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Can a Shift in Consciousness Cause a Shift in Biology?
Your state of mind is affecting your homeostasis, the self-regulation of your body. Listen to Deepak's explanation about how your consciousness comes to play with your gene expressions and cell biology.
Special thanks for @VenusCaelestis for sending us this image on Twitter for #CosmicConsciousness

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Thank you so much. I learned a lot watching and listening to you with Mr. Dawkins. As an entertainer I find this idea of `a shift in consciousness causes a shift in biology`, more than theory. For me it`s fact. It links to entertainment theology, or story structure. As an example...the classic western...gets us, the audience upset, (the first major shift) get the bad guys...(the second) then tells the audience, `all`s well, that ends well.` (homeostasis.) the finale. We vicariously ride off into the sunset, have had shifts in consciousness, felt our biological discomfort, and then our balance. homeostasis...(we) live happily ever after, as in ` Heaven is for real`...with which by the way, I also agree. Again, many thanks.
russocomedy - September 12, 2014
Thank you. I have known this, subconsciously, but had to an extent discarded it because of my inability to rationalize it with what I knew of biology. I experienced pain and severe chronic illness as a result of emotional stresses and failures to live up to my own (high) standards. Your research has opened up a way to my inner mind`s healing abilities, once again. My conscious inclinations shifted, upon hearing of your research; I am already experiencing beneficial effects in that the symptoms of my long-term chronic illness are decreasing. I first heard of your research only half an hour to an hour ago.\n\nI have healed through conscious intent before, and I will do so again.\n\nThank you, for filling in the research on this empowering ability of humans. Thank you, too, for setting out to spread the word about it.\n\nNamaste.
Forest-Trees - September 9, 2014
As I navigated through Human life experiences a shift occurred in December 2011 that transfigured my Human Physical Body Biological System. Upon reconciling and clearing beliefs, discord of thoughts and negative energy blocks stored in the negative layer of the Emotional Body, an IndividualSELF attains a Clear HigherSELF Heart and Mind state. Upon attaining this vibrational health state, the transfiguration of the Etheric Body to a crystalline-based molecular structure begins.\n\n@JChambersUSA on twitter ~ should there be a desire for more information.
JChambersUSA - May 3, 2014
I`m hearing the message that \"you are what you think\"
Afaizee - April 26, 2014
Traditional chinese medicine could support the view that our emotions and spirit affect the flow of qi in the body.
Ellie - April 23, 2014
Thank you for that explanation. Our entire world revolves around our consciousness and how it affects our bodies in the physical realm. Your mindset can determine your state of health but that is with balance between a healthy mind body and spirit. Everything in this multidimensional existance is a form of consciousness so the more you are conscious of yourself, your reactions, and your triggers, the more ability one has (like you said) over the power of our quantam healing abilities :)
StudentOfWisdom - April 23, 2014
Thanks Deepak. Keep up the good work!
Keith - April 23, 2014
If we refuse to see we will not see. \n\nRichard has reasons for not wanting to see, so he cannot because he will not.\n\nWe all do this all of the time and must change what we believe may possibly be true if we are to see new things. Since those with money and power believe that we will not be controllable if we are taught that `we will see it when we believe it` (thanks to Wayne Dyer), we need someone like Deepak to keep on telling us and we may finally choose to see.\n\nAll my love, Deepak, for you are an important voice at a crucial time in the history of mankind. \n\nJim H. White (writing as Jesuis Laplume (I am the pen {not the author}))
Jesuis Laplume - April 22, 2014