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Focusing on Fullfillment
Stop focusing on diet and calories, focus on fulfillment.

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Am reading your book.
Carol Stedman - February 20, 2014
Kathy Moorehead Dasani - February 20, 2014
Patricia Ann - February 20, 2014
Scientific People - February 20, 2014
Ninguno en castellano! No entiendo nada con lo que me gusta
Mirta Pilar Carrera - February 20, 2014
Lindsay Edwards Kempf - February 20, 2014
about twelve years ago i \'violently\' threw out my scale..into the garbage bin ..and was thrilled as it smashed into pieces... i have eating disorders...i\'ve been trying to heal myself in a variety of ways recently and through this have been weighing myself again at the gym. it is extremely demoralizing for yesterday i decided to never weigh myself again and focus on my body and what it needs...i\'ve been told by almost everyone that through working out and eating healthy \'it\' will even itself out...and i will lose weight..i\'m not even going to measure myself until i see a significant difference...thanks for this\'s great..i\'m going to post it on the wall at my place!
Rayne Macy - February 20, 2014
Jose Angel Rivera - February 20, 2014