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What happens to an enlightened person after death? Do they remain in undifferentiated oneness forever and never be an individual again? I'm afraid of oneness, it sounds like nothing as opposed to everything and I don't understand. It’s the basis for our whole journey, please help me understand.


Enlightenment is a state of liberation, freedom. That means all choices remain open to you. There is no question or possibility of not existing, or losing any state or feeling one has gained, including individuality. If you want to retain individuality, or even physical embodiment after full realization, that option is available to you. Bear in mind that enlightenment is a state of complete bliss and fulfillment, so whatever the enlightened person does, it is from a state of joy, not fear of loss.


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Well interesting comments. Not sure what I believe however, I dont understand what enlightenment is plus how does or can anyone know until they become enlightened......And who truly does.
pauline scott - February 28, 2014
I have had a near death, out of body experience. What Deepak says is true. The only thing that interferes with omniscient bliss is the fear we take with us. That`s why it is good to equalize with it before we leave this dense plane.
Ron Lloyd - February 28, 2014
Savannah Morgan - February 24, 2014
I need to see this!
Maria Veronica - February 24, 2014
Thanks for sharing, Deepak. I like what you said.
Norman Mitchell - February 24, 2014
Arathu Arul - February 23, 2014
Linda Sue Russell, Individuality is not separation. You can be at one with something or somebody without being the same as them or it... Oneness is recognition of ourselves despite the differences xx
Reiki Roxy - February 23, 2014
encarnacion física ? como podría suceder !!
Nina Marin - February 23, 2014