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Reconnecting with Your Bliss
Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.

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My 5 grandchildren and dancing! Happy happy happy!
Marcy Windsor - August 3, 2014
Being alive and healthy makes me happy and having the Lord with me is all I need ❤️
Rosie Romero - August 3, 2014
Being one with One!
AnantvijayAryavrata Joshi - August 3, 2014
I built my own happiness,,,,It comes from within,,,,I choose to share it ,,,So it will grow,,,,
Doris Cr - August 3, 2014
Dawn Carter Wallace - August 3, 2014
creating something beautiful - a relationship, a surrounding
Jennifer Fair - August 3, 2014
Spending time with my kids, playing with my dogs, running, being in nature, laughing, being around friends, helping others, making some happy, watching movies
Harpreet Grewal - August 3, 2014
,just the experience of being happy! :-)
Patty Elliott - August 3, 2014