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Awareness Brings Freedom
Awareness Brings Freedom

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But how do we cultivate awareness? It is so hard in our busy world. I did Deepak Chopra`s Meditation Challenge and that was great. Lately I have been getting these free daily guided meditations emailed to me and I find them to be really helpful:
Christopher - January 10, 2014
is there someone who can tell me where can I find this book in spanish (in mexico) please?.........???????????
Marvimar Stanmik - January 10, 2014
Mohamed Jathu - January 10, 2014
Got the book!! Will read and digest.
Angela Ablett - January 10, 2014
Yogprakash Yogprakash - January 10, 2014
I am aware that we are hungry to see each other
Esther Jaedi - January 9, 2014
... Freedom brings awareness... Universal paradox.
Stay Positive & Love Your Life - January 9, 2014
Deepak, self-awareness is even better.
Lena Papia Cord - January 9, 2014