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Giving to Receive

Hi Deepak,
In the seven spiritual laws of success, it is said that you must give to receive. If you give money (with joy and love), the universe will feedback at you more of it. Right ? But is it possible to transmute that energy? For example, giving "food", and wishing consciously something else in return, like "money". Is such a transmutation possible?

Giving is really just a flow of your loving self to others. When that happens, it sets up a flow of supportive energy back to you. When we say you must give to receive, it’s not that you give in order to get something. Rather it’s a way of explaining how the abundance of life flows. If you are not feeling that flow of abundance coming to you, then the first thing to ask is if you are creating a flow of giving from yourself. You don’t need to manipulate or control your giving. Simply give what you can with a full heart. And don’t try to control what you will be receiving either. Know that you will automatically receive exactly what you need.


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Aptly said, give from a loving heart. The rest will take care of itself. \nPracticing full-ness helps change your energy. \nI am enough. \nThere is enough. \nI have enough.
Kenneth Jamrozy - July 15, 2014
you give without any expectation ,or not to expect any fruit of your action, That is true giving.
Ujjal Seal - July 15, 2014
You are Awesome - July 15, 2014
What ever u give comes back 10 times over Gods plan is the\nBest always
Jane Mcdonald - July 15, 2014
Stephanie Knight read this.
Christopher Briones - July 15, 2014
I love to give! Short on finances I give of myself. If the finances are there I try to give where there is need. I have been this way since I was a young child according to my mother. It makes me happy to be there and help where it is needed.
Sandi Debiec - July 15, 2014
I would have never made a question like that...It looks like a negotiation...\"what about this..or what about that, instead...\" :-(\nJUST GIVE IN SILENCE WITH YOUR HEART (If you want, otherwise leave it)...Without making marketing on your gesture...AND I WOULD ALSO maybe SAY SORRY WHILE GIVING...Because we can and they, the poor we give eventually money or food to, unfortunately can\'t.
Alfredo Scimone - July 15, 2014
Deepak Singh - July 15, 2014