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Replacing Control
Every day brings many opportunities to replace controlling with allowing.

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Michael O\'Sullivan opportunities to float
Josh Khalilian - November 17, 2013
I\'m loving this quote- this is useful when supporting all children\'s play, development and learning from parents and educators and teachers
Angel Smiley - November 16, 2013
Day 6 and I already feel more relaxed..appreciating the simple things..gratitudes..I am abundance..thank you Deepak & Oprah for allowing me the chance to re introduce my affirmations and belief systems..I believe in the ever present& I believe in love&light..
Sureiya Gangat - November 16, 2013
please take me off your list i am not interested
Ellie McQuarrie - November 16, 2013
Offering something for free, isn\'t that unusual. Things r usually for the wealthy, the elite and certain social circles. I stopped buying his books, if I can not afford the price of retreats ect, I will not buy, rent, or read the books! I am sure he is a good decent man, this is my choice. This is my choice for all that write, preach, teach the dharma and other things, and then cater to the wealthy! Hell let the wealthy make these ppl rich!
Patchouli Oil - November 16, 2013
Thank you
Gary Obermuller - November 16, 2013
I love the meditations! I have been experiencing very powerful visions!
Teresa DiStefano Parasole - November 16, 2013
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Personal Trainer, Bootcamp - Kenmore Hills - November 16, 2013