38 // //
  • with the love of the world on my shoulder i say to love yourself and if thats not working let me love you and when you refuse thats okay as well. I will just continue to instantly learn another way to get over myself and then realize i just need to love you more.

    David James // 2013-05-06 23:48:19 // //
  • We all need to take responsiblity for how we feel and how we react to energy ... Even though most of what we ask feel isn't of this life experience , and most don't get or understand this concept . And it's ok you don't get it . Spirit loves you just the way you are now .. Even expressing anger and disappointment . We all came here to ne apart of creation ..

    Teri Faldon // 2013-05-06 23:47:31 // //
  • Good teaching Thank you!

    Istvan Makszi // 2013-05-06 23:46:54 // //
  • very good words Deepak....I would add that this individual is seeing through the haze of depression...who knows what in his/her past may be contributing to this depression.....I would also urge this person to consider finding a good they like and feel comfortable talking to....

    Tina Hooper Davis // 2013-05-06 23:45:43 // //
  • <3

    Michael William Denker // 2013-05-06 23:45:07 // //
  • Such thoughts come when your endocrine glands are not acting right. Acupressure on the endocrine point in the hand will change the way he thinks..

    Arun Bhargava // 2013-05-06 23:44:39 // //
  • In my opinion, we just need to find God in ourselves and reflect our feeling in people. Just start with a simply act of kindness and you will feel better. Try to build the world that you want to live with your own acts. Look at you into children eyes and you will see that it really worth.

    Marietta Nava // 2013-05-06 23:44:18 // //
  • I love u you havr saved me frim mysekf many times. For over 15ym yrs now!thank u thank u thank u

    Gina Sanacore // 2013-05-06 23:43:55 // //
  • just count your blessings and be thankful about everything you have. At the end of the day you will find out that you are luckier and happier than others

    Tata Hebron // 2013-05-06 23:43:25 // //
  • I'm over 30 years older than this young man and am feeling much the same after being a more positive, hopeful person most of my life. All we can do is work to see life differently. Only through our vision can we make the changes that count.

    Ginger M. Younge // 2013-05-06 23:42:40 // //
  • Our world IS swiftly dying. Polluted lands, waters, air. Families on the streets without employment. rising taxes, added taxes, greed. power. Killing each other, families killing each other. government continues to rob the American people. Our Earth is decaying and dying fast. Our wildlife is getting killed off for Money is the root to all evil. Our world is more evil everyday, why would one want to raise a child in a spiralling down world. War, bombings, unemployment, disease, are only getting more and worse. The people of America can not afford to play pretend that life is "HAPPY" when it is NOT. If we continue to ignore, it just means the worst will come sooner. When I look out to the world I see the TRUTH. I live by the TRUTH. Of course we can make the best of things while we are here. If we choose to help in anyway we can be an advocate for a healthier, cleaner, wasteless, greener, stronger, life protectors, it will be a GOOD FIGHT!!!! one not IGNORED by living under a rock, sorry, a "happy" little rock.

    Michele Ellis // 2013-05-06 23:42:22 // //
  • Let us star to love ourselves and the world as it is. I had being there. Meditation has help and audio books are a good combinations. There is more that what we see

    Mayerly Martinez // 2013-05-06 23:42:11 // //
  • convinced

    B F Baloch Baloch // 2013-05-06 23:42:10 // //
  • Everything is just a perspective of life, the way you "see" the way you face the way you think the way you thank

    Fernanda Munhoz Dos Santos // 2013-05-06 23:42:02 // //
  • If you changed the 22 yr old part, I wound think I wrote this ....,

    Tracey Chameides // 2013-05-06 23:41:48 // //
  • Dear Friend, You stated; "I crave to know peace and simplicity and happiness and tranquility around me, that is all. Please help me before the world beats me" you also said "I have always felt deeply misunderstood and that also brings me a terrible loneliness. I just don't desire what other people desire." Now Deepak said " A good place to start is a meditation practice that will get you in touch with your core self ..How? If You Know how to Worry, You already know how to meditate ..You just need to concentrate on different things... You can't do this on your own, and you don't need other humans to correct this nor to help you get on the right path..You my friend are craving 2 things, 1. A Purpose, one that you and only you were born to accomplish 2. A relationship with The one that Created you for that Purpose Our Heavenly Father..Ask Him to help you, ask Him to show you...and He Will..and You will never ever have those lonely feeling again...I hope you find you way to TRUE HAPPINESS MY FRIEND..I Wish You Well..

