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Timeless You
You have the power to reverse your age.

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Looks fun. Glad to see joyful exercise is part of the curriculum. Meditative Movements fits that category.
Power of Positive Workouts - June 30, 2014
Modern wankery. Why does he wear ladies\' glasses.
Kate Gorgosity - June 30, 2014
Easy to say, hard to do!
Luiz Crm - June 30, 2014
si les explications ne sont pas en fran├žais je ne pourrai pas acheter les DVD ?
Nathalie Charpigny - June 30, 2014
Nathalie Charpigny - June 30, 2014
It\'s just money making crap praying on the desperate and venerable .. Brain washing .....And all these healers that tell you what to do , all look like crap, especially Louise L Hay ..
Craig Guidarelli - June 30, 2014
Not every one has a great thought process ! Things happen to people !! Some of those experiences stay in some peoples thought process. much as they try to overcome ! Some people have been through many emotionally damaging things in their life ! \nNot everyone has the same CAPACITY .. \nSo before \" the above people \" make judgements !! SUCH A SHALLOW VIEW .... Very shallow !!!Open your mind !!!and hearts , think of others beyond \" YOURSELF \" if that\'s possible ???have some empathy and compassion \nDeepak has helped many people to change their consciousness !! ...those that want that ...\nNamaste...
Rose Louise - June 29, 2014
You look old to me ... Why doesn\'t the age reversal work on you ???
Chris Guidarelli - June 29, 2014