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The Absolute Break Between Life and Death Is an Illusion
What bothers people about losing the body is that it seems like a terrible break or interruption. This interruption is imagined as going into the void; it is total personal extinction.
Yet that perspective, which arouses huge fears, is limited to the ego. The ego craves continuity; it wants today to feel like an extension of yesterday. Without that thread to cling to, the journey day to day would feel disconnected, or so the ego fears.

But how traumatized are you by having a new image come to mind, or a new desire? You dip into the field of infinite possibilities for any new thought, returning with a specific image out of the trillions that could possibly exist. At that moment, you aren’t the person you were a second ago. So, you are clinging to an illusion of continuity. Give it up this moment and you will fulfill St. Paul’s dictum to die unto death. You will realize that you have been discontinuous all along, constantly changing, constantly dipping into the ocean of possibilities to bring forth anything new.

Death can be viewed as a total illusion because you are dead already. When you think of who you are in terms of I, me, and mine, you are referring to your past, a time that is dead and gone. Its memories are relics of time passed by. The ego keeps itself intact by repeating what it already knows. Yet life is actually unknown, as it has to be if you are ever to conceive of new thoughts, desires, and experiences. By choosing to repeat the past, you are keeping life from renewing itself.

Why wait? You can be as alive as you want to be through a process known as surrender. This is the next step in conquering death. So far the line between life and death has become so blurry that it has almost disappeared. Surrender is the act of erasing the line entirely. When you can see yourself as the total cycle of death within life and the life within death, you have surrendered – the mystic’s most powerful tool against materialism. At the threshold of the one reality, the mystic gives up all need for boundaries and plunges directly into existence. The circle closes, and the mystic experiences himself as the one reality.

  • Full attention
  • Appreciation of life’s richness
  • Opening yourself to what is in front of you
  • Nonjudgment
  • Absence of ego
  • Humility
  • Being receptive to all possibilities
  • Allowing love
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Surrender is not so easy to learn in all of society, Some of the chief reasons are for surrender to not be so easily learned is because of enviroment,The ghetto,war violence,drugs etc.So we must condition ourselves to adapt to accept surrender no matter what conditions we live in.
brad50020 - December 15, 2014
I feel that way in this life being an adult my peers always trying to control me. What would they do when i leave this world. my legacy won`t mean nothing because i spent it letting people control my thoughts and actions. Some people can do whatever they want but when ur an adult its all mind control so i think life is an illusion it makes me sick cause i can`t get out this nightmare of letting my peers abuse me every wakening day. Our health is not in our control neither people on this earth want to use you for profit and destroy ur natrual health if we were in control of our lives and health how come non of us can`t regrow our health back.
Mskeeze - December 4, 2014
I agree, that is what i feel too. We change every moment, death does not have to be feared, it just goes on like before, only without a body. (though being aware of that every moment is an art yes.. haha)\nI think we can even \"look back\" on everything after death of the body. And when we are completely aware, i think we can see our many lives and lives of other beings and even the whole evolution from the big bang untill all possibilities that can be in the future. I think that can even be possible during life with total awareness. But that`s just a feeling..
Monique - August 20, 2014
I am deeply interested in knowing what really happens to the consciousness when a person dies,does the consciousness which leaves the body has some connection with the loved ones who are left behind .
Neelima - August 10, 2014
I disagree that we refer to only our past when we think \"I Me, Mine.\" If you consider life as a process instead of just living moments separately, the past & present & future are a continuum. Therefore we are not just our past only, and that we are essentially dead because the past is gone. We are a continuum of the past, present and future.
rivgal - June 7, 2014
Dr. Abby words alone help me to put things into perspective, and he also brought my wife back into my life, you are a great spell caster and I am blessed to have found you.\nAfter so many problems from my wife and both our families dont want us to get married, i am speechless to be honest am shocked because i thought this was all life have to give to me and all hope of survivor was gone coz i was always treated like trash.. I tried every means possible for her to be accepted but all to no avail, than i read about Dr. Abby spell online and i decided to ask for his help ASAP... I feel emotional strong again. My confidence is back and I see my future clearly.\n\nTry his spell work today sacredspiralgoddesstemple @ gmail . com... He is amazing.\nOwen Derla...
Owen Derla - May 27, 2014
Mr Chopra you are such an expert conman I almost love you for it :-)
Ted Dunn - March 23, 2014
Thats true! ! I love you Mr Chopra a kiss from Chile! !!!!
Vanessa Virginia Buccioni Lamas - March 23, 2014