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When we talk about forgiveness we often hear, that the person we need to forgive did not have enough consciousness and awareness in that moment to act differently. "When you know better, you do better" ...But if that person knows what is the right choice and still does wrong. .. How can you forgive? Thank you!!!


Knowing better is not just a question of being aware that one option is considered “better” than another. Our actions are based on our level of consciousness, which is the sum total of our degree of awakening, our past tendencies and our habits. You can forgive another for their shortcomings, because they have only acted from the level of their capacity. Your choice to forgive is in recognizing that fact and deciding you do not want to live with the toxicity of harboring ill feelings in your heart pretending that they could act otherwise.


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Alice Miller on forgiveness:
Attila Vajda - March 9, 2014
Thank you Deepak I feel better Your response helps
Diva - March 8, 2014
Alexander Pope once said, \"To err is human, to forgive divine.\"\n\nI say, \"To err is human, and to be human is divine.\"
M.H. Callahan - March 7, 2014
Can not forgive, because is not open minded. Who doesnt care doesnt forgive.
Ala - March 7, 2014
Thank you I needed that today!
Lucille Roberts - March 7, 2014
forgiveness is the fragrance a violet gives to the heal that crushes it
John Clifford Brown - March 7, 2014
Vilma Velazco - March 6, 2014
Namaste !!!! Saludos desde Aguascalientes, Ags. México.
Myrna Rivera Rio - March 6, 2014