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Searching Satisfaction
We are always in search of satisfaction, but there are lots of things you can fill up on besides food.

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So true,
Monica Martinelli-Richmond - December 30, 2013
Definitely interesting as well as challenging.
Jaime Hernandez - December 30, 2013 it truly necessary for one to find the balance between physical and spiritual realm and how(if one simply aren\'t too interested in the physical realm)?
Victoria Janice Ong - December 30, 2013
Deepak, there is nothing more satisfying than spiritual food ( seeking spiritual knowledge, wisdom and attaining enlightenment?) However, isn\'t that hunger from the ego within too? What happens when one is only interested in pursuing spiritual knowledge and want nothing to do with daily practical issues simply feeling in that space of peace and oneness? Is it true,y one really need to find the balance
Victoria Janice Ong - December 30, 2013
Ashes Das - December 29, 2013
Very true ! ! <3.
Jan P. López - December 29, 2013
yes thats it
Aizaz Khalid Qureshi - December 29, 2013
NOW days people are busy . People have money but no peace of mind. Spirituality is most important thing in this world and if people want to enjoy peace of mind ,they should follow spirituality.
Seema Desai - December 29, 2013