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Happiness, Overeating and Balance
If you find a better way to be happy than by overeating, your body will naturally return to its balanced state.

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Tracey Vincent - January 10, 2014
PS you aren\'t even free from vision problems when in your own books you state that DNA cells regenerate. SO WHY AREN\'T YOURS ???????New age hack
Russell Hellings - January 9, 2014
obviously money in your case
Russell Hellings - January 9, 2014
Since a few years we prefer to eat mindfulnes, than you know exactly what kind of food your body needs and how much food your body really needs each day
Dineshma Gajadin - January 9, 2014
Start caring and helping the animals tehy are in Hell!
Gitte Deva Fogh - January 9, 2014
Absolutely Helen and ty oh yes balance life balance diet everything matters a lot
Supriya Mehra - January 8, 2014
Si encuentras una mejor manera de ser feliz que comer en exceso tu cuerpo de forma natural vuelve a su estado de equilibrio!!!
Marvimar Stanmik - January 8, 2014
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