    Louie Bookout Sr. // 2013-05-06 23:41:23 // //
  • This still means I have to accept evil, even if I don't want to see it. And that ain't cool imo.

    Oliver Gurney // 2013-05-06 23:41:13 // //
  • Get off your arse and go and do some serious healing!!!!!!!

    Beaumont Miles // 2013-05-06 23:40:59 // //
  • "The world is as we are." Thank-you.

    Lia Lisa Saling // 2013-05-06 23:40:12 // //
  • i'm 31 and I feel like this guy.. when you see how ppl behave and see so much pain.. how can you bring a kid in it without being selfish.. I love life but dont find many who respect/know how to enjoy it! Put it how you want it, it's a big, fake and sad world.. too bad!

    Rain Mara // 2013-05-06 23:38:55 // //
  • In fact I see what you see and we cannot live in denial, there are many mean and selfish people every where. You are a very nice and caring person and you cannot understand why people are so stupid to be greedy and selfish when life is short and unpredictable. We as human are very helpless no matter how strong we think we are, please pay attention to what you can control and don't worry about ignorant people. You have a limited time please do not waste it, write your experiences be happy and content. You can trust yourself

    Chani Fazal // 2013-05-06 23:38:36 // //
  • great answer!! ,deepak have you ever thought about this? if the world suddenly knows total become jobless!

    Brook Zerai // 2013-05-06 23:37:30 // //
  • smart and very moving answer... thanks for this Mr. Deepak

    Tindungan Dani // 2013-05-06 23:37:25 // //
  • I also have felt and still feel at times tired of the way people act, live, think, react etc. I finally realized that it is their reflection of themselves..... Sad, yet a choice!!! You see, you (22 year old) and me ARE lucky, we see through the garbage and realize that their is more to life than what people make of it.... Choose Peace and you will have Peace.... Look inside and seek, once found you will see Peace throughout and sounds.....easier said than "done"! Don't give up, there are plenty of enlightened people, seek it in yourself and "they" will appear! Thank you so much Deepak!!!!

    Juliana P Walton // 2013-05-06 23:36:40 // //
  • Dr. Chopra, I also would consider that this person may be experiencing clinical depression, and should consult a very good professional to rule this out, at least. Meditation can certainly be of great help, but this person is very young to have such severe feelings of alienation, loneliness, uselessness, lack of direction, etc, particularly given his very articulate presentation of his condition. This seems to be more than youthful angst.

    Heather Gray // 2013-05-06 23:36:32 // //
  • a profound reality is seeing everything as we are and there is nothing more beautiful than that. Beauty is in the acceptance of one's representation of our essence

    而疯十分 // 2013-05-06 23:36:29 // //
  • Such a short answer. I wish you'd written more, many of us youngsters feel the same way.

    Misbah Hajiyani // 2013-05-06 23:35:35 // //
  • I feel the same way as you. I`m on the same journey as you. The bright side of this is that you are not longer consumed by the collective a way you`ve woken up and are yearning for something more meaningful and deep.That`s a great thing! This is something to actually celebrate! If you hadn`t felt this way for a while you would have no intention whatsoever to find true, real happiness. Listen to Deepak, meditate! Get in touch with your real self and transcend your thoughts. Unlike the other comment....i disagree with the fact of taking medication, don`t forget it`s a drug, and the intention that lies`s the intention to get rid of our feelings...we do NOT want to feel! Yet, who would have thought...that`s essentially the key! TO FEEL!What does it mean to connect to yourself? To focus on feeling and not on thinking!Aha! That`s how you put your attention where it`s uncomfortable, annoying, or whatever feeling you may be having that you weren`t AWARE of! You put light (attention), in the shadow. So you HEAL!

    Denise // 2013-05-06 23:30:41 // //
  • a bit shrt answer even if profoundly true ... yes I remember the overwhelm as young adult!

    Laura Agnew // 2013-05-06 23:30:33 // //
  • Good answer. No matter what we look at, we always do it through own eyes. The view is always framed by our personal vision and made congruent with it. You get what you bring.

    Mladenko Ivan Pernar // 2013-05-06 23:29:06 // //
  • Rah!

