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Working On One Side of a Relationship

Is it possible for a relationship to improve with only one person working at it and the other in extreme contracted awareness? And if it does not happen what do you do when the person unwilling to grow with you is your mother?


By working on your own side of a dysfunctional relationship you can only be sure of helping yourself, but that change in your end of the relationship does allow for a different reaction from the other side. If you are able to resolve your issues that have brought you into conflict with your mother, she might then respond to you differently and together you might find a way to open communication lines and move toward resolution and a healthier relationship. It’s also possible that she will not notice the change in your or respond differently anyway. In that case you can only take comfort in knowing you have changed the only thing that is in your power.


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thats what i needed...thank you
Lu Consiente - October 21, 2013
all my respect to you,Deepak
Clara Sam - October 21, 2013
And that would be saying to myself that the only person I can change is myself.....
Kiki Marmol Guevara - October 20, 2013
Made me smile when Alena Sokolova says \"nearly all women have conflict with their mother\"! On some level, I believe, we chose our parents. They make superb teachers. Not easy, but mine have definitely pointed me towards my life\'s work and what I am passionate about in life.
Lisa Burnage - October 19, 2013
In life, you\'re going to be left out, talked about, lied to and used. But you have to decide who\'s worth your tears and who\'s not.\n (chk my page for more quotes).
Distance Counseling. - October 19, 2013
The change in me caused the end of a marriage, and I am happier and more contented now.
Lucretia Spirit - October 18, 2013
...resulta que soy de chile, (sud-america) y no hablo ingles, pero me harian feliz si publicaran a Mr. Chopra en castellano, gracias!!
María Eugenia Reyes Zuñiga - October 18, 2013
Thanks Deepak get yr reply..... I just needed it. God bless.
Rita Verma - October 18, 2013