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Burning Sensation in Meditation

Hey Deepak
I am very new to meditation and i have been experiencing something no one around me has felt while mediating. Half way through my session i feel almost a burning sensation in my right shoulder blade. The burning only happens while i mediate though, is there something I'm doing wrong?


No, you’re not doing anything wrong. This physical sensation is most likely due to the body releasing some old traumatic experience. Sometimes the release process triggers strong physical sensations. Know that this clearing away of the old trauma is a good thing, and that when it is finished the burning sensation will ease up and stop. Then you will have a smoother meditation experience again.


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Captain obvious, your a dick
well hello - July 29, 2014
So you know but Deepak Chopra doesn`t? Interesting!
Elisha - July 28, 2014
I`ve noticed that sometimes during meditation, I`ll suddenly have a vivid image of something, often related to an event in my life but not always. What is most striking to me is that I have never been thinking about these events prior to meditating. Is this normal?
Seeking - July 28, 2014
Deepak, thank you for your love. I seriously desire you to take me under your wing, I\'ve been learning from Dr. Simon and you for about fifteen years of how to live healthier. Twelve years ago my doctor at Kaiser said I had no three months to live because of organs failure. Dr. Simon told me that I am not going to die, for a matter I enrolled in community college last week. I could also do classes online.
Laurien Frazier - July 26, 2014
I often weep during meditation with no thoughts. I asked Laura Bender my beloved teacher about it and she said meditation will relieve and release much toxins.
Wayne Neil Rodgers - July 26, 2014
Thank you for your answer. I did a new meditation earlier today and experienced a headache during. Headache is now gone. My colon felt uncomfortable at the time and it feels fine now. It is important though to be in a totally comfortable position while meditating to gage what is going on.
Drue Van Clief - July 26, 2014
I bet its just muscle strain. He probably has a pinched nerve in his back. ;)
Rhonda Price - July 26, 2014
this answer for me too (y)
Mona Manoos - July 26, 2014