    Jay Draper // 2013-05-06 23:28:45 // //
  • verdade

    Cleo Hatje // 2013-05-06 23:26:49 // //
  • The prayer of St Francis has always given me guidance. The best line for me in the whole prayer is "Lord help me to understand rather than to be understood", it helps me to get out of self and be of service to my fellows.

    Galen Klein // 2013-05-06 23:26:36 // //
  • At least someone wrote deepak about this because I feel the same way. Thank you 22 year old guy. I was once you.

    Kelley Davies // 2013-05-06 23:24:44 // //
  • become spiritual .. meditate daily .. you will love everyone ..

    Vikram Singh // 2013-05-06 23:24:37 // //
  • start by finding something to be thankful for....

    Jean Daroy // 2013-05-06 23:23:42 // //
  • Great response. Many of us, believe it or not, have felt the same way. There ARE many shallow people, thoughts, and acts in this world. So too, there are so many beautiful people in this big world. We must first, as Deepak eluded, find the beauty and strength in ourselves. Next, we should act with these attributes in our interactions with others -if we expect to see the same returned. Love yourself, through others, and in time you will have a very different perception of the world.

    Ed Zumstein // 2013-05-06 23:23:31 // //
  • I don't mean to be negative but it seems so many follow...why is it we look to inner or outer as being negative or positive? Light or dark? Both dwell in and around us. Are "we" not the universe? The alpha and the omega? With out darkness there can be no light. Is not balance finding the grey at times? A cloudy day and a chance of rain doesn't ruin my perception but amplifies it at times. Are we not part of the natural Essenes of this world?

    Anthony Mullins // 2013-05-06 23:23:23 // //
  • I had many thoughts like this. Then I got cancer. And something wonderful happened. People showed me remarkable kindness and support - even total strangers. Now I see much more positive in the world. Look for someone who needs your help and encouragement. Show them kindness. Be thankful for your life and health. You will see thinks differently.

    Jennifer Candon DuBois // 2013-05-06 23:23:05 // //
  • Good job...and answer... :)

    Don Williams // 2013-05-06 23:22:10 // //
  • I hope it wasn't a final plea for help. Meditation vs suicide...I don't know...immediate help vs long-term. Sounded very sad to me.

    Faith Fentress // 2013-05-06 23:22:01 // //
  • Thank you for sharing Deepak, love it! One thing I notice is that with the constant bombardment of negative news in the media, on the internet, etc, coming from around the world (deaths, wars, rapes, and killings are usually the number 1 topic), it is hard not to be affected at times, especially when it is in our face the moment we open any media portal. Personally, I have chosen to not engage in news for this reason, through tv or internet, but it is difficult to avoid since it is so immediate, and particularly for those that do have more of an interest in keeping up with daily news, or need to for their line of work. I think especially for more sensitive souls, a lot of the negative shock value in news media can be difficult to handle, and over time can take a toll on our perception of the "world" around us...since selective news editing can seem like the whole of the world around us. Thank you for your uplifting messages to all, much love your way!

    Maritza Molina // 2013-05-06 23:21:36 // //
  • Look to the light. Admit your ego's deficiency. Watch your thought. Meditate

    Kevin Cadigan // 2013-05-06 23:21:26 // //
  • Scary. I hope this person is safe and finds a good reason to live. It's a beautiful world with lots to discover.

    Irene Lambly // 2013-05-06 23:19:14 // //
  • Let's create a BETTER world then.

    Cindy Olivares // 2013-05-06 23:18:49 // //
  • I needed to read this also, thank you! Peace

    Joan Jordan // 2013-05-06 23:18:31 // //
  • Sometimes instead of focussing on the negative. You should look at your Blessings. There are people worse off than you. You say your a student n have a job. People wish they had that. Put your faith in God n let him work.

    Judy Nugent // 2013-05-06 23:18:18 // //
  • Try moving to another part of the world. Thailand comes to mind, where you will find a whole society of people contrary to what you have described above.

    Daryl Willms // 2013-05-06 23:17:38 // //
  • thank you!

    Lorena Colin // 2013-05-06 23:17:31 // //
  • I am 23 Years and i feel more or less the same feelings that my this friend has stated above. Thank you Mr. Deepak for the valuable advice and guidance :)

    Zei Nab // 2013-05-06 23:17:13 // //
  • I've found using your 'Soul Of Healing' C.D. helps me find the contentment the writer of this question seems to be searching for.

    Tamara S Chasteen // 2013-05-06 23:17:05 // //
  • What a beautiful response of truth!

