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Weak Souls

If we "are not our brains" and our soul is our true self, then why are souls so "weak" and our brains so "strong" in controlling our lives, or at least the perception of our experiences? Why doesn't the soul remain at the forefront of experience after birth?

Our brains are “strong” in controlling our lives only because of the habits our souls or minds have chosen to reinforce. Our brains and bodies are passive and innocent vehicles for the workings of our soul, mind and emotions.


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Deepak, its wicked how brilliant you are! I love that answer- you wow me & I thank you. It all seems so obvious when you put it that way.
Laura Thompson - July 4, 2014
Not only are you are spiritual genius. You also have great style .
Michelle Eltinge - July 4, 2014
Vinay Choytun - July 4, 2014
чопра -мужик!! там где твой самый большой страх ,там и твой самый большой потенциал!!! его слова!!!
Liana Hovhannisyan - July 3, 2014
Liz Magill - July 3, 2014
Es una lástima que casi todas las traducciones sean tan deficientes que a veces no se entiende
Ignacio Jiménez Venegas - July 2, 2014
Our brain is our soul.
Becky Ullom - July 2, 2014
I am still learning.
Jose Angel Rivera - July 2, 2014