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Law of Attraction and Law of Detachment

Hi Deepak, How can I reconcile the law of attraction with the law of detachment? If I need to get a clear detailed picture of what I want, and focus on it in order to bring it into my life, how do I simultaneously detach myself from that goal/outcome which I am focusing so intently on attracting?


The two go together as integral functions of creativity. You don’t do them simultaneously, but sequentially. First you desire, then let go. The impulse of individual desire can only be supported by the universe if we let go of our attachment and ego control and allow Nature to come in and fulfill the desire in a way which is in harmony and balance with everything else in the universe.


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Sir. Please tell me how to use law of detachment? After i visualize some thing, eg, earning some extra money from work, i can't use law of detachment because whenever i work or situations relating to money comes, i suddenly thing about that i am going to receive i can't let go visualized thing from my head. please help me how to let go whenever i think about that
aditya - April 5, 2015
I understand what PDIV is saying. I a in my 40`s hand have not found someone to love. I have done a lot of internal work in the last to years - getting my health and well being in order and learning to love myself. Now I have so much love in my heart and I cannot express it. I cannot share the beauty of this love in me. This love is stifling me. I have so much love for my family and friends but it is is not the same. I am only human.
Espo - April 7, 2014
I have wondered this myself as of late but also have unknowingly been practicing the Law of Detachment and have seen it`s wonders in effect. I am not one , by character, to stay attached to things/ideas/wants but lately I have manifesting more & more of what I want. Thank you great Spirit.
Martha Alguera - April 7, 2014
`RE:Ive have been through desire, letting go, desire, letting go, for almost a couple of decades. I am now in my late 30s and have still been unable to find love. I`ve reached the point where I cannot let it go anymore, because I`m so ready to find it at this point. Why would the universe deprive someone of something so human, so necessary? I am heartbreakigly lonely. I feel like I`m being punished and I don`t know what for.\nIts possible you cannot FIND love-maybe its your time to BE love.
RochelleDeBuskDawson - April 6, 2014
You have a self, but it is not You. It is yours, not you. You are not your name, or face, you are not even your words. All that you know has not created you, and when you begin to control your knowledge and abandon unwittingly chosen agreements you have made with yourself to believe what the voice you have picked up from others tells you, then, you will have a very scary glimpse of freedom and see that everything g is not how you believe it all is. As you look without yourself filtering things remember, all things know pain and suffering are not good, so harm none in your thoughts and deeds and you shall become who you really are, a god to all life here. And, you will see we are all I the same boat, all things come to an end here. Welcome home family.
Lah Ki - April 6, 2014
Such useful answers! Thank you!
Catalina Andrei - April 5, 2014
When the Dream is listed focus on LIFE. Move on and appreciate LIFE. The goal is to move away from focusing on the dream and come into the habit of focusing on APPRECIATING the journey as THAT is the true gift beyond any dream or goal the magic of the MOMENT is the gift that truly is eternal giving in every moment, wisdom and an ever growing sense of appreciation of the myriad of elements that exist in any moment to instill a sense of timeless, sublime awe of LIFE. Goals and dreams are way-points along the journey. Fixate on the Appreciation of Life, sharing your growing awareness and view of the gold in each moment and the goals and dreams are achieved along the way. Namasté
TD Matthews - April 5, 2014
Ready to begin that journey...
Judy Cecil - April 5, 2014