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Conscious Eating
Eat only when you feel hungry. Notice and feel your hunger. This is conscious eating.

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fantastic ,i like this,don\'t worry be happy!
Joop Munnik - February 19, 2014
Bruce Porter this is both of us
Michelle Rodriquez-Porter - February 19, 2014
sounds like a good way to slow down my metabolism, try some bp intermittent fasting!!!
Adams Wither - February 18, 2014
Love this!!!
Leigh Donaldson Ward - February 18, 2014
ok wow so You have advice to everyone ? :) and we evolved from what monkey ? :)ok Thanks - February 18, 2014
Actually, to increase metabolism one should split up caloric intake into multiple, smaller, meals. The goal is actually to space calories out so that input is steady and the body behaves in a way that it would when there is an excess of food; burning more calories in comparison to the total ingested. \n\nThe goal is in fact to NOT feel hungry, but to keep the hunger just barely satisfied to the point where the metabolism ramps up, yet the total net of calories burned to those ingested is shifted in favor of weight loss.\n\nIt\'s a simple matter of understanding not only how the body works, but how we evolved to survive and exploiting that.
Shawn Conrad - February 18, 2014
Romin Munshi - February 18, 2014
Rebecca Busch
Ed Pickett - February 18, 2014