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Silence and Meditation

Dear Deepak, I just started applying 7 spiritual laws of success and I’m feeling the change in me. What is the difference between meditation and practicing silence? Until now I was thinking that both are the same please tell me difference.


Meditation is a reliable means of contacting the silence of our inner self. Practicing silence can mean almost anything depending upon the state of consciousness of the person in question. For some rare individuals it can be simply closing the eyes and connecting to silent awareness beyond thought and mind. For most people it be closing the eyes and thinking about silence in the midst of thinking other thoughts. But thoughts of silence are still mental activity and not actual silence or stillness. Without a traditional technique like meditation, that takes the mind beyond itself, silence is usually just another thought, not a transcendent experience.


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P.S. I wasn`t fully listening and I forgot to say mediatation is a natural state but can be a challenge to do in this busy, noisy world, but well worth the effort. The mind can be calmed and our connection to our essence salvaged. If people really listened to each other without formulating their response while the person is talking, the world would be a much better place. Peace.
Ringo - October 26, 2014
Listening in a relaxed and receptive state can indeed be meditation. Listen to the right ear and relax.
Ringo - October 26, 2014
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Shelley - January 21, 2014
I can teach how to feel the silence every day, to quiet ones thoughts you have to understand them, and see why you are thinking them, this is not a healing that lasts a week, this is something that will stay with you for life,and i have achieved so much, since learning this skill. It is for every person, do not think, I am beyond help, If you want to change you life to one of peace and love i have the key.If you can see that all people are connected to a divine force then, what I only hear is the knowledge that comes through it. but do not worry if you do not believe in a all seeing all knowing,the outcome is the same the power is in you,the best knowledge of what i teach comes from religion, but i am not of religion, but I show you what we all miss from it that can lead us to the right path.I am well aware of the law of attraction but this is only the start.\nfill free to email;
dan - January 14, 2014
Practicing silence is a very powerful tool to add to your practice. Mediation can be a short lived moment, where a whole day or even weekend can be a different experience. I wrote about my exeperience here and you can purchase practicing silence stickers here to help let loved ones and people around you know that you are in silence.
WhimYoga - January 3, 2014
Silence is dialing down the volume of self talk.Meditation is muting the world
godwin - January 2, 2014
sirr you giving way to happinee but ar you realyyy happyyyyy
Merve Aslan - January 1, 2014
Happy nu yr Gita and family mum and mona
Vaishali Mona Verma - December 31, 2013