    Karla McCasland Wallace // 2013-05-06 23:15:19 // //
  • Always enjoy your reads!

    Arefa Vohra // 2013-05-06 23:14:38 // //
  • I also understand the pain of coming into adulthood, and feeling that life is not always the way that it is portrayed in childhood. I would like to reach out to this wonderful young person, and assure them that the perceptions being experienced are a normal process of learning, and a step on the path to enlightenment. Meditate, find your purpose, follow your heart. You are important.

    Denise Kittle // 2013-05-06 23:13:45 // //
  • Thank you - so insightful as always - I will use your advice in my life as well. Shungo

    Tonya D. Howard // 2013-05-06 23:12:50 // //
  • Sencillamente hermoso Námaste

    Susanyta SalcRom Sr. // 2013-05-06 23:12:43 // //
  • Awesome answer!!!

    Danielle Wise // 2013-05-06 23:12:16 // //
  • I used to think the same as that person, It made me made. I started choosing what media I was listening to, and searched for positive messages and news

    Kurstin Barta // 2013-05-06 23:11:50 // //
  • wow, I felt like that the first time in college. Then I joined the Army to be something that always has been and always will be...a soldier...then I got out and became something greater...a I see my path to teach him sustainability and joy that everything happens for a reason. We all have a purpose and we don't die until that purpose is fulfilled. You know your wishes....

    Bobi Christina // 2013-05-06 23:11:36 // //
  • Hard to see when you are experiencing it, but self centeredness. And yes, meditation. Giving to others.

    Liddy Talbot-Goldberg // 2013-05-06 23:11:23 // //
  • This is exactly how I have been feeling for quite a while, emotions put very well. Thank you.

    Sneha Keshwani // 2013-05-06 23:11:17 // //
  • OMG grow up and live your life ! Life is at times hard for all of us......come on already know this ! All he will do is lead you towards a book. Grow up and live !!!!!!!!

    James Bono // 2013-05-06 23:11:16 // //
  • I am with this young person and a lot of the others that needed to hear this message along with me - a million thank you's once again Deepak for your words, wisdom and most of all your LOVE <3

    Christine Grassam // 2013-05-06 23:11:01 // //
  • He needs to pray to God in the name of Jesus to come into his live, and heal him, body,nind and spirit.

    Mattie Rogers // 2013-05-06 23:10:27 // //
  • You never stop amazing me

    Justin Cook // 2013-05-06 23:09:10 // //
  • Love you Deepak. I'm 69 years old and I met you in a seminar in Santa Mónica, California, many, many years ago. I fully agree with your answer .The world is our mirror. Sometimes I definitely dislike that concept. Thank God, it's not very often. Again, I love you and thank you for being you.

    Myriam Soler // 2013-05-06 23:08:52 // //
  • WELL said thanx :)

    Melanie Begin // 2013-05-06 23:08:35 // //
  • I can understand how he feels and he has some good points However their are people aho care deeply about others and since you care so much do something in the way of work for someone else work with the homeless or some career helping will make you feel better GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD.. Just go do nice things for others you will find good along the way

    Mary Ellen Hilton // 2013-05-06 23:08:29 // //
  • I really needed to hear this. Thank you

    Paige Harmon Maston // 2013-05-06 23:06:51 // //

    Arminda Ramirez // 2013-05-06 23:05:54 // //
  • MASTER...

    Shekinnha Esh Estrella // 2013-05-06 23:05:27 // //
  • Well asked and answered

    Chase Williams // 2013-05-06 23:03:44 // //
  • Hi. It seems to me that a meditation regime may not be a solution that will bring resolution in the short term. I meditate regularly, but can totally identify with the feelings "tired and hopless" is experiencing. I consider myself a spiritual person, but I am also aware that sometimes what is needed is external help. For that reason I have been using a small amount of antidepressents which has really taken the "edge off" my feelings of low self esteem, hopelessness and lack of enthuisiasm. In the long term, meditation will provide the answers, but I feel sometimes there needs to be something of a "bridge", between where a person is now, and where they will be in the future. I wish you well and am sure happiness will return. love, Jason

    Jason Remfrey // 2013-05-06 22:29:59 // //
  • I feel the same way as the questioner, the only thing that helps me is to fast and donate my time to help others. Clearly my friend is intelligent and is able to see through societies traps and False expectations.

    Rj // 2013-05-06 22:24:31 // //